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NDT.net Issue - 2015-02 - NEWS

APPLUS RTD’s Plant Master Unveiled at API Inspection Summit

Applus RTD 77, Rotterdam [Netherlands]
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2015-02
Applus RTD, the global leader in the provision of integrity technology services, will showcase its innovative RTD Plant Master technology at the American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspection Summit in Galveston, Texas, from 26-29 January 2015 at booth #616.

RTD Plant Master is a permanently installed monitoring system, based on ultrasound, which provides continuous wall thickness measurements of critical and hard to access components within refineries, chemical plants, power plants and offshore facilities.

Employing high temperature piezo-ceramics, sensors are applied to ultra-thin foils resulting in flexible ultrasonic transducers which can be permanently dry-coupled directly to the surface of a component. These transducers are then used for single point pulse-echo measurements of the component’s wall thickness.

The sensors can continuously operate at optimum performance for years at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius / 390 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing extremely high temperature components to be inspected.

The global product manager of Plant Master, Paul Deckers said: “Managing and safeguarding the integrity of assets has been a concern for operators of refineries, chemical plants and power plants for decades. Regular NDT inspections have allowed facilities to run safely in a cost effective manner, however some components are inaccessible to NDT technicians due to their extremely high or low temperature, requiring a shutdown prior to performing the inspection. Also many components require frequent and repeatable measurements which cannot be obtained using traditional methods.

“Applus RTD has developed the RTD Plant Master in order to overcome this issue and enhance our customers’ ability to manage the integrity of their assets in a safe and efficient manner.”

The 2015 API Inspection Summit, held in the Galveston Island Convention Center, will focus on asset integrity through corrosion management, inspection and engineering technology.

In addition to the RTD Plant Master, Applus RTD will also be showcasing its recently launched RTD DTI Trekscan technology. This tool is the first free-floating pipeline inspection tool designed to traverse back-to-back one-dimensional (1D) bends, with an optimum speed of one-meter-per-second (2.2 mph). It can run in pipelines previously considered to be “unpiggable”.

The bi-directional tool measures the return echoes of a transmitted ultrasound beam. The amount of time it takes to receive an echo provides highly accurate information on the remaining wall and enables detection and sizing of metal loss anomalies.

Mark Slaughter, Applus RTD’s DTI Trekscan global product manager, said: “The development of the RTD DTI tool has many benefits for our clients, not least is its ability to measure metal loss anomalies in pipeline that would have previously been considered unpiggable. It also provides high levels of detection for characterization capabilities - a feature not previously available without compromising efficiency.

“All of our technology developments are based not only on improving the quality of information, but also eliminating the operating risks. To see demonstrations of the DTI Trekscan and Plant Master, drop by our mobile technology center during the API Inspection Summit.”

This is the latest in a host of technology developments from Applus RTD that have the ability to redefine NDT techniques. For more information visit www.ApplusRTD.com

Applus RTD

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