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Title / Author(s) / Keywords PublicationDate
2020-02 iCT 2020 Materials Characterisation
Wed 09:10 Room 1
XCT inspection in bonded aircraft repairs for composites
F. Röper1, C. Hannesschläger26, J. Glinz27, B. Plank249, M. Wolfahrt1, G. Pinter3
1Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, Leoben, Austria
2Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ)171, Wels, Austria
3Chair of Material Science and Testing of Polymers; Montan Universität (University of Leoben)34, Leoben, Austria
X-ray tomography, in-situ, adhesively bonded scarf repair, CFRP, environmental conditioning

iCT 2020
Session: Materials Characterisation
Wed 09:10 Room 1
2018-02 iCT 2018 NDT, instrumentation and manufacturing
In-situ damage comparison between fabric-fabric and fabric-UD bonded CFRP
C. Hannesschläger16, S. Rauchenzauner22, C. Gusenbauer132, D. Salaberger139, J. Kastner1123
1Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ)171, Wels, Austria
2Fischer Advanced Composite Components (FACC)15, Ried, Austria
Radiographic Testing (RT), in-situ, computed tomography, X-ray tomography, adhesive bonded CFRP

iCT 2018
Session: NDT, instrumentation and manufacturing
2016-02 iCT 2016 Poster exhibition
In-Situ CT Investigation of Pull-Out Failure for Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Conventional and High-Performance Concretes
T. Oesch2
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1324, Berlin, Germany
Fiber, Reinforcing Bar, Computed Tomography, In-Situ, High-Performance Concrete

iCT 2016
Session: Poster exhibition
2014-08 Bau-ZfP 2014
Experimentell gestützte Tragsicherheitsbewertung von Straßenbrücken
D. Kahl3, M. Gutermann7
Institut für Experimentelle Statik; University of Bremen14, Bremen, Germany
Acoustic Emission (AE), civil engineering, bridge, in-situ, experimental safety evaluation, load test, road bridge
Bau-ZfP 2014
2014-07 NDT Canada 2014 New Technologies I
Metallurgical Analysis – Included in the Inspection Toolbox
S. Turcott
Steel Image, Ontario, Canada
Other Methods, metallurgical, analysis, failure, in-situ, testing, metallography

NDT Canada 2014
Session: New Technologies I
2014-06 iCT 2014 Non-destructive Testing and 3D Materials Characterisation of Composites and Polymers
Evaluation of Specific Network Properties of Paper Using Computer Tomography and the Latest Avizo Fire Analysing Tools
T. Wolfinger1, P. Westenberger29
1WEIDMANN Electrical Technology AG, Rapperswil, Switzerland
2FEI– Visualization Sciences Group8, Düsseldorf, Germany
fibers, network, paper, in-situ, fiber orientation, fiber crossings, line set, skeletonization

iCT 2014
Session: Non-destructive Testing and 3D Materials Characterisation of...
2014-06 iCT 2014 Special Applications
In-situ Analysis of an Industrial Material Compound Package by means of X-ray Micro Tomography and Digital Volume Correlation
S. Haase1, E. Noack1, L. Scheiter2, B. Seiler2, M. Dost2, S. Rzepka1,32
1Fraunhofer Institut für Elekronische Nanosysteme ENAS2, Chemnitz, Germany
2Chemnitzer Werkstoffmechanik GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany
3Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)63, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
in-situ, X-ray tomography, material compound, volume correlation, thermal expansion

iCT 2014
Session: Special Applications
2013-11 NDT Canada 2013 NDT for the Energy Industry
Acoustics Based in Situ Monitoring of Wind Energy Power Plants and Pipes
C. Boller182, B. Weihnacht218, B. Frankenstein231
1Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)476, Saarbrücken, Germany
2Branch Lab Dresden; Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technology and System (IKTS)230, Dresden, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), In-Situ, structural health monitoring (SHM), monitoring, turbine blade

NDT Canada 2013
Session: NDT for the Energy Industry
2013-04 EWSHM 2012 SHM Applications
Realization and Testing of an In-Service Vibration Analysis System for Structural Health Monitoring
D. Mayer12, A. Friedmann12, M. Koch13, T. Dornbusch2
1Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF9, Darmstadt, Germany
2Swift GmbH, Reinheim, Germany
Other Methods, signal processing, in-situ, vibration analysis, automated data collection

EWSHM 2012
Session: SHM Applications
2012-10 QIRT 2012 Calibration and metrology
In-situ emissivity measurement of construction materials
C. Ciocia, S. Marinetti12
National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute (ITC-CNR)42, Padova, Italy
Infrared Testing (IRT), in-situ, emissivity, thermography, construction materials

QIRT 2012
Session: Calibration and metrology
2011-02 QIRT 2010 Electronics & Semiconductors
Narrow-band infrared examination of solid-state structures
B. Vainer4, G. Kamaev
Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics; Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch (RAS)6, Novosibirsk, Russia
NDT-wide, Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, imaging, bonding, semiconductor, in-situ, defect characterization, hidden defects, quality control

QIRT 2010
Session: Electronics & Semiconductors
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Computertomographie
Mobiles CT-System für die In-Situ Prüfung des LHC am CERN
L. Williams2, F. Caspers2
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)7, Geneva, Switzerland
Radiographic Testing (RT), laminography, 3D Computed Tomography, Mobile Tomography, reconstruction algorithm, Scanner, cultural heritage, Accellarator, bonding, joint, remote inspection, in-situ, Structural integrity

DGZfP 2010
Session: Computertomographie
NDT of Pipes and Plates at High Temperatures
K. Wu1,212, Z. Sun23, C. Jen213, J. Bussiere23
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; McGill University16, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2aIndustrial Materials Instituteand Computer Vision Lab. bIndustrial Materials Institute; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)50, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Acoustic Emission (AE), Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), piezo-composite, transducer array, guided waves (lamb waves), aerospace, power plant, Pipeline, plate, corrosion testing, in-situ, diagnostic

NDT Canada 2010
Modeling and simulation for temperature prediction in welding using Infrared Thermography
U. Sreedhar1, C. Krishnamurthy129, K. Balasubramaniam1114, V. Raghupathy2, S. Ravishankar2
1aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering and Centre for Nondestructive Evaluation bCentre for Non Destructive Evaluation and Department of Mechanical Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)135, Chennai, India
2Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) 4, Bangalore, India
finite element method (FEM), aerospace, in-situ, image analysis, monitoring, Thermographic image
NDE-India 2009
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Computed Tomography
Mobile CT-System for In-Situ Inspection in the LHC at CERN
L. Williams2, F. Gaspers
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)7, Geneva, Switzerland
Radiographic Testing (RT), computed tomography (CT), laminography, 3D Computed Tomography, accelerator, bonding, joint, in-situ
ECNDT 2010
Session: Computed Tomography
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Computed Tomography
The Combined Use of Micro-CT Imaging, In-Situ Loading and Non-Rigid Image Registration for 3D Experimental Local Strain Mapping on Porous Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds under Compressive Loading
G. Kerckhofs16, G. Pyka15, D. Loeckx22, S. Van Bael12, J. Schrooten14, M. Wevers154
1aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Production engineering, bDepartment of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering ; Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) 105, Leuven, Belgium
2Medical imaging centre; University Ziekenhuis (U.Z. Leuven)2, Leuven, Belgium
Radiographic Testing (RT), microfocus x-ray, micro-CT, strain mapping, medical application, biomaterials, in-situ, strain, Deformation, mechanical properties
ECNDT 2010
Session: Computed Tomography
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Modelling and Signal Processing, Image Reconstruction
Visualization of Package Induced Deformation of Integrated Circuits
B. Müller145, A. Lange168, M. Harwardt111, M. Hentschel171, R. Tilgner22, P. Alpern22
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1324, Berlin, Germany
2Infineon Technologies München2, Munich, Germany
Radiographic Testing (RT), x-ray imaging, Synchrotron, Laue Contrast Radiography, visualization, semiconductor industry, integrated circuit, in-situ, Deformation
ECNDT 2010
Session: Modelling and Signal Processing, Image Reconstruction
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 NDT Civil Engineering
The Ultrasonic Tomography Tests of Concrete in Foundation Slab
K. Schabowicz30, J. Hoła26, D. Stys
Institute of Building Engineering; Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST))72, Wrocław, Poland
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), ultrasonic tomography, civil engineering, concrete, delamination, in-situ
ECNDT 2010
Session: NDT Civil Engineering
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
The Photothermal Camera Method ? Technology Update and Recent Results
M. Piriou15, C. Moreau1, M. Leyris22
1AREVA Intercontrole51, Rungis, France
2Electricité de France - EDF CEIDRE109, Saint-Denis, France
Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, detection, aerospace, nuclear, casting, ceramic, nuclear fuel, Metals, railway track, Carbon steel, fatigue damage, flaw sizing, high temperature, intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC), in-process, in-situ, pitting corrosion, crack, crack depth, defect characterization, flaw detection, Fatigue, Fatigue Crack, fatigue cracks, In-Service Inspection, periodic inspection, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), surface cracks, surface roughness, Quantitative NDT, crack detection
ECNDT 2010
Session: Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
2010-08 ECNDT 2010 Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
Infrared Thermography as an Estimator Technique of a Photovoltaic Module Performance via Operating Temperature Measurements
P. Botsaris2, J. Tsanakas
Department of Production Engineering and Management; Democritus University of Thrace3, Komotini, Greece
Infrared Testing (IRT), thermal NDT, infrared monitoring, image acquisition, in-situ, diagnostic, crack detection, photovoltaic module performance
ECNDT 2010
Session: Optical, Infrared and Microwave Testing
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