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Journal of Acoustic Emission (ISSN 0730-0050), Published by Acoustic Emission Group, Encino, CA, USA

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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session Date
Using acoustic emission to monitor metal dusting
F. Ferrer1, E. Andres1, J. Goudiakas1, C. Brun2
1Elf Atochem, Saint-Avold [France]
2Elf Atochem, Lacq [France]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Use of acoustic emission to detect localised corrosion philosophy of industrial use, illustrated with real examples
A. Proust9, J. Lenain8
Mistras Group, SA17, Sucy-en-Brie [France]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Inspection of flat bottomed storage tanks by acoustical methods. Classification of corrosion related signals
P. Tscheliesnig137, G. Lackner117, M. Gori24, H. Vallen337, B. Herrmann4
1Institute for Technical Physics; TÜV Austria Services GmbH57, Vienna [Austria]
2CISE SpA4, Milano [Italy]
3Vallen-Systeme GmbH40, Icking [Germany]
4DOW Deutschland4, Stade [Germany]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Screening of tank bottom corrosion with a single point AE detector: AE-Simple
P. Van de Loo2, D. Kronemeijer5
Shell Global Solutions International B.V.14, Amsterdam [Netherlands]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Case histories from ten years of testing storage tank floors using acoustic emission
S. Gautrey15, H. Schoorlemme23, P. Cole123
1Physical Acoustics Ltd27, Cambridgeshire [United Kingdom]
2Physical Acoustics BV3, Rotterdam [Netherlands]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Acoustic emission detection of damage in reinforced concrete conduit
H. Shen1, S. Iyer2, M. Friesel12, F. Mostert1, R. Finlayson15, R. Miller13, M. Carlos110, S. Vahaviolos17
1MISTRAS Products & Systems72, Princeton Junction, NJ [USA]
2Metropolitan Water District, La Verne, CA [USA]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Comparison of artificial acoustic emission sources as calibration sources for tool wear monitoring in single-point machining
A. Prateepasen4, Y. Au, B. Jones2
Brunel University30, Uxbridge [United Kingdom]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Development of an equipment to monitoring and control the quality of resistance welding (CRAFT Project)
J. Catty12
French Industrial and Mechanical Technical Centre (CETIM)89, Senlis [France]
Acoustic Emission (AE), real time monitoring, resistance spot welding
Volume 18, 20002014-03
A study of small HSDI Diesel engine fuel injection equipment faults using acoustic emission
J. Gill3, R. Reuben7, J. Steel6, J. Asquith
aSchool of Engineering and Physical Sciences bMechanical Engineering, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences; Heriot-Watt University12, Edinburgh [United Kingdom]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Unsupervised pattern recognition of acoustic emission from full scale testing of a wind turbine blade
D. Kouroussis16, A. Anastassopoulos112, P. Vionis24, V. Kolovos22
1Mistras Group Hellas ABEE33, Athens [Greece]
2Wind Energy Department; Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)6, Attiki [Greece]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Acoustic emission proof testing of insulated aerial man lift devices
A. Anastassopoulos112, A. Tsimogianis, D. Kourousis112
1ABEE; Mistras Group Hellas ABEE33, Athens [Greece]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
BOXMAP - Non-invasive detection of cracks in steel box girders
J. Watson1, K. Holford116, A. Davies1, P. Cole223
1School of Engineering; Cardiff University25, Cardiff [United Kingdom]
2Physical Acoustics Ltd27, Cambridgeshire [United Kingdom]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Monitoring failure mechanisms in CFRP orthopaedic implants during fatigue testing
A. Taylor12, S. Gross2, C. Rowland33, P. Gregson1
1Finsbury Orthopaedics2, Leatherhead [United Kingdom]
2University of Southampton12, Southampton [United Kingdom]
3Pancom2, Cambridge [United Kingdom]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Continuous monitoring of rock failure by a remote AE system
T. Shiotani128, S. Yuyama24, M. Carlos310, S. Vahaviolos37
1Tobishima Corporation 13, Chiba [Japan]
2Nippon Physical Acoustics, Ltd.4, Tokyo [Japan]
3MISTRAS Products & Systems72, Princeton Junction, NJ [USA]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
New AE signal conditioner for industrial use
H. Vallen137, J. Forker19, J. Von stebu2
1Vallen-Systeme GmbH40, Icking [Germany]
2Lab. de Science et Genie des Surfaces; Ecole des Mines2, Nancy [France]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
New software tools for the AE-practitioner
H. Vallen37, J. Vallen11
Vallen-Systeme GmbH40, Icking [Germany]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Improved source location methods for pressure vessels
V. Godinez4, S. Vahaviolos7, R. Finlayson5, R. Miller3, M. Carlos10
MISTRAS Products & Systems72, Princeton Junction, NJ [USA]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Neural network localization of noisy AE events in dispersive media
M. Blahacek11, Z. Převorovský61, J. Krofta16
Institute of Thermomechanics; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR/CAS)103, Prague [Czech Republic]
Acoustic Emission (AE), neural network, source location
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Dynamics and damage assessment in impacted cross-ply CFRP plate utilizing the wavaform simulation of Lamb wave acoustic emission
Y. Mizutani129, H. Nishino213, M. Takemoto332, K. Ono434
1Aoyama Gakuin University38, Sagamihara, Kanagawa [Japan]
2Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Tokushima 20, Tokushima [Japan]
3Kanmeta Engineering Co. Ltd.7, Osaka [Japan]
4Department of Materials Science and Engineering; University of California33, Los Angeles, CA [USA]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
Acoustic emission detection during stress corrosion cracking at elevated pressure and temperature
R. Nieuwenhove, R. Bosch
Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie; Centre d’Etude de l’Energie nucléaire3, Mol [Belgium]
Volume 18, 20002014-03
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