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NDT.net Issue - 2014-03 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2014-03
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Editorial: Why and How NDT should go Open Access

Rolf Diederichs58
NDT.net115, Bad Breisig, Germany

Open Access growth in NDT.net
In this editorial I will share my opinion on the current Open Access (OA) situation in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT). My initiative also relates to my article "Why and How NDT should go Open Access"[1], published in Jan 2010 and to the articles and resources on OA in this issue [2-4].

Did anything changed in NDT OA since my article in 2010? We still have support from the same NDT societies that we had in 2010. Germany, Canada, Czech, India, Slovenia and surely support from many other individuals and organisations that are not active publishing. The major conferences WCNDT, ECNDT, APCNDT (not 2009 in Japan) and PACNDT are cooperating with NDT.net and supporting an OA NDT society. A new permanent OA supporter is Singapore and it seems that there is a chance that further countries may join in 2014. However, some other big NDT societies who are engaged in the publication business, refuse to join our OA NDT Database (OA Repository). One should wonder why organisations like International Committee for NDT (ICNDT) or the European Federation for NDT(EFNDT) do not publish an OA policy statement like many other organisations do.

Another issue in the NDT scene is that various NDT societies, with or without interests in the publishing business, publish their conference proceedings via private publishers. Consequently, those conferences are usually restricted and not made available through OA repositories like NDT.net. In some cases authors even have to pay a publication fee, although their paper will not be available OA. Therefore, nominating a new conference host should incorporate the commitment to publish the conference content via OA repositories (even more than one) and make it available to the entire NDT society. I as the owner of NDT.net and a strong supporter of Open Access would wish to see leading organisations like ICNDT playing a key role in this matter.

Looking at exemplary approaches regarding OA practices, the forthcoming EWSHM 2014 in France, where the e-proceedings, produced by NDT.net, will be made available in two OA repositories should be highlighted. Another leading example in OA is DGZfP. DGZfP practices Open Access via both, NDT.net since 1996 and on its own server since 2010. By applying the Creative Common License [10]. it is ensured that NDT.net have permission to import the proceedings into its repository, making the articles available where the entire NDT community meets.This is a good example of effectively using more than one repository for distribution.

Considering general Open Access practices, I appreciated a good method of MDPI.com, the website of the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. MDPI is a platform for peer-reviewed, scientific, open-access journals operated by MDPI AG, based in Switzerland. That shows how even the private sector can successfully contributes to Open Access practices. This method widespread articles into other subject based repositories by applying an Creative Common Licence for redistribution and thus boost their Impact factor [8]. You can find some MDPI articles of the field of NDT in this month’s issue.

The EU Commission publishes a clear OA statement that I would like to transfer to the NDT Society “We encourage all authors to consider the question of open access when submitting their articles for publication. This not only provides greater visibility to their work, thereby potentially leading to more citations and greater research impact, but also reduces the likelihood of wasting time and public resources on duplicative research.[5]” Apart from that, the EU tries to solve legal issues proposing that "the author retains the following rights: to deposit an electronic copy [...] in an institutional and/or subject-based repository at the moment of publication" [6]. Backed by the EU, authors are in a much better position against the publisher instead to fight this battle for themselves. Even more strict publisher regulations applied in the UK [12].

Concluding, thousands of OA Journals are already on the market and the OA movement cannot be neglected. Therefore raising the topic of repository is more important than ever. OA needs both, institutional and thematic repositories, provided with a good search interface.

Not all technology fields are lucky enough to have the availability of thematic Open Access Repositories and even a free Conference Management Cloud (CMC) [11]. Therefore, I would like to especially thank NDT.net sponsors, and supporters for making such a service freely available for the NDT community. It is in the hands of the NDT Society to advance the Open Access movement for the NDT community!

Rolf Diederichs

Owner of NDT.net - Open Access Database/Repository for NDT

We invite you to sharing your thoughts in the forum discussion here!


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