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NDT.net Issue - 2010-06 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2010-06
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

TecScan Systems introduces TecView? UT 2.0: A new release of its C-Scan imaging software for ultrasonic testing

TecScan Systems28, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

(Boucherville, Québec, Canada) TecScan is proud to announce the release of its new and improved ultrasonic inspection and analysis software, TecView™ UT 2.0. Fueled by clients suggestions as well as from our own desire to push the software capabilities one step further, TecScan's R&D team decided to proceed with a major redesign of the TecView™ UT software package. While keeping the same functionalities as the previous software releases, TecView™ UT 2.0 features new and enhanced capabilities in terms of scanning, data analysis and data reporting.

Enlarging inspection possibilities…

New inspection capabilities were added to TecView™ UT 2.0. Flat scans are no longer restrained to two axes and can now be done on sloped surfaces without requiring a jig to align the part surface with the scanner's axes. In addition, mutli-channel data acquisition possibilities were added to this software, allowing to easily perform simultaneous pulse-echo and through-transmission scanning, as well as multi-zone scanning or array based C-Scan imaging. The recent addition of a BEA function (backwall echo attenuation) also improves inspection by offering simultaneous analysis of flaw signals and backwall echoes in pulse-echo mode.

Increasing productivity…

It makes no doubt that C-Scan imaging and related data analysis provides a large amount of useful information about the integrity of structures. However, this information can usually only be accessed once the inspection is complete. Since in some cases the completion of a scan can take some time, live data analysis tools have been added to the new TecView™ UT 2.0 release. This offers the possibility to begin data analysis as soon as the first A-Scans appear on the screen, increasing the overall data analysis speed. A quasi infinite number of gates can also be defined to optimize data analysis by performing amplitude, time-of-flight and thickness based C-Scan imaging simultaneously. Plus, a new gate type can be used to identify and define different material layers, allowing for depth or thickness measurements to be done on each existing material layer.

Improving data analysis capabilities…

TecView™ UT 2.0 features improved tools that use geometrical objects such as rectangles or ellipses to perform defect sizing, as well as SNR measurement tools, statistical defect analysis and decibel (dB) C-Scan scaling.

Notes and annotations: don't lose that thought…

C-Scan imaging sometimes requires in-depth analysis when it comes to discriminating or identifying ultrasonic responses. Recording the operator's interpretation and comments can sometimes be as important as recording the data itself. Personalized annotations were therefore made available to users in TecView™ UT 2.0 analysis module to keep a better track on the full analysis process. More flexible data reporting…

Well aware of the very different inspection reporting needs of its clients, we decided to re-model the software inspection report functionalities to provide users with more personalized options in terms of report content, display and editing.

About TecScan Systems

TecScan Systems Inc., a leader in innovative non-destructive testing technologies, specializes in the development of Scanners and complete Automated NDT inspection solutions. TecScan manufactures Manual and Automated Non-destructive Ultrasonic, Eddy Current Inspection & Imaging scanners.

Visit: TecScan Systems

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