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NDT.net Issue - 2014-01 - NEWS

NEW Book on Non-destructive Testing in the Aerospace Industry

National Research Council Canada (NRC)33, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2014-01
Aeronautical Applications of Non-destructive Testing


Dr. Abbas Fahr
B. Sc. in Physics, M. Tech. in Non-destructive Testing of Materials, and Ph. D. in Materials Science
Senior Research Scientist
Aerospace Structures, Materials and Manufacturing
National Research Council Canada
1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Canada, K4P 1M9

Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays an important role in the safety of aircraft and other critical structures yet the subject is not well-understood and recognised by many engineers. The present book has been prepared with the aim of providing information on NDT technologies available for aeronautical applications in a simple and concise manner such that it will be useful to readers of various backgrounds. It is intended to serve as a general educational or reference source for students and engineers in aeronautics or related field who may require NDT as a part their education or for their project activities. The book describes NDT methods in general, their applications for the evaluation and inspection of aerospace materials or components, the types of information they provide and how such information is used to improve the safety of aircraft. The book contains 13 chapters starting with an introduction to the NDT field and a glossary of terms related to the subject. A review of aircraft design, manufacture and maintenance methodologies as well as their NDT requirements is provided in chapter 2. In chapter 3, a description of the way NDT is carried out and the results are analysed is given which explains the need for NDT standards, references, and calibrations as well as for qualified personnel to perform the tests. Chapters 4 to 10 deal with the different NDT methods used in the aeronautical field describing the basic principles of the techniques, necessary instrumentation, procedures available for their use along with a few examples of applications and a summary of their capabilities and limitations.

Technologies covered in these chapters include optical and enhanced optical methods; liquid penetrant, replication and magnetic particle inspections; electromagnetic and eddy current approaches; acoustic and ultrasonic procedures; passive and active infrared thermal imaging; and finally x-rays and other radiographic techniques. In addition, there are three chapters which deal with important subjects related to aircraft inspection. Chapter 11 describes NDT of composite and hybrid materials which are extensively being used in modern air-vehicles while chapter 12 is concerned with the aging aircraft issues. In these chapters impact damage and environmental degradation of composites as well as corrosion and fatigue cracking of metallic parts and the NDT methods available to detect them are explained. Finally, chapter 13 is dedicated to NDT reliability and the ways the probability of detection can be measured and employed to establish inspection intervals for the continued safe use of critical aircraft components or structures.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-120-1, December 2013 / ©2014
510 pages, 6x9, soft cover
Price: $179.50 - Online Price: $154.50
DEStech Publications, Inc. 439 North Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602-4967
Phone: 717-290-1660 Toll free: 1-877-500-4337 Fax: 717-509-6100 Email: info@destechpub.com

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