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Journal of Acoustic Emission (ISSN 0730-0050), Published by Acoustic Emission Group, Encino, CA, USA

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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session Date
Through-Transmission Characteristics of AE Sensor Couplants
K. Ono34
Department of Materials Science and Engineering; University of California33, Los Angeles, CA [USA]
Sensors, Couplants, Through-transmission, Attenuation, Frequency effects

Volume 34, 20162017-10
An Experimental Study of Acoustic Emission Waveguides
K. Ono34
Department of Materials Science and Engineering; University of California33, Los Angeles, CA [USA]
Waveguides, Rod waves, Tube waves, Threaded rods, Dispersion, Reverberation

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Clustering of Fiber-Break Related Events in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Using Acoustic Emission
T. Whitlow, M. Sundaresan
Mechanical Engineering Dept.; North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC [USA]
Fiber composites, clustering, critical damage events, cross-correlation

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Review of Acoustic Emission Source Mechanisms on Large Movable Structures
D. Kosnik2
Infrastructure Technology Institute / Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering; Northwestern University19, Evanston, IL [USA]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
On Acoustic Emission Sensor Characterization
K. Ono34
Department of Materials Science and Engineering; University of California33, Los Angeles, CA [USA]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Classification of acoustic emission signals using wavelets and Random Forests: application to localized corrosion
N. Morizet, N. Godin7, J. Tang, M. Fregonese, B. Normand
National Institute of Applied Science ( INSA-Lyon)- University of Lyon62, Villeurbanne [France]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Damage Evaluation of RC Bridge Deck under Wheel Loading Test by Means of AE Tomography
T. Nishida16, T. Shiotani128, H. Asaue14, T. Maeshima22, Y. Kobayashi35
1Kyoto University30, Kyoto [Japan]
2Nihon University5, Koriyama [Japan]
3Nihon University7, Tokyo [Japan]
Volume 34, 20162017-10
Source of AEs from IG-SCC of Face Centered Cubic Metals under Static or Dynamic Straining
M. Takemoto32, S. Ueno5, M. Nakamura4
Kanmeta Engineering Co. Ltd.7, Osaka [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Detection of Acoustic Emission Signals with the Fabry-Perot Interferometer Type Optical Fiber Sensor
K. Tada, H. Yuki
University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Remote imaging of plate-like structures with E-camera
T. Hayashi3
Kyoto University30, Kyoto [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
High-precision source location of AE event using automatic error correction of signal rising time
K. Ito6, M. Enoki17
Department of Materials Engineering; University of Tokyo58, Tokyo [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Influence of pre-compression on tensile behavior in wrought AZ31 studied by the acoustic emission technique
D. Drozdenko1, P. Dobron1, J. Bohlen2, S. Yi2, F. Chmelík12
1Department of Metal Physics; Charles University8, Prague [Czech Republic]
2Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht6, Geesthacht [Germany]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Visualization of internal damage in RC slab with single side access attenuation tomography
C. Granier1, T. Shiotani228, K. Hashimoto1, T. Nishida26
1Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)4, Lausanne [Switzerland]
2Laboratory on Innovative Techniques for Infrastructures; Kyoto University30, Kyoto [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Acoustic Emission modeling from the source to the detected signal: model validation and identification of relevant descriptors
T. Gall, N. Godin7, T. Monnier7, C. Fusco, Z. Hamam
National Institute of Applied Science ( INSA-Lyon)- University of Lyon62, Villeurbanne [France]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Evaluation of Irrigation Response using AE Method for Management of High-Frequency Irrigation of Hydroponic Miniature-Tomato
K. Kageyama, T. Sakai2
Saitama University2, Saitama, Saitama [Japan]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
In-situ investigation of deformation mechanisms in various magnesium alloys by X-ray diffraction and acoustic emission
K. Mathis12, G. Garces23, J. Čapek12, A. Vinogradov311
1Department of Physics of Materials; Charles University8, Prague [Czech Republic]
2Department of Physical Metallurgy; National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC)3, Madrid [Spain]
3Department of Engineering Designs and materials; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim [Norway]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Acoustic emission and damage evolution at mean temperature under air of a SiC/[Si-B-C] composite subjected to cyclic and static loading : towards lifetime prediction
E. Racie, N. Godin7, P. Reynard, M. R'Milli, G. Fantozzi
National Institute of Applied Science ( INSA-Lyon)- University of Lyon62, Villeurbanne [France]

Volume 34, 20162017-10
Acquisition of Complete Acoustic Emission Amplitude Records during Rock Fracture Experiments
S. Goodfellow1, J. Flynn2, J. Reyes-montes2, M. Nasseri1, R. Young12
1Department of Civil Engineering; University of Toronto40, Toronto [Canada]
2Applied Seismology Consultants, Shrewsbury [United Kingdom]

Volume 32, 20142016-05
Quantitative Evaluation of Rejuvenators to Restore Embrittlement Temperatures in Oxidized Asphalt Mixtures using Acoustic Emission
Z. Sun, N. Farace, B. Behnia2, W. Buttlar3, H. Reis4
aDepartment of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering bDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Illinois14, Urbana, IL, [USA]
Asphalt concrete, oven-aging, embrittlement temperatures, asphalt binder, rejuvenator

Volume 32, 20142016-05
Acoustic Emission Signal Propagation in Damaged Composite Structures
M. Sause34
University of Augsburg35, Augsburg [Germany]
Acoustic Emission Testing

Volume 31, 20132015-04
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