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17th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing, Shanghai, China, 25-28 Oct 2008

WCNDT 2008 Keywords Authors & Institutions

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Search Results: 490 in Date '2008-11-01'
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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Session
Feature extraction of acoustic emission signals from low carbon steel pitting Based on Independent component analysis and wavelet transforming
W. Li4, G. Dai4, F. Long2
Mechanical Science and Engineering College; Daqing Petroleum Institute4, Daqing [China]
Acoustic Emission (AE), wavelet-transform, Independent component analysis, Feature Extraction, Experimemtal Study, signal processing, Corrosion
Acoustic Emission
AE Intelligent Sensor Networks System Used in Tele-Monitoring of Civil Engineering
G. Tong1, F. Kong2, R. Wang3
1Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics; Chinese Academy of Sciences2, Shanghai [China]
2Shanghai ORDA Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co. Ltd, Shanghai [China]
3Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics; Eletronorte3, Belem, PA [Brazil]
Acoustic Emission (AE), civil engineering, bridge, structural health monitoring, acquisition
Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission Transferability using Transfer Function
A. Prateepasen4, M. Srinang2
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi4, Bangkok [Thailand]
Acoustic Emission
Non-destructive testing:the guarantee of the success of full scale aircraft fatigue test
R. Geng11
Beijing Aeronautical Technology Research Center13, Beijing [China]
Acoustic Emission
Case Studies of Electric Power Equipment Diagnostics Using Acoustic Emission
O. Santos Filho2, S. Zaghetto, G. Pereira
aTechnology Center bOperation & Maintenance Department; Eletronorte3, Belem, PA [Brazil]
Acoustic Emission (AE), power plant, Power Transformers, Power Reactors
Acoustic Emission
Application of NDT Procedures for Identification of Fatigue Life Stages of AlMg Alloys
P. Liskutin1, P. Mazal153, J. Fiala29
1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Brno University of Technology (BUT)218, Brno [Czech Republic]
2University of West Bohemia 8, Plzen [Czech Republic]
Acoustic Emission (AE), Burst AE, Radiographic Testing (RT), x-ray diffraction, bearing, fatigue damage, fracture
Acoustic Emission
Identification of Source Time Function for Train-induced Vibration of Underground Tunnels
J. Chai2, T. Teng
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)11, Taipei [Taiwan, Province of China]
frequency analysis, signal processing, 3D modeling, inverse problem, noise, dynamics, Simulation, civil engineering, railway track, in-situ, vibration analysis, structural noise analysis, vibration
Acoustic Emission
Investigation on Acoustic Emission of Hydrogen Induced Cracking for Carbon Steel Used in Pressure Vessel
G. Shen124, L. Li22, W. Zhang2
1China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI)39, Beijing [China]
2Hebei University, Baoding [China]
Acoustic Emission
The Acoustic Emission Monitoring During the Bending Test of Q235 Steel Box Beam
Z. Wu15, G. Shen224, S. Wang2
1School of Logistics Engineering; Wuhan University of Technology2, Wuhan [China]
2China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI)39, Beijing [China]
Acoustic Emission (AE)
Acoustic Emission
Using Acoustic Emission Technique for Monitoring Real-time Fracture Behavior within Reinforced Concrete Structure Element under Load Test
Y. Kan1, K. Pei22, D. Lin22
1Department of Construction Engineering; Chaoyang University of Technology15, Taichung [Taiwan, Province of China]
2Institute of Nuclear Energy Research4, Taoyuan [Taiwan, Province of China]
Acoustic Emission
Acoustic Emission in-service detection of cryogenic storage tank floors
Y. Xu2, S. Ding4, F. Liu2
Zhejiang Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute3, Hangzhou [China]
Acoustic Emission (AE), inspection, AE in-service testing, cryogenic storage tank floors, coupling, bi-layer tanks
Acoustic Emission
Loose Parts and Valve Flow Monitoring in Nuclear Power Plants Using Integrated Digital Systems
S. Vahaviolos17, S. Kattis24, M. Carlos110
1MISTRAS Products & Systems72, Princeton Junction, NJ [USA]
2A.B.E.E.; Mistras Group Hellas ABEE33, Athens [Greece]
Acoustic Emission (AE), acoustic emission sensor, Burst AE
Acoustic Emission
Application of Acoustic Emission detection Technology on multilayer binding High Pressure Vessel
G. Dai4, W. Li4, Z. Yang
Mechanical Science and Engineering College; Daqing Petroleum Institute4, Daqing [China]
Acoustic Emission (AE), Wavelet transform, multilayer binding, li wei, signal processing, pressure vessel
Acoustic Emission
The automated device for leak-testing of nuclear fuel on their manufacturing
I. Loktev14, E. Frolov2
1JSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant, NCCP10, Novosibirsk [Russia]
2JSC Mashinostroitelny Zavod, Electrostal [Russia]
Acoustic Emission (AE), Inspection, Leak Testing (LT), helium leak testing, nuclear, nuclear fule elements, flaw detection, Russia, quality control, automated on-line leak-testing device
Acoustic Emission
Magnetic Flux Leakage and Acoustic Emission Testing Technique for Atmospheric Storage tanks
F. Liu2, S. Ding4
Zhejiang Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute3, Hangzhou [China]
Acoustic Emission (AE), Atmospheric storage tank, Magnetic flux leakage testing, Acoustic emission testing, Leakage, Inspection
Acoustic Emission
Borescope and Eddy Current Dual Probe for in Situ Detecting Cracks in an Aeroengine Labyrinth Disc
W. Tian4, M. Pan6, F. Luo7
College of Mechatronics Engineering and Automation; National University of Defense Technology10, Changsha [China]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), Visual and Optical Testing (VT/OT), video borescope, aerospace, engine, Fatigue Crack, China
Comprehensive NDT methods
A Radio-frequency Measurement System for Metallic Object Detection Using Pulse Modulation Excitation
Y. Li3, G. Tian26
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; University of Newcastle27, Newcastle upon Tyne [United Kingdom]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), microwave, metal detection, anti-terrorism diagnostics, security, object identification
Comprehensive NDT methods
Eddy current and ultrasound data fusion applied to Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic evaluation
A. Savin60, R. Steigmann51, N. Iftimie15
Nondestructive Testing Department; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics70, Iasi [Romania]
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), lamb wave, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), data fusion
Comprehensive NDT methods
Progress in NDT system engineering through sensor physics and integrated efficient computing
M. Kröning137, J. Ribeiro26, A. Vidal32
1Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)453, Saarbrücken [Germany]
2Centro de Avaliacao Nao Destrutiva (CAND)6, Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
3Pontifica Universidade Catolica PUC3, Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
Comprehensive NDT methods
Ultrasonic and eddy current inspection of rail wheels and wheel set axles
B. Rockstroh15, W. Kappes15, F. Walte21
Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)453, Saarbrücken [Germany]
Comprehensive NDT methods
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