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19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT 2016), 13-17 June 2016 in Munich, Germany

WCNDT 2016 Keywords Authors & Institutions

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Search Results: 622 in Date '2016-07-01'
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GE Inspection.. 1
GE Sensing & I.. 1
GE Sensing &am.. 8
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Guided Ultraso.. 1
Hillger Ing. B.. 2
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Innerspec Tech.. 2
Intron Plus Lt.. 1
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M2M.. 5
Materials Rese.. 1
NDT.net.. 1
Non-Destructiv.. 2
Olympus Scient.. 3
Olympus Scient.. 4
Proceq S.A... 2
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Silverwing UK.. 3
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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
What Makes a Good NDT Online Exhibition
R. Diederichs57
NDT.net110, Bad Breisig [Germany]
Other Applications

Other Applications
Improvements to image processing algorithms used for delamination damage extraction and modeling
M. Stefaniuk2, K. Dragan16
Air Force Institute of Technology34, Warsaw [Poland]
Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), composite, delamination, Automated Defect Recognition ADR, C-scan, defect characterization, Ultrasonic C-scan

Image processing
Practical Application of Total Focusing for Sizing of Imperfections in Welded Joints
M. Berke116, S. Koralewski2, W. Roye316, L. Le Ber413, U. Kaps56
1Ingenieurbüro Berke, Cologne [Germany]
2Ingenieurbüro Koralewski, Wandlitz [Germany]
3Karl Deutsch Pruef- und Messgeraetebau115, Wuppertal [Germany]
4M2M39, Les Ulis [France]
5Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung (DGZfP)155, Berlin [Germany]

The Use of Acoustic Emission Method for Diagnosis of Damage of Pneumatic Cylinders
P. Mazal53, F. Vlašic25
Institute of Machine and Industrial Design; Brno University of Technology (BUT)218, Brno [Czech Republic]
Acoustic Emission (AE), acoustic methods, pneumatic valve, damage

Acoustic Methods
Heat Treatment and Tension Curves in Contemporary Steel Materials Monitored by Acoustic Emission
G. Por110, P. Bereczki14, B. Fekete22, P. Trampus116
1aMAID Laboratory & Institute for Mechanical Engineering bGleeble Laboratory cHungarian Acoustic and Industrial Diagnostic Laboratory; University of Dunaujvaros (DUF)14, Dunaujvaros [Hungary]
2Ecotech Co.2, Dunaujvaros [Hungary]
Acoustic Methods

Acoustic Methods
Monitoring of the Reactive Air Brazing by Acoustic Emission Analysis
R. Zielke119, W. Tillmann213, M. Kuck2
1Institut für Forschung und Transfer, RIF e.V.11, Dortmund [Germany]
2Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) 36, Dortmund [Germany]
Acoustic Emission (AE), acoustic methods

Acoustic Methods
The Detection of Different Stages of the Delaminating in the Pressure Vessels Shells by the Ultrasonic and Acoustic Emission Technique
K. Zotov1, I. Rastegaev22, V. Gomera310, V. Sokolov39, V. Fedorov37, A. Smirnov32
1PANATEST3, Moscow [Russia]
2Laboratory for the Physics of Strength of Materials and Intelligent Diagnos: RastIgAev@yandex.ru; Togliatti State University8, Togliatti [Russia]
3Kirishinefteorgsintez (KINEF)10, Kirishi [Russia]
Acoustic Methods

Acoustic Methods
Optimization of Spot Welding Processes in Low Carbon hot Rolled Sheets
A. Butt2, I. Saleem2
Center of Science and Technology2, slamabad [Pakistan]
Automotive Spot Welds

Automotive Spot Welds
PHAsis.one – Phased Array Spotweld Inspection System
E. Roddewig, B. Vogt5
VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH78, Burgwedel [Germany]
Automotive Spot Welds

Automotive Spot Welds
Remanent Magnetization for Non-Destructive Testing of Spot Welds
C. Mathiszik3, J. Zschetzsche3, C. Großmann4, U. Füssel4
Institute of Manufacturing Technology; Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden)69, Dresden [Germany]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Magnetic Testing (MT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Automotive Spot Welds, NDT of Spot Welds

Automotive Spot Welds
Development of an automated ultrasonic inspection device for quality control of spot welds
M. Acebes12, R. Delgado de Molina8, I. Gauna8, N. Thorpe16, J. Guerro5
Tecnitest Ingenieros19, Madrid [Spain]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Dry coupling, Automotive Spot Welds

Automotive Spot Welds
Inspection of the Aluminium Alloys Degradation in Aging Aircraft Components Based on Eddy Current Method Application
V. Uchanin123, O. Ostash13, J. Golovatiuk1, O. Semenets23, L. Kovalchuk2, G. Lutsenko33, A. Opanasenko310
1Karpenko Phisico-Mechanical Institute; National Academy of Science of Ukraine (NASU)35, Lviv [Ukraine]
2ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific and Technical Complex4, Kiev [Ukraine]
3Promprylad” LLC23, Kiev [Ukraine]

Development of CFRP Aircraft Doors with the Interaction of NDT and Strength Analysis
P. Schmiedel, M. Holzheimer2
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH11, Donauwörth [Germany]
NDT-wide, Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), stress, stress analysis, aviation

Structural Health Monitoring of Compressor and Turbine Blades with the Use of Variable Reluctance Sensor and Tip Timing Method
M. Wachłaczenko5, M. Witoś15
Air Force Institute of Technology34, Warsaw [Poland]

Dynamic and Static Determinations for Anisotropic Material Constants of Additive Manufacture in Nondestructive Testing
Y. Huang2, T. Huang
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)5, Taipei [Taiwan, Province of China]

Animated View for Detection of Hairline Fracture of the Cooling Hole of a Tornado Jet Turbine Blade by a CAD Based on the De-Convolution Technique.
K. Chui14, S. Zhang23, E. Lehmann314, A. Kaestner37, S. Chui4, D. Stanfield14, A. Wride14
1Image Enhancement Technology Ltd4, Uxbridge [United Kingdom]
2Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Science and Technology Facilities Council3, Didcot [United Kingdom]
3Neutron Imaging and Activation Group, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging; Paul Scherrer Institute23, Villigen [Switzerland]
4University Hospital of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)3, Prince George, BC [Canada]

Development of Leakage Control Technology of Unclosed Constructions in Aviation
M. Kazakevych12, O. Semenets23, V. Derecha23, V. KAZAKEVYCH1
1ANTONOV; National Academy of Science of Ukraine (NASU)35, Lviv [Ukraine]
2KOLORAN; ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific and Technical Complex4, Kiev [Ukraine]

Smart NDT Tools: Connection and Automation for Efficient and Reliable NDT Operations
F. Guibert14, M. Rafrafi22, D. Rodat14, E. Prothon1, N. Dominguez128, S. Rolet14
1 AIRBUS OPERATIONS SAS22, Toulouse [France]
2TESTIA France25, Toulouse [France]

Thermosonic Testing with Phased Matched Guided Wave Excitation
M. Rahammer121, I. Solodov145, W. Bisle212, D. Scherling26, M. Kreutzbruck1126
1Institute for Polymer Technology (IKT); University of Stuttgart268, Stuttgart [Germany]
2Airbus Operations GmbH66, Bremen [Germany]

Radiographic Inspection - Film Replacement with Digital Detector Arrays in Aerospace Applications
F. Schulte1, K. Bavendiek234
1Alcoa Power and Propulsion TITAL GmbH, Bestwig [Germany]
2YXLON International GmbH180, Hamburg [Germany]

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