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6th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace

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Title / Author(s) / Keywords
Virtualization and prediction of thermal behavior of composite materials exposed to fire: 3D FireSimulator
C. Justo-María5, S. Sánchez-Carballido5, F. Lopez10
Sensors, Remote Sensing and Infrared Image Laboratory (LIR); University Carlos III of Madrid11, Madrid [Spain]
Infrared Testing (IRT), simulation, virtualization, composite materials, Fire, thermal parameters

Development of an ultrasonic dry-coupling inspection wheel for Online NDI composite application
O. Martinez-Graullera2, C. De Miguel-Giraldo2, L. Elvira2, D. Romero-Laorden, G. Lambert, F. Montero De Espinosa, L. Gomez-Ullate
Institute of physical Technologies and of the Information ; Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)18, Madrid [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), dry couping, ultrsonic imaging, saft

Development of an industrial tool for automated Aircraft Wheel Half Inspection.
J. Hansen17, A. Álvarez27, M. Cosier1, N. Thorpe216
1ETher NDE10, Harpenden, Hertfordshire [United Kingdom]
2Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid [Spain]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), automatic inspection system, wheels, ET Wheel Half Inspection

The effect of anisotropic focusing of Lamb modes on a carbon-epoxy plain woven fabric composite plate
S. Granja1, R. Higuti2, L. Elvira32, O. Martinez-Graullera32, A. Ibañez33
1Faculty of Exact and Technological Sciences; University of the State of Mato Grosso, Sinop [Brazil]
2Department of Electrical Engineering; Universidade Estadual Paulista, Ilha Solteira [Brazil]
3aDepartment of Electrical Engineering bDepartment of Acoustics and Nondestructive Testing, cDepartment of Acoustics and Nondestructive Testing; Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)18, Madrid [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), NDT-wide, anisotropic multilayered plates, elastic focusing, textile carbon fiber composite

A step forward full automatic analysis
S. Barut15, N. Dominguez128, J. Noiret2, I. Kameneff3
2STRUCTURE HEALTH ENGINEERING; EADS Composites Aquitaine, Salaunes [France]
3TESTIA France27, Toulouse [France]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Software, Automation, Analysis, Ultrasonic, Composite, Aerospace

Stationary or Non-Stationary Random Excitation for Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection? An exploratory study
A. Georgantopoulou2, S. Fassois11
Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics; University of Patras45, Patras [Greece]
Other Methods, statistical methods, vibration methods, nonstationary excitation, SHM

Use of NDI in mission and military derivatives of civil commercial aircraft
C. Martínez, J. Gomez-Escalonilla, J. Segurad, J. Armij
Airbus Defence & Space, Military Aircraft11, Getafe [Spain]
NDT-wide, Usage, Condition Based Maintenance, Usage Based Maintenance, Derivative, Military, Structural Health Monitoring

Fast Scanning: achieving high scanning velocities in the phased array inspection of aeronautic components
J. Camacho14, J. Cruza16, E. Cuevas-Aguado26, S. Hernandez27
1aITEFI bITEFI, Ultrasonics Systems Group ; Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)18, Madrid [Spain]
2Ultrasonics Systems Group; Tecnatom S.A.93, Madrid [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), real-time, parallel beamforming, phased array, composites, fast inspections

Progress in ultrasonic 3D characterisation and modelling of aerospace composites.
R. Smith14, L. Nelson7, N. Xie2, S. Hallett3
Queens School of Engineering; University of Bristol53, Bristol [United Kingdom]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Composites, modelling, inversion

An australian Perspective on Structural Health Monitoring for Military Aircraft
S. Galea3, N. Rajic4
Airframe Diagnostic Systems Group; Defence Science And Technology Organisation (DSTO)12, Melbourne, Victoria [Australia]
NDT-wide, ultrasonic testing

Non-Destructive Testing of Rocket Fuel Tank Thermal Insulation by Holographic Radar
S. Ivashov1, V. Razevig1, I. Vasiliev1, A. Zhuravle1, T. Bechtel2, L. Capineri3
1Bauman Moscow State Technical University4, Moscow [Russia]
2Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA [USA]
3University of Florence10, Florence [Italy]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), launch vehicle, polyurethane foam, cryogenic fuel tanks thermal insulation, holographic subsurface radar

Detection of Breathing Damages in Thin walled Structures Using Lamb Wave Based Nonlinear Technique
N. Yelve5, M. Mitra6, P. Mujumdar3
Department of Aerospace Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)8, Mumbai [India]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Higher harmonics, Thin walled structures, Nonlinear Lamb wave, Spectral damage index, Breathing damages

Inspection of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer composites using radio frequency inductive sensors and ultrasonic techniques
A. Chong14, B. Salski22, P. Theodorakeas38, I. Hatziioannidis32, V. Kappatos110, C. Selcuk110, T. Gan126
1Brunel Innovation Centre; Brunel University30, Uxbridge [United Kingdom]
2Institute of Radioelectronics; Warsaw University of Technology31, Warsaw [Poland]
3NDT Lab.; National Technical University of Athen (NTUA)59, Athens [Greece]
Other Methods, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), ultrasonics, radio frequency inductive sensor, Carbon fibre reinforced polymers, aerospace

Vibration-Based Damage Detection for a Population of Like Structures via a Multiple Model Framework
K. Vamvoudakis-Stefanou6, S. Fassois11
Stochastic Mechanical Systems & Automation (SMSA) Laboratory; University of Patras45, Patras [Greece]
Other Methods, statistical methods, manufacturing veriability, SHM

Structural health monitoring of aerospace components with optical fibre ribbon-tapes
P. Charlaftis1, T. Loutas16, C. Koimtzoglou22, V. Kostopoulos16
1aMechanical Engineering and Aeronautics bMechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department; University of Patras45, Patras [Greece]
2Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department; Interated Aerospace Sciences Corporation (INASCO)2, Athens [Greece]
Other Methods, fibre Bragg gratings, structural health monitoring, strain sensing

Damage detection and fatigue strength estimation of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) using combined electrical resistance and high-frequency impulse measurements
D. Huelsbusch, F. Walther5
Department of Materials Test Engineering (WPT); Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) 37, Dortmund [Germany]
Other Methods, Acoustic Emission (AE), Measurement technique, Damage detection, Fatigue, Multiple step test, Resource-Efficiency

Laser Ultrasonics Inspections of Aeronautical Components with high cadence and geometrical variations, manufactured by RTM: Resin Transfer Moulding
E. Cuevas-Aguado16, E. Cabello1, L. García2
1Ultrasonics Systems Group; Tecnatom S.A.93, Madrid [Spain]
2Aeronautical NDT Techniques; Airbus Defence & Space, Military Aircraft11, Getafe [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Complex geometries, Laser Ultrasonics, RTM, High Cadence Inspection

Robot-based solution To Obtain an Automated, Integrated And Industrial Non-Destructive Inspection Process
E. Cuevas-Aguado6, S. Hernandez7, C. Ramos2
Aeronautical NDT Techniques; Tecnatom S.A.93, Madrid [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Robots, Hardware, Integrated inspection process, Software

The performance of three Electromechanical Impedance damage indicators on structural element with bolted joints
T. Wandowski13, S. Opoka2, P. Malinowski24, W. Ostachowicz40
Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery; Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS)31, Gdansk [Poland]
Other Methods, local damage detection method, riveted joint, electromechanical impedance, bolted joint, wing

Automatic thermography inspection of welded components with limited access
A. Runnemalm112, P. Broberg110, E. Fernández26, A. Garcia De La Yedra24, P. Henrikson35, N. Thorpe416
1Engineering Science; University West14, Trollhättan [Sweden]
2IK4 LORTEK Research Centre6, Ordizia [Spain]
3GKN Aerospace Engine Systems6, Trollhättan [Sweden]
4Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid [Spain]
Infrared Testing (IRT), Weld inspection, Automation, Miniaturization, Surface cracks, Thermography, Limited access

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