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NDT.net Issue - 2015-11 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2015-11
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Innovative Hitachi High-Technologies XRF Analyzers Now Offered by Eastern Applied Research

Eastern Applied Research Inc.6, Lockport, NY, USA

Buffalo, NY – Eastern Applied Research, Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement to act as an authorized distributor of the Hitachi High-Technologies line of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. The Hitachi High-Tech line, which has set the standard in high precision XRF capabilities with high operation efficiencies, allows Eastern Applied to expand its market reach while offering the latest advancements in XRF technology to its current client base.

“We have known the Hitachi line to provide outstanding analyzer reliability with innovative and often critical features like high-speed mapping and poly-capillary optics that set their product offerings apart from others,” notes Shawn Kramer, CEO of Eastern Applied Research, Inc. “In addition to innovative systems for applications that we currently work with, including coating thickness and RoHS, the addition of systems like the FT150 and 8000VX will open new doors for Eastern Applied that we are all excited about.”

The Hitachi FT150 is one of the analyzers that will allow Eastern Applied to expand the range of applications that it can offer testing equipment for. The FT150 is a high-end XRF analyzer built for thin film coating thickness measurement requirements. It is equipped with poly-capillary x-ray focusing optics, high intensity x-ray generation, and a Vortex™ silicon drift detector. All of these components add up to an analyzer that can achieve the same, if not better, precision as other systems at half the measurement time. The FT150 has proven useful in various fields, including measuring ultra thin film and micro spots for both electronic components and semi-conductor quality control interests.

While the FT150 is a new system, the Hitachi High-Tech line also includes XRF technologies that are the next generation of the popular Seiko Nano-Technology line, of which the Hitachi line developed from. The Hitachi FT-110A expands on the performance and reliability of the Seiko SFT-3200 and SFT-9200 series for coating thickness measurements. Improvements offered in the FT-110A include advancements of major components and various sample focusing functions including auto-approach, which will focus on oddly shaped samples in as little as 3-seconds based on Z movement and utilizes sensitivity co-efficient for true FP analysis of samples.

When testing goals involve hazardous material regulations (RoHS screening, etc), Eastern Applied Research will now be able to offer the Hitachi 1000A-III and the Hitachi 6000VX. While the initial 1000A system (Seiko brand) has been an excellent system, the Hitachi 1000A-III offers major advancements in operator efficiency because of new Precision Control Software. This software provides the benefits of faster measurement times, a simplified measurement process, and eliminates the potential for operator error. The Hitachi 6000VX offers the ultimate in RoHS screening (and more) with high speed mapping functions that includes automatic analysis of 500 measurement points and the unit provides a smaller beam option than the 1000A-III which allows for micro-spot analysis, which can be critical when analyzing populated circuit boards.

In addition to the Hitachi High-Tech line of ED-XRF analyzers, Eastern Applied is pleased to continue offering analyzers from the popular Oxford Instruments line for metal identification and elemental analysis interests (ED-XRF, Portable LIBS, and OES). Information on all ED-XRF analyzers and other technologies offered is available at www.easternapplied.com.

Contact: Jeffrey Henseler
Manager, Search Marketing and Sales
Phone: 716-343-5935
Email: jeff@easternapplied.com
Website: www.easternapplied.com

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