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Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Investigation of the elastic/crystallographic anisotropy of welds for improved ultrasonic inspections
A. Mark1, Z. Fan2, F. Azough1, M. Lowe225, P. Withers18
1School of Materials; University of Manchester51, Manchester, United Kingdom
2UK Research Centre in NDE, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Imperial College London88, London, United Kingdom
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Other Methods, Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), Electron backscatter diffraction, stiffness tensor, Weld metal texture, Compliance tensor, Elastic anisotropy

Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Portable Automated Radio-Frequency Scanner for Non-destructive Testing of Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites
B. Salski12, W. Gwarek12, P. Kopyt12, P. Theodorakeas28, I. Hatziioannidis22, M. Koui22, A. Chong34, S. Tan33, V. Kappatos310, C. Selcuk32, T. Gan330
1Institute of Radioelectronics and Multimedia Technology; Warsaw University of Technology31, Warsaw, Poland
2Materials Science & Engineering Department; Technological Educational Institute of Athens2, Athens, Greece
3aBrunel Innovation Centre bBrunel Innovation Centre (BIC); Brunel University36, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
CFRP,Scanner,Inductive sensors

Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Global and Local Thresholding Methods Applied to X-ray Microtomographic Analysis of Metallic Foams
B. Leszczyński12, A. Gancarczyk22, A. Wróbel14, M. Piątek22, J. łojewska12, A. Kolodziej23, R. Pędrys12
1aM. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics bInstitute of Chemical Engineering cFaculty of Chemistry; Jagiellonian University2, , Poland
2Institute of Chemical Engineering; Polish Academy of Sciences14, Krakow, Poland
Micro-CT,X-ray micro computed tomography,Thresholding method,Foam morphometry,Image analysis

Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Finite Element Method Applied in Electromagnetic NDTE: A Review
M. Augustyniak7, Z. Usarek6
Gdansk University of Technology34, Gdansk, Poland
Finite element method,Electromagnetic non-destructive testing,MFL,Eddy current testing,EMATs

Materials Characterization (Elsevier)
Sensors (MDPI)
Quantitative Inspection of Remanence of Broken Wire Rope Based on Compressed Sensing
J. Zhang2, X. Tan
College of Electrical Engineering; Henan University of Science and Technology2, Luoyang, China
wire rope,remanence inspection, compressed sensing, wavelet filter,quantitative recognition

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
A Flexible Arrayed Eddy Current Sensor for Inspection of Hollow Axle Inner Surfaces
Z. Sun2, D. Cai, C. Zou, W. Zhang, Q. Chen2
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Tsinghua University40, Beijing, China
eddy current, flexible arrayed sensor, hollow axle, frequency optimization

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography with Different Excitation Configurations for Metallic Material and Defect Characterization
G. Tian129, Y. Gao22, K. Li3, Y. Wang12, B. Gao15, Y. He38
1School of Automation Engineering; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China12, Chengdu, China
2College of Automation Engineering; Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)54, Nanjing, China
3School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; University of Newcastle31, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Infrared Testing (IRT), material characterization, Nondestructive evaluation (NDE), eddy current pulsed thermography (ECPT), multi-physical phenomenon, excitation configuration

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Frequency Optimization for Enhancement of Surface Defect Classification Using the Eddy Current Technique
M. Fan13, Q. Wang1, B. Cao1, B. Ye2, A. Sunny3, G. Tian329
1aSchool of Mechatronic Engineering bSchool of Information and Electrical Engineering; China University of Mining and Technology2, Xuzhou, China
2Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics; Kunming University of Science and Technology2, Kunming, China
3School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; University of Newcastle31, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
nondestructive testing, eddy current sensor,frequency optimization, probe response, feature extraction, defect classification

Sensors (MDPI)
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