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NDT.net Issue - 2014-03 - NEWS

Internal target cooling improves results of high resolution computed tomography

X-RAY WorX GmbH16, Garbsen [Germany]
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2014-03
Garbsen, 11. February 2014. X-RAY WorX has developed an innovative internal cooling for the High Ener-gy transmission target of its microfocus X-ray tubes of the product line THE PLUS. The related target power of 50 Watt makes them a perfect solution for high resolution computed tomography (CT) and laminography.

The farther the object is away from the focal spot (the larger the value of FOD), the less magnification there is.
Featuring 50 watt target power, microfocus transmission tubes of the product line THE PLUS currently provide the highest target power in the market. So far, the minimum focus-object-distance (FOD) for these tubes has been approximately 2.0 mm. Applying the new High Energy transmission target with internal cooling, the FOD could be reduced to 0.3 mm. Consequently, a magnification of more than 3000 diameters can be achieved (given a distance between tube and detector of more than 90 cm). This results in the highest resolution of minute details, which is required particularly for computed tomography and laminography applications.

Additionally maintenance of the transmission target has been simplified significantly. Rotation and re-placement of the target does not require removal of the cooling element, which reduces maintenance requirements. The current position of the target is clearly visible on a circular scale and well reproducible by a mechanical guidance. Furthermore additional apertures and filters may be easily mounted directly in front of the target.

The new advancements apply to all microfocus transmission tubes of the product line THE PLUS, which are available with 160 kV, 190 kV, 225 kV, and 240 kV.

New High Energy transmission target with internal cooling

About X-RAY WorX
Since 2010 the company X-RAY WorX GmbH from Garbsen near Hanover established as one of the world's leading independent manufacturers of high-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes for non-destructive testing in industry and research. Microfocus X-ray tubes are applied in X-ray microscopy, high-resolution computed tomography (CT) as well as in digital radiography with rod anode tubes.

The high-tech company X-RAY WorX develops and manufactures its microfocus X-ray tubes in Germany and delivers them to OEM partners and end users worldwide. In addition, the team of X-RAY WorX is continuously working on innovations and further improve-ments in microfocus X-ray technology.

Microfocus X-ray systems are used in various industries such as e.g.: aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, in medical technology, in energy, pipeline and process industries as well as in research and development departments or research institutes. The wide range of different microfocus X-ray tubes with transmission targets, reflection targets or rod anodes offers an appropriate solution for every customer requirement.

The X-RAY WorX portfolio of products is completed by services such as installation, maintenance and repair of X-ray tubes and X-ray systems as well as supply of spare parts. The company also imparts hands-on experiences in training courses, supporting customers to install and operate microfocus X-ray systems effectively and safely.

X-RAY WorX GmbH – Geschäftsführung: Holger Behnsen, Thorsten Fröba, Siemensstraße 26 , D-30827 Garbsen, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)513/ 48712-60 , Fax: +49 (0)5131/ 48712-66, E-Mail: press@x-ray-worx.com, Internet: www.x-ray-worx.com


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