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QIRT 2017 |Website|

Conference on Quantitative Infrared Thermography - QIRT Asia 2017, 2-6 July 2017 , Daejeon, South Korea

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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
QIRT 2017, Civil Engineering and Buildings
Study of Methodology for Quantitative Thermal Diagnostric of Wall
Y. Yang1, A. Sempey12, T. Vogt-Wu1, A. Sommier13, J. Dumoulin224, C. Pradere111, J. Batsale113
1I2M, UMR 5295; University Bordeaux82, Talence [France]
2IFSTTAR, COSYS, SII; Nantes Angers le Mans University (LUNAM) 35, Bouguenais [France]
IR thermography, thermal properties, wall, non-destructive evaluation (NDE), truncated singular value decomposition (TSVD), thermal quadrupoles model

Civil Engineering and Buildings
QIRT 2017, Civil Engineering and Buildings
Noncontact Concrete Crack Evaluation Through Hybrid Image Scanning
Y. An4, K. Jang
Department of Architectural Engineering; Sejong University4, Seoul [South Korea]
Concrete crack evaluation, Hybrid image scanning, Vision, Laser thermography, Nondestructive Testing

Civil Engineering and Buildings
QIRT 2017, Civil Engineering and Buildings
Detection and Characterization of Subsurface Defects in Concrete Using Lock-in and Step Heating Thermography
D. Sharath3, M. Menaka6, N. Raghu, V. Balasubramaniam25
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)99, Kalpakkam [India]
Concrete, Lock-in Thermography, Step Heating, Defect, Thermal Signal Reconstruction

Civil Engineering and Buildings
QIRT 2017, Condition Monitoring
Monitoring Thermal Phenomena In CO2 Capture by Brucite
D. Aksenova, B. Yousefi, F. Larachi2, X. Maldague77, G. Beaudoin
aDepartment of Chemical Engineering bDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering cDepartment of Geology and Geological Engineering; Laval University100, Quebec City, Quebec [Canada]
CO2 storage, Infrared thermography, Passive thermography, Middle-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging, Clustering

Condition Monitoring
QIRT 2017, Condition Monitoring
The Evaluation of Bimaterial Specimen with FDM 3D Printing Technology by Infrared Thermography
G. Hong1, H. Park2, G. Lim1, J. Kim12
1Department of Mechanical Engineering; Inha University6, Inchon [South Korea]
2Asset Technology Group, Bundang-gu [South Korea]
Active infrared thermography, Bimaterial, FDM, 3D Printing, Uncooled infrared camera, Composites material, NDT, Quantitative analysis

Condition Monitoring
QIRT 2017, Condition Monitoring
Infrared Imaging Technology in the Field of Steel Industry and Building
L. Sung, K. Il
POSMATE, Seoul [South Korea]
Infrared thermal imaging, Diagnosis, Steel industry, Building

Condition Monitoring
QIRT 2017, Industrial Applications
Nondestructive Evaluation of Railway Components Using Infrared Thermography Technique
J. Kim2
Korea Railroad Research Institute7, Daejeon [South Korea]
Infrared thermography, Railway applications, Railway brake disc, Temperature monitoring, Nondestructive inspection

Industrial Applications
QIRT 2017, NDE for Materials
Comparative Study of Impact Damage in Basalt-Carbon Hybrid Composites Using Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic C-Scan
H. Zhang15, S. Sfarra213, F. Sarasini311, C. Ibarra-Castanedo143, X. Maldague177
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Laval University100, Quebec City, Quebec [Canada]
2Dept. of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics (DIIEE) - Las.E.R. Laboratory; University of L'Aquila14, Roio Poggio (AQ) [Italy]
3Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering; Università di Roma - La Sapienza29, Rome [Italy]
Basalt fiber, Carbon fiber, Hybrid composite, Infrared thermography, Ultrasonic C-scan

NDE for Materials
QIRT 2017, NDE for Materials
Study of an Effect of Inelastic Deformation on the Heat Capacity of Steel
M. Zhelnin, A. Iziumova4, A. Vshivkov4, O. Plekhov6
Institute of continuous media mechanics (ICMM); Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Ural Branch6, PERM [Russia]

NDE for Materials
QIRT 2017, NDE for Materials
Pulse thermography to assess thermal diffusivity in semitransparent materials.
P. Bison129, S. Boldrini22, F. Cernuschi36, A. Famengo2
1National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute (ITC-CNR)39, Padova [Italy]
2National Research Council, Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Energy Technologies (CNR-ICMATE), Padova [Italy]
3Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE), Milano [Italy]

NDE for Materials
QIRT 2017, NDE for Materials
Measurement of Defect Depth in Sheet Metal by Pulse Thermography
W. Lee1, J. Byeon23, S. Choi22, J. Kim22, M. Park23, J. Park3
1Korea Institute of Industrial Technology2, Incheon [South Korea]
2Department of Materials Science & Engineering; Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech)19, Seoul [South Korea]
3ASEA Aviation College, Seoul [South Korea]
Sheet metal, Pulse thermography, Defect depth

NDE for Materials
QIRT 2017, NDT
Analysing a Time Series of Thermographs to Identify the Defects of Building Exterior Layers
Y. Huang2, C. Peng, W. Chen, C. Chiant
Department of Construction Engineering; Chaoyang University of Technology15, Taichung [Taiwan, Province of China]
PCA, Image Segmentation, Non-Destructive Testing Methods

QIRT 2017, NDT
Evaluation of Subsurface Damage in CFRP Following Ballistic Impact by IR Thermographic Method
W. Swiderski19
Military Institute of Armament Technology19, Zielonka [Poland]
IR camera, CFRP, Distractive testing, Ballistic limit, Pulsed thermography

QIRT 2017, NDT
Comparison of Results Due to the Variation of Power of Halogen Lamp using Infrared Thermography and Average of Temperature Differences Method
H. Jung13, I. Park2, J. Shin2, J. Yang2, K. Kim3
aMechanical System Engineering bGraduate School of Mechanical System Engineering; Chosun University19, Gwangju [South Korea]
Infrared thermography, Steel plate, Flat bottom hole, Halogen lamp, Heating amount, Signal processing

QIRT 2017, NDT
Infrared NDT Activities and Electrical Inspections in the USA
L. Clausing
Drysdale & Associates, Inc., Cincinnati, OH [USA]
QIRT 2017, NDT
Defect Measurement Using Infrared Thermography for Measuring Invisible Area
S. Kim4, H. Jung13, K. Kim15
aDepartment of Mechanical System Engineering bMechanical System Engineering cDepartment of Mechanical Design Engineering; Chosun University19, Gwangju [South Korea]
Reflection plate, Infrared thermography, Invisible area

QIRT 2017, Plenary Lectures
Recent Advances in Measurement Technique of Microscale Thermography
J. Morikawa3
Tokyo Institute of Technology44, Tokyo [Japan]
microscale thermography, temperature wave, IR micro lens, freezing, crystallization, flying spot, superimpose, microfluidics, , thermospectroscopy, molten salt, chemical heat storage

Plenary Lectures
QIRT 2017, Plenary Lectures
Infrared Thermography in Civil Engineering: From non Destructive Testing in Laboratory to Outdoor Thermal Monitoring
J. Dumoulin24
IFSTTAR, COSYS, SII; Nantes Angers le Mans University (LUNAM) 35, Bouguenais [France]
Active Infrared Thermography, Long term thermal monitoring, Ultra Time Domain, Civil Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, Signal and Image processing, Inverse model

Plenary Lectures
QIRT 2017, Plenary Lectures
Infrared thermography with Optical and Ultrasonic Excitation: Promising Tools for the Characterization of Vertical Cracks
A. Mendioroz115, R. Celorrio210, A. Salazar114
1Departamento de Física Aplicada I, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería; The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)37, Bilbao [Spain]
2Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, EINA/IUMA; University of Zaragoza15, Zaragoza [Spain]
infrared thermography, vibrothermography, vertical cracks, inverse problems, nondestructive evaluation

Plenary Lectures
QIRT 2017, Poster
Analysis of Pulsed Infrared Thermal Non-Destructive Testing on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
P. Jiang2, X. Guo8
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation; Beihang University (BUAA)29, Beijing [China]
carbon fiber reinforced polymer, pulsed infrared thermography, delamination defects, finite element analysis

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