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NDT.net Issue - 2018-09 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2018-09
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

SMARTSCAN - eddy-current testing system for aircraft wheel inspection

Promprylad” LLC23, Kiev, Ukraine

“ОКО GROUP” presents “SMARTSCAN”, an eddy-current testing system for aircraft wheel inspection.

The System is intended for inspection of aircraft main and nose wheels of such world class manufacturers as Messier – Bugatti, Goodrich, Honeywell, Maggitt and others.

SMARTSCAN - eddy-current testing system for aircraft wheel inspection

System specifications:

  • The System inspects aircraft wheels with an outside diameter of 230mm to 670 mm.
  • Spiral pitch of the eddy current probe (ECP) – adjustable, from 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm.
  • Rotational speed of a wheel – adjustable, from 5 to 120 rpm.
  • Hub hole diameter of inspected wheels – from 50mm to 200mm.
  • Weight of a wheel – up to 200 kg.

  • System operation features

    • The System has been customized to offer wheel loading from front, from the operator’s control panel, for manual inspection with flaw detectors of Eddycon C, Elotest M2 type and others.
    • The System is controlled from the operator’s control panel as well as from the special purpose software interface.
    • “SMARTSCAN” operates in two basic modes: “Manual” and “Automated”.
    • In Manual mode, the ECP repeatedly passes over the defect in the reference block enabling the operator to promptly set up the eddy current flaw detector.
    • In Manual mode, the operator can also determine the coordinates to reconfigure the System for the type of inspected wheel:
      • wheel lift assembly to configure the wheel position above the surface of the transportation rollers;
      • ECP displacement mechanism to determine the coordinates of the ECP approach point at the inspection start and ECP pull out point on its completion.

    In Automated mode, the System scans the reference block to validate the desired level of precision and accuracy before inspection, automatically scans the surface of a wheel, and finally, scans the reference block to validate the ECP performance after inspection.

    The System is equipped with a remote “Pause” button, enabling the operator to stop testing, to perform a confirmatory testing procedure or detailed inspection of the segment in which ECP signals exceed the threshold level.

    The universal solution for wheel hub fixing allows to center wheels weighing up to 200 kg in the inspection position and rotate them at a speed of 120 rpm. The System can inspect wheels in the “flange up” and “flange down” positions which, with face plate use, permits inspecting wheel halves without a hub. “SMARTSCAN” aircraft wheel inspection system helps to substantially reduce inspection time and improve the performance of wheel lines. Long experience of designing automated systems lets OKO GROUP develop any customized solutions, even on a tight schedule!

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