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NDT.net Issue - 2013-04 - NEWS

GE Introduces Next Generation of Stationary X-Ray Generators

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies25, Ahrensburg [Germany]
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2013-04
Incorporates State-of-the-Art Technology for Better Performance and Reliability

Ahrensburg, Germany – 15 March 2013 – The ISOVOLT Lynx is the first in a new generation of stationary X-ray machines from GE Measurement & Control. It represents a major advance in X-ray generator technology, incorporating the latest electronics and digital concepts to allow greater performance and reliability. It has been designed to align with the optimized performance of other components in the X-ray inspection imaging chain for a wide range of applications including the automotive, aerospace and metals manufacturing sectors, for tasks such as the inspection of welds, composites and castings, as well as in 3D computed tomography and metrology. It will be of particular interest to system integrators working in both the industrial and scientific sectors.

As Martin Sauerschnig, X-ray generator product manager at GE, explains, “We believe that this is one of the most significant innovations in X-Ray generation for the past 10 years. There have been enormous strides in imaging and tube technology over the past decade but generator technology has been pretty static. However, by leveraging many of the concepts employed in our sister healthcare business, we have been able to develop this new generation of X-ray generators. This development has required us to create an application map for each potential generator application and then define the generator specifications needed to meet and optimize the tube, imaging and inspection standard requirements for that application. The result is a flexible and versatile generator platform which offers high reliability and performance across a very broad application spectrum. It is also a very scalable platform, which will allow us to meet future integration and monitoring requirements and the needs for higher energies, even up to 600kV. ”

The exceptional reliability of the new ISOVOLT Lynx platform, which is initially available in 160kV and 320kV versions, derives from its use of state-of-the-art, scalable, high frequency MOS-FET-driven power electronics, which are designed and dimensioned for industrial applications and are entirely air-cooled, for high duty cycle operation and ease of installation. The generator’s modular field-replaceable units minimize downtimes and on-line monitoring and recording of relevant data allows better event interpretation. External diagnostic tools are provided for fast trouble-shooting, Ease of integration into both new and existing systems is a major benefit of the ISOVOLT Lynx, as it features backwards compatibility of interface and electrical configurations and its tube database contains all known standard tubes, whose individual characteristics and operating instructions are menu-selectable. Built-in power factor correction ensures highly efficient power usage from a single mains input and the fast ramp up time resulting from the power electronics allows fast inspection cycles on production lines. The light weight and compact footprint of the new generator greatly facilitate integration into production machines and fail-safe operation and intrinsic safety mechanisms are important design features. It is available as a fully remote-controlled, “slim” version suitable for integration in production machines or it can be supplied with an optional, full color graphic touch screen for applications that require frequent user intervention.

GE Measurement & Control offers a wide portfolio of radiographic products and systems extending throughout the imaging chain from generator and tube to detector and including imaging software and accessories. This portfolio is supported with training and expertise to ensure that the implementation of any digital solutions is carried out efficiently and effectively, to meet the demands and needs of specific customer applications.

About Measurement & Control
Measurement & Control is a leading innovator in advanced, sensor-based measurement, non-destructive testing, inspection and condition monitoring and flow and process control solutions. Providing healthcare for our customers' most critical assets, we deliver accuracy, productivity and safety to a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, metals and transportation. Headquartered in the Greater Boston Area, USA, Measurement & Control has facilities in countries around the world, and is part of GE Oil & Gas. For further information, visit www.ge-mcs.com.

About GE Oil & Gas
GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technologies and services with 37,000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industry -- from extraction to transportation to end use. Making the environment, health & safety, quality and integrity our highest priorities is The Way We Work. Our technologies and services include: surface and subsea drilling and production, monitoring & diagnostics, measurement and controls, large scale LNG, pipeline compression and inspection, well site and industrial power generation, technologies for the refining and petrochemical industries, and modular CNG and LNG units for transportation sectors. Through our customized service solutions, training programs, and technologies, GE Oil & Gas partners with customers to maximize their efficiency, productivity, and equipment reliability; develop their next generation workforce; and fully benefit from the megatrends of natural gas, the growth of subsea and hard-to-reach reserves, and the revolution in asset health management.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

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