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15th World Conference on NDT - 2000 - Rome (Italy)

WCNDT 2000 Keywords Authors & Institutions

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Exhibitors' Results (78)
Applus RTD.. 5
Dantec Dynamic.. 1
FORCE Technolo.. 2
GE Inspection.. 1
GE Sensing & I.. 3
GE Sensing & I.. 1
GE Sensing &am.. 12
Guided Ultraso.. 1
Hillger Ing. B.. 1
Intron Plus Lt.. 4
Karl Deutsch P.. 3
Krautkramer Ja.. 1
Lavender Inter.. 2
Materials Rese.. 1
NDT.net.. 2
Olympus Scient.. 8
Olympus Scient.. 1
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ScanMaster Sys.. 2
Silverwing UK.. 1
Sonatest Ltd.. 2
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TSC Inspection.. 2
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YXLON Internat.. 2
Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session Date
Non-Destructive Examination of Sic Nuclear Fuel Shell using X-Ray Fluorescence Microtomography Technique
M. Belouchrani13, A. Britahm1, M. Naghedolfeizi1, K. Necib13, G. Ice2, C. McHargue3
1Computer Technology Department; Fort Valley State University3, Fort Valley [USA]
2Metals and Ceramics Division; Oak Ridge National Laboratory2, Oak Ridge [USA]
3Materials Science and Engineering Department; University of Tennessee4, Knoxville, TN [USA]
Radiographic Testing (RT), x-ray fluorescence, power plant

Modelisation of the Thermomechanical Behaviour of a 12Cr-0.1C PTA Coating
M. Belouchrani13, K. Necib13, A. Britah22
1Computer Technology Department; Fort Valley State University3, Fort Valley [USA]
2Laboratory of Materials; Polytechnic School2, Bordj-El-Bahri [Algeria]
Radiographic Testing (RT), neutron diffraction, neutron radiography, coating, stress

On the New Method to Compute the Fatigue Threshold - Influence of the Microstructure and Residual Stresses
M. Belouchrani13, K. Necib13, A. Britah22
1Computer Technology Department; Fort Valley State University3, Fort Valley [USA]
2Laboratory of Materials; Polytechnic School2, Bordj-El-Bahri [Algeria]
modeling simulation, materials characterization, stress

Scanning Electron Microscope, A valuable NDT Method
P. Dick
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), microscopy, Other Methods, semiconductor

Microbiological testing of Polymers and resins used in conservation of Linen Textiles
O. Abdel-Kareem
Microbiology Dept.; Cracow Univ. of Economics, Krakow [Poland]
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), microscopy, Other Methods, archeology, polymers, textile

An Evaluation of selected applied polymers for the treatment of parchment
G. Abdel-Maksoud
Intron Plus Ltd.19, Moscow [Russia]
Other Methods, archeology, polymers

Failure of the transfer line in ammonia Plant and remedial Measures
A. Vankayala
Krishak Bharati coop. LTD, Surat, Hazira [India]
NDT-wide, chemical & petrochemical, power plant

The Requirement for Training of Visual Test Personnel
D. Henning12, T. Armitt210
1Sector Cert GmbH5, Troisdorf [Germany]
2Lavender International NDT Consultancy Services Ltd16, Sheffield [United Kingdom]
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), standard, training certification, EN

An Ultrasonic probe for NDT Inspection of fuel Assembly used in Nuclear Power Plant reactors
J. Machado12, W. Silva2, A. Xavier1, Z. Thome12
1aCoppe bBiomedical Eng. Program-Coppe; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)44, Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
2Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte-UFRN2, Rio Grande [Brazil]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), PVDF, transducer, nuclear, power plant, nuclear fuel

Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Method for Failed Rod Detection Based on Neural Network
M. Bossan1, W. Pereira1, J. Seixas1, Z. Thome12, W. Filho2
1Biomedical Eng. Program-Coppe; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)44, Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
2Brazilian Navy Research Institute, Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), neural network, signal processing, nuclear, power plant, nuclear fuel

Ultrasonic Inspection technique using multi-element probes (phased array): application to tube inspection
B. Bisiaux27
Vallourec Research Center France (VRCF)51, Aulnoye-Aymeries [France]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, transducer, tubing piping

Monitoring of Fissures on Construction of Saint Duje Cathedral in Split, Croatia
D. Almesberger17, T. Roje-Bonacci22, P. Miščević22, G. Niksia3
1SER.CO.TEC7, Trieste [Italy]
2Faculty of Civil Engineering; University of Split2, Split [Croatia]
3State Department for protection of cultural and natural heritage; Ministry of Culture, n.n. [Croatia]
Other Methods, archeology, strain

Condition Monitoring Diagnosis Method of Aircraft Engine Rotating Details
N. Bouraou, P. Marchuk, A. Tyapchenko
National Technical University of Ukraine11, Kiev [Ukraine]
Other Methods, aerospace, vibration analysis

Estimation of creep voids using a progressive damage model and neural network
H. Jeong
Wonkwang University, Iksan, Jeonbuk [South Korea]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), velocity, neural network, composite, creep damage, porosity

In-situ examination of ABB l-0 blade roots and rotor steeple of low-pressure steam turbine, using phased array technology
J. Poguet119, P. Ciorau251, D. Craig2, L. Gilham2, T. Hazelton27, D. MacGillivray24
1IMASONIC SAS31, Voray sur l'Ognon [France]
2Ontario Power Generation Inc.(OPG)56, Pickering [Canada]
NDT-wide, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, power plant, turbine, in-situ

The Influence of Intermittent Operation on the Life of the High Pressure Steam Duct of a Recovery Boiler
L. Ambros
Laborelec8, Linkebeek [Belgium]
Other Methods, power plant, boiler, strain

Development of Roll Surface Testing Technique by use of Broad Bandwidth Surface Waves
M. Kitahama, T. Morii, A. Sato, R. Sugimoto, H. Takada2, A. Torao
JFE Steel Corporation3, Chuo-ku, Chiba [Japan]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), rayleigh wave, surface wave, transducer

Hydrogen Embrittlement Detection on High-Strength Steel by Means of XRD Residual Stress Determination Technique
R. Capriotti2, M. Colavita, F. De Paolis, P. Silvestri2
CSV Reparto Chimico; Aeronautica Militare Italiana4, Pomezia, RM [Italy]
Radiographic Testing (RT), x-ray diffraction, hydrogen inducted cracking

Effects of porosity on the Mechanical Strength and Ultrasonic Attenuation of CF-Peek fibre Placed Composites
B. Djordjevic113, A. Demma215
1Johns Hopkins University11, Baltimore, Maryland [USA]
2UK Research Centre in Non-destructive Evaluation (RCNDE), Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London81, London [United Kingdom]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), attenuation, composite, porosity

Ultrasonic Inspection of Parallel Wires Type Ropes for Suspension Bridge
C. Desimone8, R. Giacchetta3, P. Katchadjian5, M. Tacchia3
Centro Atomico Constituyentes; National Comission of Atomic Energy(CNEA)34, Buenos Aires [Argentina]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), lamb wave, civil engineering, rope, bridge, corrosion testing

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