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12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2018), Gothenburg 2018, June 11-15

ECNDT 2018 Keywords Authors & Institutions

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Forthcoming Publications: - 13th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2022)
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GE Inspection.. 1
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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
Comparison of inductive shearography and thermography for the detection of flaws in structural and elastic adhesive bonds
I. Kryukov15, M. Kahlmeyer2, S. Böhm13
Department for Cutting and Joining Manufacturing Processes (tff); University of Kassel84, Kassel [Germany]
Adhesives and Bonding, Quality control, Shearography, Thermography

Microwave, Terahertz, and Infrared NDE
Contact NDT at Heights Using Aerial Robotics
R. Dahlstrom, J. Branch
Apellix Aerial Robotics, Jacksonville, FL [USA]
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Other Methods, Robot, safety, drones, aerial robotics, surface profile

Applications of multimode regime of total focusing method (TFM) for definition the type of reflector
E. Bazulin2, A. Vopilkin5, D. Tikhonov5
Scientific and Production Center, SPC ECHO+11, Moscow [Russia]

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
J. Pereira
Catholic University of Petrópolis (UCP), Petrópolis [Brazil]

Crack detection on aerospace composites by means of photorefractive interferometry.
T. Seresini1, S. Sunetchiieva13, H. Pfeiffer126, M. Wevers148, J. Xiong22, C. Glorieux14
1aDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, Laboratory for Soft matter and Biophysics bDepartment of Materials Engineering (MTM) cDepartment of Materials Engineering(MTM); Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) 91, Leuven [Belgium]
2Research Institute of Nano-Resolution Optics (RINRO); Nanjing University of Science and Technology3, Nanjing [China]
Aerospace, Novel Techniques, Surface waves, Technology Transfer in NDT, Ultrasonics

Non-destructive evaluation of dissimilar material joints
D. Smagulova, E. Jasiuniene26
aLaboratory of Acoustics and Thermal Physics bUltrasound Institute; Ultrasound Institute at Kaunas University of Technology189, Kaunas [Lithuania]
Adhesives and Bonding, Composite materials, Phased arrays, Ultrasonics

New technologies for air-coupled ultrasonic transducers
M. Gaal38, D. Kotschate12
Akustische und Elektromagnetische Verfahren,Ultraschallsonderprüftechniken; BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
Air-coupled ultrasound, Transducers, Ultrasonics

NDT 4.0 - Overall Significance and Implications to NDT
R. Link19, N. Riess213
1Consultancy Dr. Rainer Link9, Kerpen [Germany]
2Helling GMBH13, Heidgraben [Germany]
Technology Transfer in NDT, Image processing

Academia European Reserch Day
Nonlinear Signal Processing for NDT 4.0
S. Dos Santos125, Z. Převorovský261, C. Mattei32, V. Vengrinovich423, G. Nardoni534, J. Wrights6
1INSA Centre Val de Loire, Blois campus, University of Tours27, Blois [France]
2Institute of Thermomechanics, NDT Laboratory; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR/CAS)103, Prague [Czech Republic]
3Creo Dynamics AB2, Linköping [Sweden]
4Institute of Applied Physics (IAPH); National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus100, Minsk [Belarus]
5I&T Nardoni Institute35, Brescia [Italy]
6Theta Technologies, Exeter [United Kingdom]
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), signal processing, image processing, research, TR-NEWS, Ultrasonics, Standards, Novel Techniques, Technology Transfer in NDT, NDT 4.0

Academia European Reserch Day
NDT Integrity Engineering
P. Trampus16, V. Krstelj11
Academia NDT International, Brescia [Italy]
Education, Fracture mechanics, Strength

Academia European Reserch Day
Current Developments in Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography from nm to macro scale
U. Ewert212
8.3 Radiation Methods; BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
Defects, Radiography, Tomography

Academia European Reserch Day
A music-inspired approach to structural health monitoring
J. Pimentel3, R. Klemm3, A. Irretier3, M. Dalgic3, H. Zoch4, K. Krieger3
aInstitute of Electrodynamics and Microelectronics (ITEM) bInstitute for Materials Testing, MPA; University of Bremen13, Bremen [Germany]
Acoustic Emission (AE), condition monitoring, data processing, Metals, Sensors, Acoustic emission, Percussive separation

Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission Monitoring of in Service Harbor Cranes in Order to Program Maintenance Operations and Insure Safety Management
A. Proust19, R. Kefferstein2, O. Al haj1, D. Crucq2
1Mistras Group, SA17, Sucy-en-Brie [France]
2ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer, Fos-sur-Mer Cedex [France]
Acoustic emission, Data processing, Fatigue, Inspection Qualification, Monitoring, Stress

Acoustic Emission
The combined use of millimeter wave imaging and acoustic emission for the damage investigation of glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
K. Kalteremidou, A. Pourkazemi, Y. El idrissi, Y. Morabet, G. He, J. Stiens, L. Pyl6, D. Van hemelrijck
aDepartment of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions bDepartment of Electronics and Informatics cDepartment Mechanics of Materials and Constuctions; Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 53, Brussel [Belgium]
Acoustic emission, Composite materials, Terahertz imaging

Acoustic Emission
Investigation of fundamental ultrasonic propagation characteristics in NDT of Electron Beam Deposition additive manufactured samples
O. Tofeldt12, S. Pierce26, G. Smillie2, W. Kerr3, G. Flockhart2, C. MacLeod26, R. Blue2, A. Gachagan211, T. Stratoudaki24, J. Olsson12, D. McMahon32
1Production Technology Center (PTC); University of West2, Trollhättan [Sweden]
2aDepartment of Electronic & Electrical Engineering bCentre for Ultrasonic Engineering cSchool of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; University of Strathclyde33, Glasgow, Scotland [United Kingdom]
3Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC)2, Renfrewshire [United Kingdom]
Propagagation and scattering, Ultrasonics

Additive Manufacturing – characterisation
Subsurface Residual Stress Analysis in Ti-6Al-4V Additive Manufactured Parts by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
T. Mishurova15, K. Artzt24, S. Cabeza36, G. Requena211, G. Bruno120, J. Haubrich23
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
2German Aerospace Center (DLR)7, Cologne [Germany]
3Institut Laue-Langevin4, Grenoble [France]
Stress, Tomography, X-ray diffraction

Additive Manufacturing – characterisation
An Assessment of Bulk and Surface Residual Stress in Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718
T. Thiede1, S. Cabeza26, T. Mishurova15, N. Nadammal1, A. Kromm12, J. Bode12, C. Haberland3, G. Bruno120
1aTest Devices and Equipment bDivision 8.5 Micro NDE; BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
2Institut Laue-Langevin4, Grenoble [France]
3Siemens PG 12, Berlin [Germany]
Metals, Research, Stress, Stress visualization

Additive Manufacturing – characterisation
Optimised Inspection of Complex Geometries
N. Brierley
The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Ansty Park [United Kingdom]
Radiographic Testing (RT), data processing, image processing, research, Radiography, Theoretical Modelling

Additive Manufacturing – radiographic methods
Simulation of NDT methods for Additive Manufacturing of composites
A. Martins, M. Carvalho, J. Cardoso, T. Santos9
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; NOVA University of Lisbon10, Caparica [Portugal]
Composite materials, Thermography

Additive Manufacturing – various methods
Non-Destructive Testing for Composites Produced by Additive Manufacturing
A. Pontes1, C. Simão2, J. Nunes1, J. Pinto3, J. Viana1, M. Ferreira3, T. Santos29
1Department of Polymer Engineering; University of Minho5, Guimarães [Portugal]
2Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; NOVA University of Lisbon10, Caparica [Portugal]
3Department of Physics; University of Aveiro3, Aveiro [Portugal]
Composite materials, Eddy currents, Thermography

Additive Manufacturing – various methods
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