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NDT-Slovenia 2017

14th International Conference of the Slovenian Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Sep 4-6, 2017, Bernardin, Slovenia

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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
Acoustic Emission
Investigation of Fatigue Crack Growth on Material for Reactor Presure Vessel by Acoustic Emission
V. Svoboda16, F. Žemličk8
s.r.o.; Prediest Ltd.(s.r.o.)18, Prague, Czech Republic

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Condition Monitoring of Pneumatic Cylinders by Acoustic Emission
H. Mahmoud15, P. Mazal155, F. Vlašic226, M. Jana33
1Institute of Machine and Industrial Design; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Center of Technical Diagnostic ZD Rpety DAKEL 4, Prague, Czech Republic
3Policské strojírny, a.s.,3, Bariny, Czech Republic
acoustic emission, pneumatic cylinders, average energy, detection coefficient, loading, defects

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Influence of Media Degradation on the Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals
L. Calabrese17, M. Galeano13, E. Proverbio111, D. Di Pietro23, A. Donato23, F. Cappuccini22
1Department of Engineering; University of Messina23, Messina, Italy
2GE Oil & Gas6, Florence, Italy
Acoustic Emission, Time domain analysis, Waveform, Modelling, Stress corrosion cracking

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Crack Detection in Injection Mold
T. Kek125, D. Kusic25, J. Grum178
1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Ljubljana99, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2TECOS5, Celje, Slovenia
acoustic emission, injection molding, cracks, feature vector, pattern recognition

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Analysis of Constructional Concrete by the Acoustic Emission Method on Multiple Loading
M. Hoduláková2, L. Topolar6, J. Smutny4, L. Pazdera10, K. Mikulasek4
aFaculty of Civil Engineering bFaculty of Civil Engineering Physics Department; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
Acoustic Emission (AE), civil engineering, concrete, Non-destructive testing, cyclic loading, Acoustic emission

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Identification of Macroscopic Lateral Damages in RC Slabs with Rainy Induced Elastic Waveactivity
T. Shiotani129, T. Nishida16, H. Asaue14, K. Hashimoto12, H. Takamine22, K. Watabe22, M. Fukuda3
1Department of Civil & Earth Resources Engineering; Kyoto University34, Kyoto, Japan
2Toshiba Corporation2, Kawasaki, Japan
3West Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO-West)2, Osaka, Japan
acoustic emission, damage identification, raindrops, lateral damage, RC slabs

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Application of Acoustic Emission to Predict Corrosion
M. Droubi5, N. Faisal4
School of Engineering; Robert Gordon University8, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Acoustic Emission (AE), Corrosion, Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission During Quenching of Steel
B. Mojškerc2, T. Kek25, J. Grum78
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Ljubljana99, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Non-destructive testing, acoustic emission, heat treatment, quenching

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Evaluation of Three Point Bending Test on Different Finegrained Composites Using Acoustic Emission Method
L. Pazdera10, L. Topolar6, J. Smutny4, M. Hoduláková2, K. Mikulasek4
aFaculty of Civil Engineering Physics Department bFaculty of Civil Engineering; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
acoustic emission, fine-grained composites, civil engineering, three-point bending test, non-destructive testing

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Damage Assessment of Novel Pre-Fabricated Concrete Elements Based on Acoustic Emission Measurements and Kaiser/Felicity Effect Analysis
T. Eleni, G. Livitsanos3, O. Remy, D. Aggelis27
Department of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions (MeMC); Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 54, Brussel, Belgium
pre-fabricated concrete, stainless steel, basalt composite, incremental loading, acoustic emission, digital image correlation

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Memory Method for Inspection of Damage in Hysteretic Dampers Subjected to Cyclic Loading
C. Abarkane14, D. Gale-lamuela2, E. Suarez17, A. Gallego130, A. Benavent-Climent26, V. Svoboda316, E. Svobodová33
1Department of Applied Physics; University of Granada34, Granada, Spain
2Technical University of Madrid (UPM) 54, Madrid, Spain
3s.r.o.; Prediest Ltd.(s.r.o.)18, Prague, Czech Republic

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission Source Localization Based on Exact Geodesic Curves (with Application to Watering Can)
P. Gális14, V. Kus112, M. Chlada232
1Department of Mathematics, FNSPE; Czech Technical University (CVUT)73, Prague, Czech Republic
2Institute of Thermomechanics, NDT Laboratory; Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)113, Prague, Czech Republic
Acoustic emission, non-destructive defectoscopy, geodesic curves, parametrized surfaces, ∆t – exact localization

Acoustic Emission
Crack Profile Reconstruction of CFRP-CFRP Bonded Joints From Optical Backscatter Reflectometry and Comparison with X-Ray Computed Tomography
A. Gianneo10, M. Carboni33, A. Bernasconi2
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Politecnico di Milano84, Milano, Italy
Radiographic Testing (RT), non destructive testing, X-ray computed tomography, optical backscatter reflectometry, Single Lap Joints, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

The Evaluation of the Surface Energy of the Lignocelluloses Composite Exposed to UV Radiation
M. Stanciu15, R. Steigmann255, C. Valcea1
1aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering bDept. of Technical Linguistic,; Transilvania University13, Brasov, Romania
2Nondestructive Testing Department; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
surface energy, contact angle method, lignocelluloses composite

Influence of Detection According to Moisture Distribution of CFRP Composite Sandwich Panels Using Infrared Thermography
H. Park111, M. Choi230, J. Park29, K. Kwon27, H. Jung314
1Safety Metrology Group; Korea Research Institute of Smart Material and Structures System Association4, Daejeon, South Korea
2Safety Measurement Center; Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)64, Daejeon, South Korea
3Mechanical System Engineering; Chosun University20, Gwangju, South Korea
composite sandwich panel, thermography

The Evaluation of Visco-Elastic Behaviour of Composites Reinforced with Glass Fibers Subjected to Compression
M. Stanciu15, H. Teodorescu1, D. Rosu23, R. Steigmann355, G. Dobrescu37, A. Savin365
1Department of Mechanical Engineering; Transilvania University13, Brasov, Romania
2SC Compozite Brasov3, Brasov, Romania
3aNondestructive Testing Department bNondestructive Testing; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
glass fiber, loading rate, compression, visco-elastic behavior

Eddy Current Notebook and Smartphone Apps
G. Mook60, Y. Simonin9
Institut für Werkstofftechnik und -prüfung; University of Magdeburg (OVGU)87, Magdeburg, Germany
All-digital eddy current instrument, pitch-catch probe arrays, linear and circular arrays, imaging, dynamic inspection

Qualitative Measurement of Moisture Absorption in Gfrp Utilizing Electromagnetic Induction
W. Matsunaga12, K. Mizukami25, Y. Mizutani130, A. Todoroki118, Y. Suzuki19
1School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Tokyo Institute of Technology45, Tokyo, Japan
2Graduate School of Science and Engineering,Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Ehime University11, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
GFRP, Moisture absorption rate, Permittivity

Monitoring Techniques of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Used as Thermal Barrier Coating
A. Savin165, M. Craus213, V. Turchenko26, F. Nový37, A. Mocanu4, M. Soare4, J. Grum578, O. Doroshkevich2
1National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
2Joint Institute for Nuclear Research13, Dubna, Russia
3Faculty of Electrical Engineering; University of Žilina15, Žilina, Slovak Republic
4SC Nuclear NDT Research and Services SRL, Bucharest, Romania
5Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Ljubljana99, Ljubljana, Slovenia
ZrO2-based ceramics, Yttria, SEM, ND, X-ray diffraction, EM test

Revealing the Stresses-New Approach for Industrial Safety, Reliability and Residual Life Assessment
I. Einav10
STAR. International Consultant5, Ontario, Canada
Early detection of residual stresses, monitoring and classification, Indicator Mechanical Stresses.

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