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Artificial Intelligence Approaches as Tools for Auditing and Improving Data Analysis of Advanced Ultrasound Techniques in Non-Destructive Testing
N. Harrap3
TWI Ltd (The Welding Institute)191, Great Abington, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Ultrasonic, PAUT, Artificial Intelligence, Data analysis

NDT Canada 2019
How latest sensor and communication technologies help to impove UCI (ultrasonic contact impedance) hardness testing method
T. Ott
Proceq S.A.20, Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
Ultrasonic, Hardness, Cloud Storage, Lean Manufacturing

NDT Canada 2019
2019-07 NDT Review Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Evaluation of Different Non-destructive Testing Methods to Detect Imperfections in Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Composite Ropes
K. Antin1, M. Machado22, T. Santos210, P. Vilaca14
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering; Aalto University10, Aalto, Finland
2UNIDEMI, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, School of Science and Technology; NOVA University of Lisbon11, Caparica, Portugal
Non-destructive tesing, Ultrasonic, Eddy current, Carbon fiber, Composite

NDT Review
Session: Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
2019-06 NDE-India 2018 Digital Trend in NDE
SNR Enhancement of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Signals using 1-D Anisotropic Diffusion Filter
E. Tarpara3, V. Patankar10
aElectronics Division bHomi Bhabha National Institute; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)128, Mumbai, India
Ultrasonic, NDT, Noise suppression, Echo detection, Anisotropic diffusion

NDE-India 2018
Session: Digital Trend in NDE
2019-06 NDE-India 2018 Guided Waves
Crosscorrelation based Imaging of Defects in Plate using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves
D. Ghosh14, S. Beniwal23, A. Ganguli35, A. Mukherjee44, S. Bishnoi5
1Central Building Research Institute; CSIR-Central Building Research Institute5, Roorkee, India
2Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Stanford University12, Palo Alto, CA, USA
3Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Tirupati3, Tirupati, India
4Department of Civil Engineering; Curtin University3, Bentley, WA, Australia
5Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT) 23, New Delhi, India
Ultrasonic, Lamb Wave, SAFT, Cross-correlation

NDE-India 2018
Session: Guided Waves
2019-04 APWSHM 2018 Guided Wave-based SHM
Shear Actuation of Piezoelectric Transducers Embedded within Laminate Structures for Damage Detection
H. Altammar2, N. Salowitz4
Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee3, Milwaukee, USA
Ultrasonic, Piezoelectric, Shear Actuation, Sensors, Bond-line inspection

Session: Guided Wave-based SHM
2019-04 Iran NDT 2018
Air Coupled Ultrasound - New approaches in the field of coupling agent-free testing
K. Rostkowski, N. Maghbooli2
Kawoshkaran Co. Ltd2, Tehran, Iran
ultrasonic, air-coupled, composites, honeycomb, delamination

Iran NDT 2018
2019-04 Iran NDT 2018
Ultrasonic Wave Scattering from an Embedded Cylinder in Viscoelastic Matrix Using FE-based Short-Pulse MIIR Method
A. Khaksar, S. Sodagar4
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)3, Ahwaz, Iran
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Scattering, ultrasonic, MIIR, viscoelastic material, Rayleigh damping

Iran NDT 2018
2018-06 JRC-NDE 2016
More on the reliability of small diameter nozzles inner radius inspection qualification
L. López, P. Resa, R. Martinez-Ona10
Tecnatom S.A.94, Madrid, Spain
Ultrasonic, inspection, simulation, technical justification, complex, geometry, nozzle

JRC-NDE 2016
Civa Modelling for Internal Ultrasonic Tube Testing
E. Ginzel98
Materials Research Institute101, Waterloo, Canada
ultrasonic, tube testing, CIVA, IRIS, modelling

NDT.net Journal
Photoelastic Visualisation: Part 26 - The Rayleigh Wave
E. Ginzel98
Materials Research Institute101, Waterloo, Canada
Photoelastic visualisation, ultrasonic, Rayleigh Wave

NDT.net Journal
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 12
Improved Inspection of Composite Wind Turbine Blades with Accessible Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array Technology
A. Lamarre22
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Canada29, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Ultrasonic, Wind blade, Phased Array, NDT, Power Generation

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 12
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Ultrasonic Testing 2
The Optimization of Phased Array Ultrasonic Probes for Inspecting Assembled Axle
D. Wu1, C. Peng214, Z. Bo3
1SCLead corporation, Chengdu, China
2School of Physical Science and Technology; Southwest Jiaotong University37, Chengdu, China
3Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co., Ltd.8, Chengdu, China
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Modeling and Simulation, ultrasonic, probe, focus, axle, assemble

Session: Ultrasonic Testing 2
2018-02 NDT Review Materials (MDPI)
Material State Awareness for Composites Part II: Precursor Damage Analysis and Quantification of Degraded Material Properties Using Quantitative Ultrasonic Image Correlation (QUIC)
S. Patra2, S. Banerjee2
Integrated Material Assessment and Predictive Simulation Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of South Carolina 13, Columbia, SC, USA
precursor damage, material state awareness, composite, ultrasonic, damage entropy, scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM), NDE

NDT Review
Session: Materials (MDPI)
2018-02 NDT Review Procedia CIRP (Elsevier)
Theoretical Assessment of Different Ultrasonic Configurations for Delamination Defects Detection in Composite Components
V. Kappatos110, G. Asfis23, K. Salonitis3, V. Tzitzilonis4, N. Avdelidis519, E. Cheilakou66, P. Theodorakeas68
1Department of Technology and Innovation; University of Southern Denmark (SDU)4, Odense M, Denmark
2TWI Ltd (The Welding Institute)191, Great Abington, Cambridge, United Kingdom
3Manufacturing Department; Cranfield University35, Cranfield, United Kingdom
4Pattern Recognition Group, Wire Communication Laboratory, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering; University of Patras45, Patras, Greece
5NDT Lab, School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering; National Technical University of Athen (NTUA)59, Athens, Greece
6aMechanics, Smart Sensors and NDE Laboratory, Department of Materials Science & Engineering bMaterials Science & Engineering Dept., School of Chemical Engineering; University of Ioannina9, Ioannina, Greece
Ultrasonic, Assessment, Sensor Configuration, Phased Array, Composite.

NDT Review
Session: Procedia CIRP (Elsevier)
2018-02 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
A Novel Approach to Monitoring the Curing of Epoxy in Closed Tools by Use of Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
C. Pommer2, M. Sinapius8
Institute of Adaptronics and Functional Integration; Technische Universität Braunschweig (TU)43, Braunschweig, Germany
ultrasonic, cure monitoring, resonant ultrasonic spectroscopy

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2017-11 NDT Days 2017 Acoustic Methods
За избора на оптимални моди и работни точки при приложението на нормалните ултразвукови вълни
For selecting optimal modes and working points for the use of guided ultrasonic waves
Skordev, Al.
“Skordev ” Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria
NDT, ultrasonic, guided waves, discontinuities, methodological guidelines, dispersion curves, optimal mods and working points

NDT Days 2017
Session: Acoustic Methods
Approximate dV/dT values for some materials
E. Ginzel198, R. Ginzel222
1Materials Research Institute101, Waterloo, Canada
2Ginzel Associates2, Williamsford, ON, Canada
ultrasonic, dV/dT, acoustic velocity, temperature

NDT.net Journal
2017-05 NDT Review Journal of Modern Physics (Scientific Research Publishing)
Simulation as a Support for Ultrasonic Testing
P. Mares12
Research Centre Rez3, Husinec-Rez, Czech Republic
Non-Destructive Testing, Ultrasonic, Simulation, Phased Array

NDT Review
Session: Journal of Modern Physics (Scientific Research Publishing)
Low Velocity Elastomer Polymer Wedges Applied to Phased Array Probes
E. Ginzel198, R. Ginzel222, R. MacNeil24
1Materials Research Institute101, Waterloo, Canada
2Innovation Polymers6, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Phased-array, polymers, S-scans, ultrasonic

NDT.net Journal
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