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NDT.net Issue - 2010-05 - NEWS

TecScan Systems introduces a new C-Scan imaging software for bond testing: TecView<sup>TM</sup> BT

TecScan Systems24, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2010-05
(Boucherville, Québec, Canada) In today's' manufacturing world, the use of adhesive-bonded components is growing, especially in the aerospace market. Such increase adds more demands for reliable NDT inspections of those components in order to ensure the quality of the end product.

Most bond testing equipment providers propose hand-held system where probe motion is controlled manually by an operator. While this methodology typically allows for detection of unbounded type of defects using alarms, it does not provide accurate defect sizing, positional information, or record complete data for reference or additional analysis.

C-Scan imaging and display have been widely used for the detection and sizing of indications in most conventional UT applications. However, very few equipment manufacturers propose C-Scan imaging capabilities for bond testing, which would allow for more intuitive and accurate analysis possibilities in terms of detection, sizing and positioning.

In order to provide improved capabilities to current bond testing inspections, TecScan Systems has developed a software dedicated to this specific type of inspection, TecView™BT. This software allows to couple standard off-the-shelf bond testing equipment to an automated or manually driven mechanical scanner and produce C-Scan images out of the bond testing equipment response. Additional functionalities are therefore made available to operators to record and document their bond testing inspections, improve detection from the C-Scan image of the tested structure, as well as accurately size defect indications and identify structural features. Plus, features such as alarm-based C-Scan display and the ability to analyze recorded data with post-processing nulling, rotation or phase analysis improves bond testing capabilities and help in the definition of scan procedures development.

As an example of field use, TecView™BT was used to control the ARMANDA scanner and a standard bond testing unit from Olympus NDT to inspect a reference bonding sample.

C-Scan imaging of the reference bonding sample inspected in resonance mode using a BondMaster™1000e+ from Olympus and recorded with the TecView™BT software

We strongly believe that TecView™BT represent a significant addition and improvement to the bond testing market: by presenting the acquired data in a C-Scan type display with its sizing capabilities, as well as providing the ability to record and perform post-processing analysis, bond testing applications can only benefit from such a software.

About TecScan Systems
TecScan Systems Inc., a leader in innovative non-destructive testing technologies, specializes in the development of Scanners and complete Automated NDT inspection solutions. TecScan manufactures Manual and Automated Non-destructive Ultrasonic, Eddy Current Inspection & Imaging scanners. We offer advanced Non-destructive evaluation solutions for a wide range of industrial applications such as civil and military aerospace, petrochemical, pipelines, automotive, as well as metallic plates and sheets.

TecScan Systems

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