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QIRT 2010 |Website|

10th International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT 2010), Quebec, Canada, 24-29 Jun 2010

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Calibration and metrology
Shape and temperature field distorsions induced by convective effect on hot object in the near infrared and infrared spectral band
A. Delmas1, Y. Le Maoult27, J. Buchlin33, T. Sentenac16, J. Orteu23
1INSA, UPS, Mines Albi, ISAE , ICA; University of Toulouse41, Toulouse, France
2aCampus Jarlard bCROMeP; Ecole Mines Albi 6, ALBI, France
3The Von Karman Institute For Fluid Dynamics4, Rhode Saint Genèse, Belgium
Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, image analysis, image processing, visualization, Convection, Metals, high temperature, Mirage effect, metrology

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
New approach on determination of emissivity fields using bicolor reflectometry technique
R. Gilblas13, T. Sentenac26, D. Hernandez33, Y. Le Maoult27
1INSA, UPS, Mines Albi, ISAE , ICA; University of Toulouse41, Toulouse, France
2Campus Jarlard; Ecole Mines Albi 6, ALBI, France
3PROMES; Centre National de la Recherche Nationale (CNRS)3, Font-Romeu Cedex, France
NDT-wide, Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, Other Methods, Laser, instrumentation, sensor

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Use of extension tubes in thermography
M. Kaluza13, B. Wiecek124, G. De Mey25
1Institute of Electronics; Lodz University of Technology31, Lodz, Poland
2Department of Electronics and Information Systems; University of Ghent (UGent)54, Ghent, Belgium
Infrared Testing (IRT), infrared thermography, imaging, semiconductor, extension tube

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Temperature measurement at large distance of plasma-facing surfaces in fusion reactor by active pyrometry
D. Melyukov12, C. Sortais12, D. Farcage13, A. Semerok14, P. Thro12, E. Gauthier22
1Commissariat Energie Atomique (CEA)295, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France
2Commissariat Energie Atomique (CEA)21, Saint Paul Lez Durance, France
Other Methods, Infrared Testing (IRT), emissivity, Laser, nuclear, fusion, Temperature

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Fast and accurate calibration-based thermal / colour sensors registration
L. St-Laurent12, D. Prévost22, X. Maldague185
1Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering (ECE); Laval University110, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
2Institut national d'optique (INO)2, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Estimating and quantifying theoretical errors of temperature measurement in bi-spectral thermography
V. Tortel, Y. Sfaxi, R. Khelalfa
IUT de SENART, CERTES; Université Paris-Est12, Créteil, France

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Pixel-wise advanced calibration method for infrared cameras
P. Tremblay2, L. Belhumeur, M. Chamberland2, A. Villemaire, F. Dubois, F. Marcotte4, C. Belzile, V. Farley3, P. Lagueux4
Telops7, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Calibration and metrology
Calibration and metrology
Thermoelastic analysis of a bearing-cage seam weld
E. Planting1, R. Parvataneni1, Y. Zhoua2, A. Mayyas2, J. Nakagawa2, M. Omar12
1aMechanical Engineering Department bInternational Center for Automotive Research CU-ICAR; Clemson University2, Clemson-SC, USA
2Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, Technical Development Bureau; Nippon Steel Corporation, , Japan

Calibration and metrology
Civil Engineering
Development of an aclimatiezed chamber for IR based diagnostic research
E. Bortoni13, G. Bastos1, L. Souza1, M. Craveiro1, L. Santos22
1aISEE bIESTI; Itajubá Federal University3, Itajubá, Brazil
2Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A.3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Infrared Testing (IRT), thermal imager, Automated System, Testing, Simulation, power plant, diagnostic, research

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Evaluation of FRP gluing on concrete structures by active infrared thermography
J. Dumoulin127, C. Ibarra-Castanedo247, M. Quiertant16, F. Taillade15, H. Bendada235, X. Maldague285
1Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC)4, Paris, France
2aDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering bDepartment of Electrical and Computing Engineering; Laval University110, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Infrared Testing (IRT), NDT-wide, Depth of Penetration, pulsed thermography, image analysis, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), delamination, adhesives, defect characterization, Dimensional Measurement, Quantitative NDT

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Influence of air-gaps on the thermal behaviour of the plaster-concrete bond
R. Krankenhagen32, G. Kervalishvili6, C. Maierhofer104
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1326, Berlin, Germany

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Diagnostic of insulated building walls of old restored constructions using active infrared thermography
M. Larbi Youcef13, L. Ibos118, V. Feuillet110, P. Balcon22, Y. Candau17, A. Filloux33
1CERTES; Université Paris8, Créteil, France
2FLIR Advanced Thermal Systems4, Croissy-Beaubourg, France
3Alpheeis3, Valbonne, France
Infrared Testing (IRT), insulating panels, active infrared thermography, thermal quadrupoles, identification, building diagnosis, thermal resistance

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Investigating historic masonry structures at different depth with active thermography
C. Maierhofer1104, R. Krankenhagen132, M. Röllig141, J. Schlichting110, M. Schiller29, T. Seidl24, R. Mecke29, U. Kalisch39, C. Hennen39, J. Meinhardt37
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1326, Berlin, Germany
2Fraunhofer IFF, Magdeburg10, Magdeburg, Germany
3IDK Institute for Diagnosis and Conservation on Monuments10, Halle, Germany
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), Infrared Testing (IRT), lock-in thermography, pulsed thermography, 3D Laser scanner, 3D imaging, cultural heritage, delamination

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
The influence of carbon dioxide on dynamic thermography results
M. Moderhak2, M. Bajorek2
Department of Biomedical Engineering; Gdansk University of Technology35, Gdansk, Poland
Infrared Testing (IRT), thermal imager, Thermographic image, image analysis, imaging, artefacts

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
DEFBETIR: Detection by infrared thermography of the heat signature of diseases and defects in concrete structures of civil engineering
M. Nahant3, S. Paez2, J. Van Leeuwen2
Haute Ecole Robert Schuman 3, Arlon, Belgium
Infrared Testing (IRT), pulsed phase thermography, Thermographic image, civil engineering, bridge, concrete, honeycomb, delamination, crack detection

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
New method for two-point nonuniformity correction of microbolometer detectors
R. Olbrycht10, B. Wiecek24, T. Swiatczak2
Institute of Electronics; Lodz University of Technology31, Lodz, Poland
Infrared Testing (IRT), thermal imager, Thermographic image
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
High resolution and automatic survey of buildings by IR thermography
E. Grinzato124, G. Cadelano110, P. Bison132, F. Peron22, X. Maldague385
1corso Stati Uniti; National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute (ITC-CNR)42, Padova, Italy
2Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV)4, Venezia, Italy
3Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering; Laval University110, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Hybrid Digital Image Correlation/Thermographic System for Displacement and Defects in Civil Engineering Structures Observation
M. Kujawinska1, M. Bukalska2, G. Dymny1
1Warsaw University of Technology31, Warsaw, Poland
2Vigo System S.A., O¿arów Mazowiecki, Poland

Civil Engineering
Electronics & Semiconductors
Quantitative imaging of physical parameters of breakdown sites and avalanche multiplication in solar cells by lock-in thermography
O. Breitenstein6, J. Bauer, J. Wagner2
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics6, Halle, Germany
Infrared Testing (IRT), lock-in thermography, image analysis, semiconductor, solar cells, failure analysis, Quantitative NDT, diagnostic, research

Electronics & Semiconductors
Electronics & Semiconductors
Application of thermal camera to optimize assembly methods of laser diodes
J. Rybinski1, M. Bednarek12, P. Wisniewski2, T. Swietlik2
1The Main School of Fire Service3, Warsaw, Poland
2Institute of High Pressure Physics; Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)12, Warsaw, Poland
Other Methods, Acoustic Emission (AE), localisation of damage, Laser, detection, microscope thermography, blue lasers, semiconductor, hidden defects, microstructure, Process control
Electronics & Semiconductors
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