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9th Int. Conference on NDT of Art 2008 Jerusalem, Israel, May 2008

Art 2008 Keywords Authors & Institutions

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Search Results: 184 in Date '2008-09-01'
Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
A Microbiological Survey of the Etruscan Mercareccia Tomb (Italy): Contribution of Microorganisms to Deterioration and Restoration
A. Sprocati, C. Alisi, F. Tasso, E. Vedovato, N. Barbabietola, C. Cremisini
ENEA Casaccia Research Center(CR)21, Casaccia [Italy]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
Tryptic Peptide Analysis of Protein Binders in Works of Art by Liquid Chromatography ? Tandem Mass Spectrometry
W. Fremout1,23, M. Dhaenens2, S. Saverwyns12, J. Sanyova1, P. Vandenabeele23, D. Deforce2, L. Moens23
1Laboratories; Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA)2, Brussel [Belgium]
2aDepartment of Archaeology & Ancient History of Europe bDepartment of Analytical Chemistry cLaboratory for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; University of Ghent (UGent)46, Ghent [Belgium]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
An Investigation into Biodeterioration Caused by Microbial Communities Colonising Artworks in Three Maltese Palaeo-Christian Catacombs
G. Zammit1,22, P. Psaila1, P. Albertano2
1Conservation Division; Heritage Malta, Kalkara [Malta]
2Department of Biology; University of Rome - Tor Vergata14, Rome [Italy]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
Analysis of Art Objects Using Mass Spectrometry
S. Kuckova3, R. Hynek, M. Kodicek
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology; Institute of Chemical Technology4, Prague [Czech Republic]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
Monitoring the Removal of Conservation Substances and Material Quality for Radiocarbon Dating Using Infrared Spectroscopy
E. Boaretto1,22, E. Mintz1
1Radiocarbon Dating and Cosmogenic Isotopes Laboratory; Weizmann. Institute of Science4, Rehovot [Israel]
2Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Dept.; Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan [Israel]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
State of Conservation in a Rupestrian Church ? Case Study the Stone Ravens, Romania
I. Gomoiu13, D. Mohanu13, I. Mohanu22
1National Arts University3, Bucharest [Romania]
2Ceprocim2, Bucharest [Romania]
Chemical and Bio Analysis and Investigation: Building, Stone...
The Dead Sea Scrolls ? Past and Future
M. Broshi
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA)269, Dübendorf [Switzerland]
Dead Sea Scrolls
Non-Destructive Investigation of the Dead Sea Scrolls
O. Hahn17, I. Rabin1,28, T. Wolff1,38, B. Kanngießer35, W. Malzer36, I. Mantouvalou33, U. Schade45, A. Masic1,55, G. Weinberg6
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
2Jewish National and University Library6, Jerusalem [Israel]
3Institute for Optic and Atomic Physics; Technische Universität (TU) Berlin79, Berlin [Germany]
4Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH (HZB)33, Berlin [Germany]
5Università di Torino5, Torino [Italy]
6Fritz-Haber-Institut; Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, MPG, Berlin [Germany]
Dead Sea Scrolls
Deterioration of Dead Sea Scrolls Investigated by Solid State and Unilateral NMR; Effects of Solvents on Collagen-Water System
A. Masic15, I. Rabin28, M. Chierotti1, R. Gobetto1, G. Martra1, S. Coluccia12
1Università di Torino5, Torino [Italy]
2Jewish National and University Library6, Jerusalem [Israel]
Other Methods, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), NMR MOUSE, Dead Sea Scrolls, collagen, materials characterization, deterioration
Dead Sea Scrolls
Features-of-Interest on Art Objects: Re-location and Micromanipulation for Multiple-Instrument Analyses
U. Admon1, I. Rabin28, E. Chinea-Cano32, D. Wegrzynek3,44, A. Masic55
1Nuclear Research Centre Negev (NRCN)5, Beer Sheva [Israel]
2Jewish National and University Library6, Jerusalem [Israel]
3Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications; International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)7, Vienna [Austria]
4Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science; AGH- University of Science and Technology55, Krakow [Poland]
5BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing1256, Berlin [Germany]
Radiographic Testing (RT), microtomography, anti-terrorism diagnostics, particle analysis, relocation, nuclear forensics, micromanipulation, fission track analysis, laser ablation ICP-MS
Dead Sea Scrolls
Binding Materials Designed for Conservation and Restoration of the Mural Painting Support in the Rupestral Churches
I. Mohanu12, D. Mohanu23, I. Gomoiu23
1Ceprocim2, Bucharest [Romania]
2National Arts University3, Bucharest [Romania]
General Test and Conservation
A New and Improved Cleaning Procedure for the Dead Sea Scrolls
K. Rasmussen1, C. Pedersen1, F. Nielsen1, J. Van der Plicht2, G. Doudna3
1Department of Physics and Chemistry; University of Southern Denmark (SDU)3, Odense M [Denmark]
2Centrum voor Isotopen Onderzoek, Groningen [Netherlands]
3Doudna, Bellingham, WA [USA]
archeology, radiocarnon, Dead Sea Scrolls, Contamination
General Test and Conservation
In Situ Conservation by Cathodic Protection of Cast Iron Findings in Marine Environment
C. Bartuli1, R. Petriaggi2, B. Davidde2, E. Palmisano3, G. Lino3
1Dept. ICMA; Università di Roma - La Sapienza29, Rome [Italy]
2Central Institute of Restoration; ICR3, Rome [Italy]
3Dip. Beni Culturali e Ambientali ed E.P.; Assessorato Regionale Beni Culturali e Ambientali e P.I., Palermo, Sicilia [Italy]
archeology, marine, Metals, cast iron, corrosion testing, hidden corrosion, Oxide Scale, salinity, graphitization, corrosion cathodic protection
General Test and Conservation
Ferruginous Raw Material Sources for Palaeolithic in Poland (Central Europe) ? Provenance Studies: Occurrence, Litostratigraphy and Application
J. Tarbska1, A. Walanus2, J. Ciesielczuk3, L. Samek2, E. Dutkiewicz4
1Institute of Archaeology; Rzeszow University2, Rzeszow [Poland]
2University of Mining & Metallurgy4, Krakow [Poland]
3Silesian University2, Sosnowiec [Poland]
4Henryk Niewodniczañski Institute of Nuclear Physics; Polish Academy of Sciences12, Krakow [Poland]
General Test and Conservation
The Architectures of Lucchesian Villas Gardens: Proposal of Conservation Procedure on a Diffused Heritage System
L. Bolondi, S. Cassissa
IMT Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca [Italy]
Architecture, artefacts, Cataloguing, Italy, Lucchesian Villas
General Test and Conservation
Daylighting for Museum, A Good Choice?
J. Ezrati2
C2RMF – CNRS UMR2, Paris [France]
Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), light measurment, daylighting, art, Preventive conservation, in-situ
General Test and Conservation
The Influence of Air Pollution on Museum Collections
A. Ioniuc3
Moldova, National Complex of Museums Iasi4, Iasi [Romania]
General Test and Conservation
Stone Building Envelopes Performance Qualities: The ?Sassi? of Matera (Italy)
A. Guida12, F. Fatiguso2, A. Pagliuca2
1School of Engineering,,Department of Architecture; University of Basilicata8, Potenza [Italy]
2D.A.U. School of Engineering; Polytechnical University of Bari14, Bari [Italy]
humidity, civil engineering, Building, stone, condition monitoring, comfort indoor
General Test and Conservation
A Non-Destructive Survey of Bratislava Antiphonaries Collection
J. Hanus1, M. Ceppan2, H. Paulusová3, M. Durovic3
1Slovak National Archives, Bratislava [Slovakia]
2Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology; Slovak University of Technology2, Bratislava [Slovakia]
3National Archives, Prague [Czech Republic]
General Test and Conservation
Dead Sea Scrolls in Transit
M. Maggen
The Israel Museum, Paper Conservation Laboratory, Jerusalem [Israel]
Acoustic Emission (AE), data loggers, embedded sensor, sensor, archeology, heat exchanger, air condition, conservation treatments, moisture, vibration analysis, Israel, research, vibration
General Test and Conservation
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