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NDT.net Issue - 2017-01 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2017-01
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Phased array inspection (PAUT) of annular rings in the above ground storage tanks

Sonotron NDT69, Rehovot, Israel

Sonotron NDT announces the new release of ISONIC A-RING PAUT software application for the detection, imaging, and evaluation of the pitting corrosion damages in the fillet weld area up to 100 mm (4 inch) inside the above ground storage tanks.

This in-service inspection is performed from outside of the tank with use of PA probe situated on the external lip of the annular ring plate and doesn’t require emptying of the tank so it may be performed at any moment when necessary.

The A-Ring inspection software option is available for the ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope PA instruments and featured with:

  • Built-In Annular Ring Fillet Weld Area Geometry Editor and Ray Tracer - Scanning Pattern (Scan Plan) Design
  • Intuitive Image Guided PA Pulser Receiver with Beam Forming View
  • True-To-Geometry Cross-Sectional Coverage and line scanning along the tank shell either encoded or time based
  • "On-the-fly" True-To-Geometry Annular Ring Fillet Weld Area Overlay Volume Corrected Imaging:
    • Cross Sectional Slices
    • Top (C-Scan) View
    • Side View
    • End View
    • 3D View

  • DAC / TCG Data / Image Normalization
  • Independent on TCG Angle Gain Compensation / Gain Per Focal Law Correction
  • Automatic Coupling Monitor
  • 100% Raw Data Capturing
  • Automatic Defects Alarming Upon C-Scan Acquisition Completed
  • Automatic Creation of Editable Defects List
  • Comprehensive Postrpocessing Toolkit Including:
    • Recovery and Evaluation of the Captured A-Scans from the Recorded Cross Sectional Views and C-Scans
    • Recovery of the Cross Sectional Views from the Recorded C-Scans
    • Converting Recorded C-Scans or their Segments into 3D Images
    • Off-Line Gain Manipulation
    • Off-Line DAC Normalization of the Recorded Images / DAC Evaluation
    • Numerous Filtering / Reject Options ( by Geometry / Position / By Amplitude db-to-DAC / etc ) and Regeneration of the Corresponding of Editable Defects List and Storing it into a Separate FIle
    • Defects Sizing including Quantitative Evaluation of the Thickness Loss
    • Automatic creating of inspection reports - hard copy / PDF File

The True-To-Geometry allows easy distinguishing between the defects in the annular ring plates and in the fillet welds, which may the allowable incomplete penetration; the damages situated on the upper and bottom surface of the plate are surely distinguished as well ISONIC A-RING PAUT inspection is fully compatible with the recently introduced VAUT (Video Aided UT) technology

ISONIC 3510: PAUT of the annular ring plate under the tank shell and fillet weld

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