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MMM-NDT 2019 |Website|

3rd International Conference on Diagnostics of Structures and Components Using Metal Magnetic Memory Method, May 22-23 Czech Republic Prague

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Search Results: 11 in Date '2019-06-01'
Title / Author(s) / Keywords
Metrological aspects of the Metal Magnetic Memory Method
A. Dubov41
Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.30, Moscow, Russia
MMM method, stress concentration zones, NDT

Detection of Local Stress Concentration Zones in Engineering Components - The lacking link in the NDT system
A. Dubov141, P. Trampus217, P. Ladanyi34
1Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.30, Moscow, Russia
2University of Dunaujvaros (DUF)15, Dunaujvaros, Hungary
3Interproject Europe Ltd.3, Szentendre, Hungary
stress strain state, NDT, SCZ location

Application of MMM method for inspection of selected welds of bridge structure
V. Svoboda16, F. Žemličk8
s.r.o.; Prediest Ltd.(s.r.o.)18, Prague, Czech Republic
NDT, MMM Method, steel bridge, voids

Inspection of hazardous products storage tanks welded joints by the metal magnetic memory technique and conventional NDT methods
S. Kolokolnikov118, A. Dubov141, A. Medvedev2, D. Boriskin2
1Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.30, Moscow, Russia
2KJSC "Azot", Kemerovo, Russia
welded joints, NDT, MMM method

Development of Technology Management of Non-Destructive Testing Services in Mongolia
B. Tumendemberel12, J. Osgonbaatar2
1Centre of NDT; Mongolian Society for Non Destructive Testing (MSNT), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2Centre of NDT; MREA, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
NDT-wide, Other Methods, Accreditation, non destructive testing, personnel certifying body, technology management

Verification and localization of defects on boiler waterwall tubes
V. Svoboda116, Ľ. Gajdoš1, J. Janovec2
1Prediest Ltd.(s.r.o.)18, Prague, Czech Republic
2Department of Material Engineering; Czech Technical University (CVUT)73, Prague, Czech Republic
waterwall tubes, MMM method, NDT

Technical diagnostics of underground pipelines based on non-contact magnetometric diagnostics, the metal magnetic memory and conventional NDT methods
A. Dubov41, A. Dubov6, S. Kolokolnikov18
Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.30, Moscow, Russia
NCMMM inspection, NDT, buried pipelines

Assumptions of the project "Development of non-destructive diagnosis of gas pipelines based on a magnetic non-contact magnetometric diagnostic and sensors integrated with the use of machine learning algorithms" implemented as part of the INGA project
J. Lubowiecky, A. Radziszewski3
Energodiagnostika Sp. Z.o.o.4, Warsaw, Poland
NCMD inspection, NDT, buried pipelines

Comparison of results from intenal in-line inspection with NCMMM inspection on buried gas pipelines
V. Svoboda16, E. Svobodová3
Prediest Ltd.(s.r.o.)18, Prague, Czech Republic
NCMMM inspection, MMM method, NDT, pipeline inspeciton

Autonomous tracking and tagging of buried pipelines based on Pipe-Locator data
V. Sudevan, A. Shukla, H. Karki
Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
pipeline inspection, pipe location, NDT, NCMD inspection

Pipeline geolocation using submeter real-time gps equipment
L. Fiorini
Inspek, Campinas, Brazil
MMM Method, NDT, Pipeline localization, gps

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