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NDT.net Issue - 2008-06 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2008-06
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Emergent notification from the secretariat of 17th WCNDT and from ChSNDT

Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing (ChSNDT)5, Shanghai, China

With the consent of ICNDT, we are very sorry to announce that the 17th WCNDT which is originally dated from August 27 through August 30, 2008, shall be postponed to a new date (October 25 - 28, 2008, Oct. 24 for registration).

Although the organization committee of 17WCNDT and ChSNDT have spared no effort in the past several years in preparing the 17th WCNDT and have got almost ready for the opening of the conference, we were unfortunately informed and instructed, just a few day ago, by the concerned authority of Chinese government that, due to the unexpected disaster, the demolishing earthquake happened in Si Chuan province, which has caused and shall cause big problems of transportation, communications and hotel reservations in China for some time to come, the 17th WCNDT must be postponed to some other date due to its being conjunct too closely to the 29th Olympic games taken place in Beijing in August. In fact, any international conference and activities of large scale in China shall be possibly stopped during that period and be shifted to other suitable date, according to the authority. Although 17th WCNDT Secretariat has made great efforts to deal with it, no any positive result can be expected, it appears. As our participants may face high risk in not getting required visas if the conference is to be held in August 27 to 30 because of strict visa control, we hence have no any other choice other than rescheduling the 17th WCNDT to other suitable dates.

We fully understand that the change of the conference schedule will definitely cause great inconvenience for all attendees and exhibitors, and for all people who have arranged their journeys of attending the 17th WCNDT. We sincerely apologize for that.

In order to reduce possible losses to the minimum extent, the Secretariat of 17th WCNDT has made following decisions:

  • any previously submitted and accepted paper shall be in effect, as long as the authors or author wish(es) to; new papers for the conference are also welcome provided submitted before June 30,2008

  • people who have paid the register fees need not register again and shall be informed by the secretariat in due time before the conference; those who wish to cancel the registration please contact the secretariat and they can get their already paid register fees back in full amount

  • the exhibition location, booth number and size shall be kept unchanged as originally assigned; any exhibitor who wishes to withdraw shall get his/her refund back in full amount provided the exhibitor informs the secretariat of 17th WCNDT not later than June 30,2008

  • all the information already submitted by any delegate for invitation letter shall be kept well by the secretariat, but the duration date in China shall be informed. New invitation letter shall be sent to delegate in less than two month time or no later than July 31,2008

  • The information we need as: 1. A copy of your passport 2. Full name of the delegate 3. Sex, 4. Date of birth, 5.Passport No. 6 Country, 7 visiting date from…to, 8. Position in your company, 9.Your company name and address, 10. Fax and telephone numbers, 11. E-mail

  • anyone who has already made hotel reservation for the 17th WCNDT please contact with Mr. Zhou Xiao Ping of 17th WCNDT secretariat, his email address: zhouxp@shanghaitycoon.com or zhouxp@cmes.org and he shall help you to contact the concerned hotel and to make cancellation or re-reservation of the lodging, if you wish so.

  • The information of the exhibition is as follows:
    Set-up: Oct.24, 8:00pm~Oct.25, 2008
    Opening Hours: Oct.26, 2008 09:00-16:30
    Oct.27, 2008 09:00-16:30
    Oct.28, 2008 09:00-16:30
    Dismantling: Oct.28, 2008 16:00-22:00

Once again, we sincerely apologize for our decision of rescheduling the 17th WCNDT. Your support and understanding is highly appreciated.

Dr. Rong S Geng, President of 17WCNDT
On behalf of the organization committee of 17WCNDT and ChSNDT

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