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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
Effect of Surface Roughness on Ultrasonic Testing of Back-Surface Micro-Cracks
Z. Wang2, X. Cui, Y. Kang4, Z. Deng
State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology; Huazhong University of Science and Technology28, Wuhan [China]
surface roughness, micro-cracks, ultrasonic testing, signal amplitude ratio factor (SARF), detection capacity

Applied Sciences (MDPI)
Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Industrial Facilities under Static and Cyclic Loading
S. Elizarov15, V. Barat16, D. Terentyev9, P. Kostenko, V. Bardakov3, A. Alyakritsky2, V. Koltsov2, P. Trofimov3
Interunis-IT LLC26, Moscow [Russia]
structural health monitoring, acoustic emission, non-destructive testing, hydrotreater, bridge, high temperature, gas adsorber, rotary kiln, dragline

Applied Sciences (MDPI)
Evaluation of Low-Temperature Cracking Performance of Asphalt Pavements Using Acoustic Emission: A Review
B. Behnia2, W. Buttlar3, H. Reis4
aDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering bDepartment of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering; University of Illinois14, Urbana, IL, [USA]
acoustic emission, thermal cracking, asphalt pavements, embrittlement temperatures, recycled asphalt pavements, recycled asphalt shingles, cooling cycles

Applied Sciences (MDPI)
Acoustic Emission Method for Locating and Identifying Active Destructive Processes in Operating Facilities
G. Swit2
Department of Civil Engineering; Kielce University of Technology8, Kielce [Poland]
acoustic emission (AE), non-destructive methods (NDT), diagnostic methods, bridges, structural health monitoring (SHM)

Applied Sciences (MDPI)
Structural Reliability Prediction Using Acoustic Emission-Based Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth
A. Keshtgar, C. Sauerbrunn, M. Modarres
Center for Risk and Reliability; University of Maryland7, College Park, MD [USA]
reliability, acoustic emission, structural integrity, crack growth, fatigue life prediction, uncertainty analysis, nondestructive testing

Applied Sciences (MDPI)
Detectability of corrosion damage with circumferential guided waves in reflection and transmission
R. Howard2, F. Cegla14
NDE Group, Dpt of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
Ultrasound, Guided waves, Pipeline corrosion, Monitoring, Screening, Probability of detection

NDT & E International
High temperature EMAT design for scanning or fixed point operation on magnetite coated steel
N. Lunna1, S. Dixon116, M. Potter23
1Department of Physics; University of Warwick48, Coventry [United Kingdom]
2Sonemat Ltd.2, Coventry [United Kingdom]
EMAT, High temperature, Thickness measurement, Magnetostriction

NDT & E International
The sizing of small surface-breaking fatigue cracks using ultrasonic arrays
C. Penga1, L. Bai23, J. Zhang28, B. Drinkwater218
1a School of Physical Science and Technology; Southwest Jiaotong University35, Chengdu [China]
2Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Bristol52, Bristol [United Kingdom]
Ultrasonic arrays, Defect sizing, Defect characterisation, Fatigue crack, Total focusing method, Scattering coefficient matrix

NDT & E International
Performance evaluation of a magnetic field measurement NDE technique using a model assisted Probability of Detection framework
R. Jarvis1, P. Cawley131, P. Nagy24
1NDE Group, Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
2Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics,; University of Cincinnati6, Cincinnati, Ohio [USA]
MAPOD, Current deflection, ACFM, Electromagnetic NDE, ROC

NDT & E International
A study of pulsed thermography for life assessment of thin EB-PVD TBCs undergoing oxidation ageing
L. Tinsley1, C. Chalk1, J. Nicholls1, J. Mehnen2, R. Roy12
1Through-life Engineering Services Centre; Cranfield University35, Cranfield [United Kingdom]
2Dept. of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management; University of Strathclyde33, Glasgow, Scotland [United Kingdom]
Pulse thermography, Thermal Barrier Coating, Thermal diffusivity, Oxidation ageing

NDT & E International
Limited view X-ray tomography for dimensional measurements
G. Jones, P. Huthwaite4
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
X-ray CT, Tomography, Imaging, Limited view reconstruction

NDT & E International
Reflection of torsional T(0,1) guided waves from defects in pipe bends
S. Heinlein1, P. Cawley131, T. Vogt214
1NDE Group, Mechanical Engineering Department; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
2Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.37, Brentford [United Kingdom]
Guided waves, Pipe bends, Torsional waves

NDT & E International
A confidence map based damage assessment approach using pulsed thermographic inspection
Y. Zhao3, S. Addepalli, A. Sirikham, R. Roy2
Through-life Engineering Services Centre; Cranfield University35, Cranfield [United Kingdom]
NDT, Reliability, Thermography, Impact damage assessment, Composite

NDT & E International
Improved thermoelectric power measurements using a four-point technique
J. A1, S. Raja1, P. Nagy24
1Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
2Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics; University of Cincinnati6, Cincinnati, Ohio [USA]

NDT & E International
Assessment methodology for defect characterisation using ultrasonic arrays
A. Safari2, J. Zhang8, A. Velichko12, B. Drinkwater18
Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Bristol52, Bristol [United Kingdom]

NDT & E International
Establishment and validation of the Channelized Hotelling Model Observer for image assessment in industrial radiography
S. Eckel12, P. Huthwaite14, M. Lowe124, A. Schumm230, P. Guérin23
1Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
2R&D Department; Electricité de France (EDF) 43, Moret-sur-Loing [France]
Radiography, Image processing, Qualification, Frequency domain

NDT & E International
Nonlinear non-collinear ultrasonic detection and characterisation of kissing bonds
J. Alston1, A. Croxford14, J. Potter1, P. Blanloeuil25
1aACCIS bUNDT; University of Bristol52, Bristol [United Kingdom]
2School of Engineering; University of New South Wales5, Sydney [Australia]
Ultrasonic, Kissing bond, NDT, NDE, Nonlinear, Non-collinear, CAN

NDT & E International
The choice of ultrasonic inspection method for the detection of corrosion at inaccessible locations
P. Khalili, P. Cawley31
Non-destructive Evaluation Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
Corrosion, Guided wave, Ultrasound, Inaccessible locations, Defect sensitivity

NDT & E International
Enhancing the Visibility of Delamination during Pulsed Thermography of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plates Using a Stacked Autoencoder
C. Xu15, J. Xie12, C. Wu1, L. Gao1, G. Chen17, G. Song24
1College of mechanical and electronic engineering; China University of Petroleum (East China) 9, Qingdao [China]
2Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Houston7, Houston, Tx [USA]
stacked autoencoder (SAE), pulsed thermography (PE), delamination detection, carbon fiber-reinforced polymer

Sensors (MDPI)
A Study of Quantifying Thickness of Ferromagnetic Pipes Based on Remote Field Eddy Current Testing
W. Zhang3, Y. Shi3, Y. Li4, Q. Luo3
Center for Information Geoscience; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China15, Chengdu [China]
RFECT, ferromagnetic pipe, FEA, wall thickness, quantification, nonlinear fitting, MFECT

Sensors (MDPI)
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