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NDT.net Issue - 2007-06 - NEWS

What is hot in NDT? Who is Who in NDT?

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NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2007-06

New Services for the NDT community
NDT.net continues the development of smart database features. The main new features are a real time analysis of readers search behavior and a new authors & institutes search form.

What is Hot in NDT?
The data of 43193 searches was collected continuously over about 10 days, 24 hours a day and it still proceeds. The keyword data and literature data is shown in real time on the database search page. We prevented manipulation of specific value in the ranking list if readers would click on the displayed data. To other query data, for which it is more difficult to prevent manipulation, only exhibitors have access to these data. The Appendix showing snap shots of search query data.

The keyword ranking shows us that Ultrasonic Testing (UT) (28%) is the most asked NDT Method which is followed by only 30% of requests for Radiographic Testing (RT) (11%) together with Electromagnetic Testing (ET) (10%) and Acoustic Emission (9%) (AE) on a similar level. In respect to applications the civil engineering market (135) leads the list and is followed by aerospace and power plants, pipelines, railway, steel, automotive etc.

Also the literature ranking shows some interesting results. It was predictable that the ECNDT 2006 (28%) would be on top but it was a surprise that the WCNDT 2000 (17%) stands before the WCNDT 2004 (14%). Be aware that here are not counted hits on the documents, e.g. blind hits via google, only those queries which have been manually performed by individuals are evaluated.

Who is Who in NDT?
The first Author & Institutes search form was already launched awhile ago. Now a new search form offers much more features. Since all article data has been collected strictly in a structured manner, we now have plenty of options to evaluate the data. One thing is a list of Top 100 authors or institutes having most articles in the database.

Are you interested in civil engineering? Search 'civil' together filter institution and the results shows who is who in civil engineering market! Just play with new search and learn how many possibilities exist.

We have already received feedback from users. Subhas Mukhopadhyay from New Zealand wrote: "I have evaluated the search function. It is working fine. I am really very pleased to see so many papers and authors are listed. It is wonderful. Very good work." and Domingo Mery: "I find it is great. I think it is a very good tool for R&D. I found very interesting things. Congratulations."

Is something not working correct or another feature you would like to see? Please write an email to Rolf Diederichs at rd@ndt.net.


Snap Shoots of Real-Time Evaluation
Real-time evaluation of total 43193 database searches. Monitoring runing since 246 hours.
Evaluation does not includes the Text-Search Engine.

100 Most Popular Keywords Readers clicked on the keywords list or selected methodes from the form

Total 9733 individual Keyword searched
Most Popular Publications Readers clicked on the publications list or selected publications from the form

Total 42 individual Publications searched
100 Most Popular Search Termssearch term readers entered in the form field (AND/OR/Phrase)

Total 931 individual terms searched
100 Most Popular Institutes Readers clicked on the Authors/Institution list or selected exhibitors from the form

Total 1315 individual Institutes searched
Most Popular Authors Readers clicked on the authors list

Total 100 individual Authors searched

TOP 100 Authors
TOP 100 Institutes


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