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NDT.net Issue - 2012-01 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2012-01
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

NDT Software Availability

Eclipse Scientific Products48, Waterloo, Canada

November 22-23 of 2011, Eclipse scientific Products hosted a seminar on Software for Codes and Standards in NDT. One of the items presented in the sessions was a summary list of software available to help users prepare procedures and techniques including in-house training programmes and qualification and calibration block designs. The summary is not exhaustive. Information provided on contacts and prices have been compiled from information available on-line or from the supplier at the time of compiling of this list. There can be no assurance that the availability and pricing provided will remain fixed. If interested in any of the products we suggest you contact the supplier for the latest pricing and availability.

MethodTitlePurposeContactSupplierCost (apprx)
GeneralWordPreparing written documentswebMicroSoft$180
GeneralAcrobatOrganise multi-component documents and access securitywebAdobe Systems Inc.$150 (version 9)
GeneralESProControlProcedure and technique document management and electronic publishing systemwebEclipse Scientific$8895
GeneralESTestMakergenerating printable and online exams for training in NDT and other industry aspectswebEclipse Scientific$885
GeneralSTATUSStatistical and POD calculations for qualification programmeswebEclipse Scientific
GeneralNDT Resource CenterTraining and applets for several NDT methodswebIowa State UniversityWeb based training and applets
GeneralOnlineTrainingNDT training for several methodswebWorld SpecWeb based training $700USD per course
GeneralNDT OfficeCD training and Test generator, Certification trackingwebNDT MartCourses-$2300 USD
Test Generator $1720 USD
Cert. Tracking $1500
GeneralNDTCalTrackerTracks calibration of kitwebCKS Consulting Ltd.
GeneralNDTTechTrackerTracks certification of personnelwebCKS Consulting Ltd.
GeneralNDTTestpapersGenerates multi-choice questionswebCKS Consulting Ltd.
GeneralRhythmCollection of software for data managementwebGE Sensing and Inspection Technologies
GeneralSimulaComputer based training for NDTwebSimula (Italy)2000 Euro for all 5 DVDs
UTESBeamToolPreparing UT scan plans and techniques and exports focal law instructionswebEclipse Scientific$885
UTESBeamTool ZonalAdd-on to ESBT primarily for pipeline zonal techniqueswebEclipse Scientific$4200
UTPandaBasic equations in UT solvedwebEclipse ScientificFreeware
UTESWedgeGapCalculates wedge gap when contouring for cylindrical surfaceswebEclipse ScientificFreeware
UTScanplanGenerates scan plan and technique for TOFDweb Sonovation
UTI3DScan Plan for techniquesweb Utex Scientific$3350
UTNDTSpec4Generates inspection reports and combines with Technique detailswebTWI1000 GBP
UTCivaModelling of beams and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical)webExtende (CEA)40 000 USD
UTUMASISModelling (Finite element style) for technique validationwebTNO10 600 Euro
UTPSSSimple solutions to basic UT equations (technique utility)webMRIFreeware (not compatible on W7)
UTAppletDerive beam characteristics for technique designwebImasonicWeb-based applet
UTiMaVTechnique modellingwebZetec Inc.18 000 - 48 000USD
ETCivaModelling of fields and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical)webExtende (CEA)
ETPSSSimple solutions to basic UT equations (technique utility)webMRIFreeware (not compatible on W7)
ETTeddyBasic coil impedance and signal calculations (for technique developmentwebT. Theodoulidis (supplied as freeware)Freeware (provided in handout)
ETFluxdesigning, analysing and optimising electromagnetic deviceswebCEDRAT (Meylan, France)
ETTS-MapTubesheet inspection mapping reportwebTesTex-NDT
ETCartoTubesheet inspection mapping reportwebONDT
ETTube Probe selection guideSelect probe options for ET/MFL/IRISwebONDTFreeware
RTRadPro CalculatorSeveral radiation related calculators for technique and safety calculationswebRay McGinnisFreeware
RTMicroshieldphoton/gamma ray shielding and dose assessment program (Rad safety)webGrove Software2200 USD
RTSeveralWebpage provide a long list of software (much of it free)webPhil RutherfordWeb sources
RTRT Calculator IsotopeExposure times for Ir192 and Se75 with Agfa filmwebOK Software (Olaf Koch)Freeware (provided with handout)
RTCivaModelling of fields and flaw responses for validation of techniques (semi-analytical)webExtende (CEA)
SpecialSpinFireFull version provides a common viewer for many CAD files with options for parameter measurementwebActify
SpecialSolidWorksAnimation of NDT systems to aid in technique development of complex systemsweb
See demo at
SolidWorks Corporation
SpecialCrackwiseapplication of BS 7910:2005 fracture assessment procedures to develop acceptance criteriawebTWI10 000 GBP
SpecialPipeline ToolboxPipeline design analysis (fracture mechanics)webTechnical Toolboxes $2500-3000 US per module
Note: CAD programmes may be considered as part of Technique development and the images provided embedded in Procedures and Techniques.

Edward Ginzel
Materials Research Institute
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

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