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NDT.net Issue - 2009-11 - NEWS

NDT in Canada 2009 National Conference - An Attendee's Perspective

E. Ginzel96
Materials Research Institute99, Waterloo, Canada
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2009-11

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The NDT in Canada 2009 Conference, held in conjunction with the 6th. International Workshop for Signal Processing for NDE of Materials was held in London Ontario from August 24 – 27.

Having checked some old paperwork I see that have been a member of the CINDE since 1984 (then it was the Canadian Society for NDT - CSNDT). Summer boat cruises and picnics, golf tournaments and Christmas parties are not exactly my idea of the function of a professional society so I have not participated in these activities in the Canadian NDT society. However, organising formal presentations of technical merit is indeed a function I associate with professional societies. CINDE (or CSNDT in its previous form) has in the past helped to host some of the major events in the worldwide NDT community. Notably there has been the 5th Pan Pacific Conference (1987), the 1st Pan-American NDT Conferences (1998) and of course the 16th WCNDT. But not since 1990, for the 25th Anniversary Conference of the CSNDT, has the Canadian society organised its own NDT conference.

NDT in Canada 2009 National Conference showed there was both interest from the national NDT community and skill of the organising committee to assemble a conference that managed to draw attendees from all across Canada. By coupling the NDT in Canada Conference with the 6th International Workshop for Advances in Signal Processing for NDE of Materials, the attendees and presenters were drawn from across North America and Europe.

Having arrived early on Monday to set up for the show, it was nice to see familiar faces at the introductory reception. Since I was there to assist at a booth it was also a chance to get a preview of the equipment and services being displayed. In the "Call for Papers" announcement earlier in the year it was stated that "NDT in Canada 2009 conference is slated to be an annual event at different venues across Canada". I certainly hope it will be an annual event, but it is difficult to imagine a better venue! The venue was the Spencer Ivey Leadership Centre in London, Ontario. The Richard Ivey School of Business main campus is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. The Spencer Leadership Centre is located minutes away from Ivey's main campus and is home to the school's MBA and Executive programmes. As a result, the presentations were given in amphitheatre-style lecture halls; much better suited to presentations than the typical large hall with tables and chairs all at the same level as the speaker.

All attending raved about the haut cuisine food served. With accommodations for up to 125, the setting at Ivey Spencer was ideal for the approximately 100 people that attended. For the first of what will hopefully be an annual event, 100 attendees was not too bad. However, I think all those I talked to agreed that to be a success more will need to attend in future. The world economy being at a all-time low, a relatively late call for papers and the fact that this was a first time event, might have accounted for a slightly lower than hoped for attendance, but the level of papers presented was indeed first class.

My traditional conference shopping bag was supplied with a programme schedule, a hardcopy of the presentations and a memory-stick with a pdf version of many of the papers. Unfortunately, some of the more interesting papers were not available in either of the formats at the time of the conference. E.g. the award for the best paper for the 6th International Workshop for Advances in Signal Processing for NDE of Materials went to Walter Weber of UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc. for his paper entitled "Wide Dynamic Range Acquisition for Ultrasonic Signals"; however, this paper, and several others, were not part of the materials provided. This is usually a result of presenters not getting their presentation to the committee in time. Hopefully full text versions of all the papers will be made available on www.NDT.net.

In fact, NDT.net's Rolf Diederichs and his wife Tzipora arrived from Germany specifically to attend the conference. Having promoted the event for some time prior to the conference, it was nice to see that they were included as part of the head table during the banquet and awards night and CINDE thanked Rolf for his support of the event. In our personal discussions, Rolf conveyed to me that for him, the most important thing is to bring the proceedings to the entire worldwide NDT community. He stated" We want to give a better feeling of what goes on at these NDT events by publishing videos and photos from the exhibitions and presentations". Note: this issue contains videos and photos, e.g., the full presentation of Peter Ciorau "PAUT for sizing of SCC" is included.

I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to Larry Cote and his fellow organising committee members for the excellent programme they arranged on this first, of what will hopefully be an annual event of NDT in Canada.

Photos & Videos
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