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NDT.net Issue - 2008-12 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2008-12
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Brief report of a Workshop on Harmonisation of third-party NDT Personnel Certification to ISO9712 and aligned standards, 17th WCNDT, Shanghai - Monday 27 October 2008

International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT)33, Northampton, United Kingdom

The Workshop, which was lead by an international panels of experts and attended by 37 representatives from 20 countries, was intended to collate and deliver the NDT community’s recommendations to Standards Committees and Certification bodies.

The agenda for the meeting, which provoked a large number of questions and passionate discussion, included the following items:

  1. What do industry, regulators, and NDT personnel need from third-party certification schemes?
  2. What are the key differences between ISO9712 and CP106, and ISO 9712 and EN 473? Why do they exist? Are they really important?
  3. How can these differences be resolved? By choosing a preferred alternative, by compromise, or by allowing options?
  4. Recommendations

Under the last item, the following were agreed:
It was noted that the out of sequence review of the two 3rd party standards leads to them to differ. ISO 9712 is due for review again next year, and ISO and CEN should consider a joint review process.

It was also noted that TC135, in response to a TC138 proposal, is discussing the possibility of a joint WG and will ask for a vote of TC135 members on the formation of such a WG. A show of hands confirmed 33 representatives present in support of this proposal.

A Canadian delegate stated that there are no irreconcilable differences between TC135/TC138 – ISO 9712/EN 473. He suggested the submission of EN 473 to TC 135 as a draft for the next ISO 9712 (4th edition).

It was proposed to submit these comments and proposals to TC135 & TC138 Chairmen, recognising that the reason for the continued existence of EN 473 is related to regulations that embody it as a harmonised standard.

The workshop chairman concluded with a summary of the views to be expressed to the chairs of 135/138, and agreed to discuss within ICNDT the proposal for appointnment of neutral chairman of the WG proposed for harmonisation of ISO 9712 with EN 473.

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Notes of a Workshop on Harmonisation of third-party NDT Personnel Certification to ISO9712 and aligned standards

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