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Title / Author(s) / Keywords PublicationDate
2020-02 AeroNDT 2019 NDT Methods - From Microwave to Thermography
Single-shot pulsed terahertz non-destructive evaluation systems for in-line production control and automated inspection
X. Neiers4, M. Cavallari, U. Schmidhammer4
Teratonics S.A.S, Orsay, France
Other Methods, bonding, composite, plastic, weld, thickness, Dimensional control, Terahertz NDT&E method, Defect sizing and imaging, Mobile NDT&E for maintenance, Production integrated NDT&E

AeroNDT 2019
Session: NDT Methods - From Microwave to Thermography
2019-08 DGZfP 2019 Bauwesen 2006
DGZfP-Merkblatt B04 Ultraschallverfahren zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung im Bauwesen
M. Schickert42
Materialforschungs- und -prüfanstalt (MFPA); Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), calibration, civil engineering, concrete, thickness, flaw detection, imaging, tendon ducts, ultrasonic imaging, wave propagation, Compressive strength, specification, rebar, Guideline, Merkblatt

DGZfP 2019
Session: Bauwesen 2006
2019-08 DGZfP 2019 Ultraschallverfahren (UT)
Gemeinsame Bestimmung von Schallgeschwindigkeit und Dicke unbekannter Voll- und Hohlkörper mittels Ultraschall
M. Iwanow, S. Walter9, T. Herzog8, F. Schubert82, H. Heuer40
Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technology and System (IKTS)231, Dresden, Germany
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), velocity, thickness

DGZfP 2019
Session: Ultraschallverfahren (UT)
2018-12 SHM-NDT 2018 X-ray
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Nano-CT
S. He1, Y. Liu12, B. Ao2, Z. Wang1
1Information department; Tianjin Special Equipment Inspection Institute2, Tianjin, China
2Nanchang Hang Kong University17, Nanchang, China
Thermal barrier coatings, Nano-CT, Microstructure, 3D segmentation, Thickness

SHM-NDT 2018
Session: X-ray
2018-07 DGZfP Bau-2018 Schiene, Straße und Verkehrsbauwerke
Dickenmessung mit dem Impakt-Echo-Verfahren - meist zügig, manchmal überraschend
M. Schickert42
Materialforschungs- und -prüfanstalt (MFPA); Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
Other Methods, impact-echo, civil engineering, concrete, thickness, flaw detection

DGZfP Bau-2018
Session: Schiene, Straße und Verkehrsbauwerke
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Other Methods 3
Terahertz Paint Thickness Measurements : from Lab to Automotive and Aeronautics Industry
P. Mounaix5, H. Balacey2, Q. Cassar3, M. Picot
University Bordeaux88, Talence, France
Other Methods, Modeling and Simulation, automotive, thickness, terahertz spectroscopy, multilayer

Session: Other Methods 3
2015-05 QIRT 2014 NDE: Non Destructive Evaluation
Flying-spot lock-in thermography and its application to thickness measurement and crack detection
U. Netzelmann40
Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)476, Saarbrücken, Germany
Infrared Testing (IRT), lock-in thermography, moisture, thickness, crack, green ceramics
QIRT 2014
Session: NDE: Non Destructive Evaluation
2015-02 NDT Review NDT & E International (Elsevier)
Systematic errors in Impact-Echo thickness estimation due to near field effects
O. Baggens2, N. Ryden11
Division of EngineeringGeology; Lund University17, Lund, Sweden
Concrete, Impact-Echo, P-wave velocity, Thickness, Near field effect

NDT Review
Session: NDT & E International (Elsevier)
2013-05 DGZfP 2012 Bauwesen 2006
DGZfP-Merkblatt B11: Merkblatt über die Anwendung des Impakt-Echo-Verfahrens zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung von Betonbauteilen
M. Schickert142, J. Neiseck26, C. Flohrer38, C. Grosse4115, M. Krause560, O. Kroggel611, M. Krüger419, M. Willmes76
1Materialforschungs- und -prüfanstalt (MFPA); Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
2Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) 37, Dortmund, Germany
3Fachgebiet Baustoffe und Baustoffprüfung; HOCHTIEF Construction AG9, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany
4Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA) ; University of Stuttgart285, Stuttgart , Germany
5Zerstörungsfreie Schadensdiagnose und Umweltmessverfahren; BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1326, Berlin, Germany
6Department of Materials in Civil Engineering; Technische Hochschule (TU) Darmstadt20, Darmstadt, Germany
7Bilfinger + Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft7, Mannheim, Germany
Other Methods, impact-echo, civil engineering, concrete, thickness, guideline, Merkblatt
DGZfP 2012
Session: Bauwesen 2006
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Civil Structures, Concrete
Nondestructive tests aimed at determining the thickness of the concrete shell of a heat pipe carrying tunnel
K. Schabowicz30, J. Hoła26, T. Gorzelanczyk16
Institute of Building Engineering; Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST))73, Wrocław, Poland
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Other Methods, impact-echo, concrete, thickness, Building, ultrasonic tomography

WCNDT 2012
Session: Civil Structures, Concrete
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Optical Methods, Terahertz
The changing face of NDT in the USA of the past 50 years
W. Rummel8
D & W Enterprises Ltd8, Littleton, CO, USA
NDT-wide, Other Methods, laser ultrasound, velocity, thickness, technology development and drivers, early ultrasonics and filmless X-radiography, Baseline NDT, NDT HISTORY

WCNDT 2012
Session: Optical Methods, Terahertz
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Power Generation, Nuclear
Weld root measurement by TOFD used to inspect FAC sensitive welds
D. Delacoux, S. Trevin2, P. Caylar
General Technical Direction; Electricité de France (EDF)17, Grenoble, France
ToFD, welding, carbon steel, thickness, flow accelerated corrosion

WCNDT 2012
Session: Power Generation, Nuclear
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 UT: Laser Ultrasound, Contact Problems
Novel Technique for Velocity and Thickness Measurements with Laser Ultrasonic's
M. Engman, M. Falkenström
Swerea KIMAB AB9, Stockholm, Sweden
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), laser ultrasound, velocity, thickness, Anisotropy, wall thickness measurement

WCNDT 2012
Session: UT: Laser Ultrasound, Contact Problems
2011-03 AeroNDT 2010 Emerging Technologies
Terahertz Imaging for Non-Destructive Testing
J. Jonuscheit9, R. Beigang3, F. Ellrich2, J. Klier3, C. Matheis3, D. Molter, M. Theuer
Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM10, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Terahertz, aerospace, automotive, security, adhesive joint, ceramic, coating, plastic, polymers, tubes and pipes, delamination, thickness, adhesives, Fatigue, crack detection, materials analysis

AeroNDT 2010
Session: Emerging Technologies
2011-03 AeroNDT 2010 Emerging Technologies
Active Thermography for Quantitative NDT of CFRP Components
C. Spiessberger20, A. Dillenz20, T. Zweschper14
Edevis GmbH29, Stuttgart , Germany
Infrared Testing (IRT), lock-in thermography, Depth of Penetration, thermal NDT, frequency analysis, calibration, Automated Defect Recognition ADR, Automated System, aerospace, automotive, composite, fibre reinforced materials, thickness, quality assurance, Quantitative NDT, Quantitative, data fusion, DGZfP, Probability of Detection (POD)

AeroNDT 2010
Session: Emerging Technologies
2011-02 QIRT 2010 Monitoring & Maintenance
Optical characterization of growing thin films at high temperatures by analysis of near infrared emissivity variations using CCD thermal imaging
G. Zauner3, F. Mayrhofer2, G. Hendorfer19
Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ)172, Wels, Austria
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, image analysis, signal analysis, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, thin film, materials characterization, thickness

QIRT 2010
Session: Monitoring & Maintenance
2011-02 QIRT 2010 Solid mechanics
Infrared Image Processing for Online Quality Control in Laser Welding
S. Sahli1, S. Fissette2, X. Maldague185
1aPhotonics and Lasers bDepartment of Electrical and Computing Engineering; Laval University110, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
2Centre Spécialisé de Technologie Physique du Québec Inc., La Pocatière, Québec, Canada
Other Methods, Laser, image processing, detection, stainless steel welds, thickness, hidden defects, monitoring, quality control
QIRT 2010
Session: Solid mechanics
2011-02 QIRT 2010 Thermophysics
Dual-band active thermography on infrared transparent materials
M. Abuhamad3, U. Netzelmann40
Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)476, Saarbrücken, Germany
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), Infrared Testing (IRT), lock-in thermography, pulsed thermography, thermal NDT, Thermographic image, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, Modeling and Simulation, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, turbine blade, thickness, defect characterization
QIRT 2010
Session: Thermophysics
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Bauwesen 2006
Quantitative Ermittlung der Leistungsfähigkeit von Radar an Stahl- und Spannbetonbauteilen
D. Streicher112, C. Boller183, A. Taffe252
1Saarland University81, Saarbrücken, Germany
2BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1326, Berlin, Germany
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), detection, civil engineering, concrete, reinforced concrete, thickness, Quantitative, concrete cover, validation, uncertainty in measurement

DGZfP 2010
Session: Bauwesen 2006
2011-01 DGZfP 2010 Chemische / Petrochemische Industrie
Ein neues Prüfsystem für die Korrosionsprüfung von Gaspipelines mit kombinierter Ultraschall-, Wirbelstrom- und Streuflussmessung
H. Willems110, O. Barbian114, B. Jaskolla12, F. Niese219, T. Sickinger12
1NDT Global GmbH & Co. KG24, Stutensee, Germany
2Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)476, Saarbrücken, Germany
Acoustic Emission (AE), pipeline inspection, Electromagnetic Testing (ET), magnetic flux leakage, Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), Pipeline, corrosion testing, thickness

DGZfP 2010
Session: Chemische / Petrochemische Industrie
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