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NDT.net Issue - 2018-05 - NEWS

Automatic finding, sizing, and alarming of the defects upon PAUT scanning completed

Sonotron NDT68, Rehovot, Israel
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2018-05
Since 2010 the automatic creation of the editable defects list upon PAUT scanning completed is a standard feature of ISONIC series portable PA instruments, which is represented currently by ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, ISONIC 2009 models. The said feature was well accepted by the users and further developed along with the instrument software, the latest of which was just released (April 25, 2018). The function of automatic defects list creation is applicable to the results captured by the ISONIC series PA instruments while inspecting welds of all simple and complex geometries, shafts and axles, composite panels and profiles, tube walls, and the like.


The automatic generating of the editable defects list is featured with:

  • Marking all indications returning echoes exceeding the desired threshold level
  • Characterizing of the indications presenting their:
    • Position along the scanning line and length
    • Depth and projection height
    • Position in the cross-section and the projection width
    • Area size
    • Maximal and average echo amplitudes (dB-to-DAC or dB-toGate-level)
    • True-to-geometry 3D-imaging of each defect highlighted at the background of material volume and other defects nearby extremely easing and speeding up the data interpretation thanks to the provided ability of 3D-view manipulation
  • Export of the finalized list of defects and all their characteristics into MS Excel file

As per operator's will the defects list may be generated by the instrument for every scanned portion of the material immediately upon the scanning completed. If this is a case then the sound alarm function may be activated as soon as defects list created and the appropriate output formed for the sorting device. Alternatively the defects list may be created at the postprocessing stage any moment upon the scanning file is open either in the instrument or in the regular PC running under Win'XP, 7, 8, 10 with use of the freely distributable ISONIC PA Office software package as it is illustrated by the exemplary video below representing the defects characterization and interpretation for a test piece of austenitic weld comprising large number of discontinuities. But even for the weld, which is really full of various defects, the rapidness of data interpretation is provided:

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