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NDT.net Issue - 2010-07 - NEWS

TecScan introduces its Axle Inspection Scanner Solution

TecScan Systems23, Boucherville, Quebec [Canada]
NDT.net Journal
Issue: 2010-07
(Boucherville, Québec, Canada) Train axles undergo high stress during service which calls for periodical verification of their integrity and the possible formation of cracks. The knowledge of the stress concentration on the axles allows to predict the location of occurrence of the cracks and to concentrate the inspection in these specific areas. In most cases, the critical areas of an axle can be accessed from its ends by performing ultrasonic pulse-echo inspections at specific refraction angles.

TecScan is proud to introduce an axle inspection solution combining a novel manual axle scanner with phased array technology. TecScan's axle scanner performs a full 360° rotation of a phased array probe around the axle axis. Making use of the multi-angle capabilities of the phased array technology to do simultaneous pulse-echo inspections at all refraction angles, all areas of interest within the axle are therefore covered by a single scan. Using the encoder positioning information of the axle scanner, the phased array unit then displays the inspection results in easy to understand data presentation, either in the form of sectorial scans showing all refraction angles, B-Scans at specific refraction angles or C-Scans corresponding to specific areas of the axle. The actual data presentation depends of the phased array unit model is used along with the axle scanner.

TecScan's axle scanner is versatile and is carefully designed for ease of operation on horizontal axles. First, the scanner is lightweight and is equipped with low friction magnetic pads that help secure the scanner on the structure without interfering with the scan motion. In addition, it has ergonomic handles to allow easy and smooth 360° scanning motion. Adjustments of the probe positioning with regards to the axle center allow for versatility on multiple axle dimensions as well as ultrasonic signal optimization.

TecScan Systems

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