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NDE 2017 Conference & Exhibition of the society for NDT (ISNT), 14-16 December 2017, Chennai, T.N., India

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Design of Tomography system for industrial plasmas
K. Rathore3, S. Bhattacharjee2, P. Munshi13
aNuclear Engineering & Technology Programme bDepartment of Physics; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)22, Kanpur [India]
optical emission tomography, microwave induced compact plasma, Sobolev space, Error theorem

X-ray CT images from Truncated Projections
S. Sarkar2, P. Wahi, P. Munshi13
Nuclear Engineering & Technology Programme; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)22, Kanpur [India]
Truncation, X-Ray, Tomography

Radiation Safety Aspects in High Energy Accelerator Based Container Scanners
A. Pandey3, J. Kumar2
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, (AERB)7, Mumbai [India]
accelerator, Radiation Safety, Cargo Scanner, Container Scanner, Safety Systems, drive-through

FAAST PAUT for Inspection of plates, billets and jet-engine turbine discs
X. Harrich3, P. Coperet9
Socomate International10, Crécy la Chapelle [France]
Worldwide patented PAUT, Fast inspection, Feasibility studies, References, OEM

A Comparative Study of PAUT and TOFD responses with the change in microstructures of the materials – A Step towards reliable detection.
D. Singh5, A. Banerjee2, S. Das
GE Power India Limited3, Durgapur [India]
UT (Ultrasonic Testing), PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

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The Phased array advantage of Ultrasonic scanning of Rocket Motor Cases of Indian Satellite Launch Vehicles
R. Gangadharan13, M. Ashok22
1Materials and Mechanical Entity; Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)58, Thiruvananthapuram /Trivandrum [India]
2National Institute of Technology (NIT) 12, Tiruchirapalli [India]
Distance amplitude correction, Aerospace material specification, Weld procedure specification, Time corrected, Gain, Heat affected zone, Signal to Noise ratio, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Sectorial scan

Evaluation of integrity of aged pen stock supporting structure in hydroelectric generating stations
J. M, K. G, V. T.r
Central Power Research Institute3, Bangalore [India]
Hydro power, Penstock, civil NDT, Support structure

Acoustic emission characteristics and crack classification in uniaxially stressed cementitious materials
V. Remalli16, S. Mittapalli2, M. Dutta3, C. Joshi4
1Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Science (IISc)34, Bangalore [India]
2Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT), Kharagpur [India]
3Department of Civil Engineering; National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur [India]
4Department of Civil Engineering; National Institute of Technology (NIT) 12, Tiruchirapalli [India]
Acoustic Emission (AE), Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), Support Vector Machine (SVM), cracks classification, Concrete

Crack classification in cementitious material under uniaxial compression using Acoustic Emission testing
D. Suthar1, J. Srivastava2, K. Jeyam Murugesan3, V. Remalli46
1Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, Roorkee [India]
2Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology, IIT (BHU), Varanasi [India]
3Department of Civil Engineering; National Institute of Technology (NIT) 12, Tiruchirapalli [India]
4Department of Civil Engineering; Indian Institute of Science (IISc)34, Bangalore [India]
Cementitious materials, Fracture, Gaussian Mixture Model, Acoustic Emission, Crack Classification, Support Vector Machine (SVM)

3D Computed Tomography (CT) – A Powerful Tool for defects characterization in Aerospace Composite liners
C. Muralidhar111, M. Subramanian17, V. Shankar22, V. Shankar14, G. Chandrasekhar12
1NDE Division; Defence Research & Development Laboratory15, Hyderabad [India]
2Metallurgy and Materials Group; Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)100, Kalpakkam [India]
NDT-wide, Computed Tomography (CT), Defect, Non destructive evaluation, Digital Radiography (DR), Carbon Phenolic (CP) liner, Resin rich area, missing material

Design, Development and Irradiation Testing of 3-Channel Preamplifier for Ultrasonic NDT
S. Kumar, S. Lalwani10, P. Nanekar18, A. Behere3
aElectronics Division bQuality Assurance Division; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)118, Mumbai [India]
TOFD, ultrasonic NDT, preamplifier, irradiation, ISI, RPV, DAQ

Development of Indigenous Ultrasonic Data Acquisition and Recording System for ISI of Pressure Tubes of PHWR.
S. Moitra, S. Lalwani10, R. Jain7, G. Singh5, A. Kadu4, A. Behere3
aElectronics Division bDivision of Remote Handling and Robotics (DRHR) cDivision of Remote Handling and Robotics(DRHR); Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)118, Mumbai [India]
Ultrasonic Testing, Data Acquisition, In Service Inspection, Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver, Pressure Tube, PHWR

Structural integrity assessment of a prestressed concrete in-service railway bridge
B. Arun Sundaram, S. Parivallal2, K. Kesavan2, A. Ahmed2
Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory; CSIR- Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC)15, Chennai [India]
Strain,Displacement,Non Destructive Testing,Stresses

Developing Training Activity to meet ISO 9712 Standard Requirements
D. Joshi5, S. Mungel2
Insight Quality Services9, Pune [India]
Training, Qualification, Certification, Training Centre, Management System

Review of changes in ASME Section V ( NDE) Edition 2017
D. Joshi5, P. Kumar3
Insight Quality Services9, Pune [India]
ASME BPV Code, Interpretation, 2017 Changes, Philosophy of change, major changes, minor changes

Underwater Thickness Mapping of Metallic Structures Using a Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle
A. Antony Jacob3, M. Galipali, V. Upadhyay, P. Rajagopal32, K. Balasubramaniam110
aMechanical Engineering bCentre for Non Destructive Evaluation; Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)129, Chennai [India]
Ultrasonic inspection, ROV, underwater

Hydro electric Aged pen stock material condition assessment
K. Gulipilli, M. Janardhana2, A. kumar
Central Power Research Institute3, Bangalore [India]
Non-destructive evaluation, SEM, XRD, Carbon steel penstock

Studies on Behavior of Fire Affected Concrete using Non Destructive Testing Techniques
S. Kumar, N. Manjaly, D. Thanaraj, A. Nammalvar
Karunya University2, Coimbatore [India]
NDT-wide, rebound hammer, elevated temperature, ndt, UPV

Development of ECT based Vessel Inspection System for TAPS-1&2 RPV Weld Joints
M. Punna, S. Lalwani10, S. Banerjee, R. Jain7, A. Kumar5, P. Nanekar18, P. Sridharan, A. Behere3
aElectronics Division bQuality Assurance Division; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)118, Mumbai [India]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), eddy current testing (ECT), In-service Inspection (ISI), Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV)

Experimental Measurements on Attenuation of Bulk Wave in 6, 6 Nanofiber Interleaved Composite Laminates
C. Ramadas3, I. Khan2, K. Tiwari, A. SASI, M. Joshi6
aComposites Research Center bCenter for Nondestructive Evaluation, Dept of Mechanical Engineering; Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)3, Pune [India]
Bulk wave, air-coupled transducers, composite laminate, nylon 6, 6 nanofibers

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