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NDT.net Issue - 2007-07 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2007-07
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Ultrasonic and Advanced Methods for Nondestructive Testing and Material Characterization

World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, Singapore

Ultrasonic methods have been very popular in nondestructive testing and characterization of materials. This book deals with both industrial ultrasound and medical ultrasound. The advantages of ultrasound include flexibility, low cost, in-line operation, and providing data in both signal and image formats for further analysis. The book devotes 11 chapters to ultrasonic methods. However, ultrasonic methods can be much less effective with some applications. So the book also has 14 chapters catering to other or advanced methods for nondestructive testing or material characterization. Topics like structural health monitoring, Terahertz methods, X-ray and thermography methods are presented. Besides different sensors for nondestructive testing, the book places much emphasis on signal/image processing and pattern recognition of the signals acquired.

Editor: C H Chen (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)


  • Ultrasonic Methods:
  • Fundamentals Models and Measurements for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation Systems (L W Schmerr Jr.)
  • Integrated and Flexible High Temperature Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers (C-K Jen & M Kobayashi)
  • Real-Time and In-Line Ultrasonic Diagnostics of Polymer Processes (C-K Jen et al.)
  • Guided Wave Based Nondestructive Testing: A Reference-Free Pattern Recognition Approach (H Sohn et al.)
  • Acoustic Nonlinear Imaging and Its Application in Tissue Characterization (D Zhang & X-F Gong)
  • Advanced (Other) Methods:
  • Electromagnetic NDE Techniques for Materials Characterization (B P C Rao et al.)
  • Terahertz NDE for Aerospace Applications (R F Anastasi et al.)
  • Large Area Time Domain Terahertz (T-Ray) Imaging Non-Destructive Evaluation for Security and Aerospace (D Zimdars et al.)
  • Active Infrared Thermography Techniques for the Nondestructive Testing of Materials (C Ibarra-Castanedo et al.)
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Emerging Infrared Thermography Technologies for Aerospace Applications (J DiMambro)
  • Signal and Image Processing in NDE:
  • Computational Intelligence Methodologies for Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation Applications (M Cacciola et al.)
  • Split Spectrum Processing and Automatic Flaw Detection (K D Donohue)
  • Homomorphic Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Images (R Jirik & T Taxt)
  • and other papers

Readership: Academics, practitioners, researchers, physicists, engineers and computer scientists.

Pub. date: May 2007
ISBN 978-981-270-409-2, 978-981-270-409-4
US$152 / £83
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing: www.worldscibooks.com

Keywords: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) (4107), Publication (34),
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