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Iran NDT 2017

4th Iranian International NDT Conference, Feb 26-27, 2017, Tehran, Iran

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Nondestructive Air-coupled Ultrasound Measurement in the Food Industries
Z. Fathizadeh, M. Aboonajmi2
Department of Agrotechnology, College of Abouraiha; University of Tehran23, Tehran, Iran
Air-coupled ultrasound, Nondestructive, Non-contact ultrasound, Food quality

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Finite Element Modeling of Ultrasonic Transducers
M. Masouleh, F. Honarvar26
K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNT)27, Tehran, Iran
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), transducer, Finite Element Method, piezoelectric

Design and implementation of an unmanned aerial vehicle to inspect power pylons by visual test (VT) a
M. Salimi, M. Eshraghi3
NDE Lab., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNT)27, Tehran, Iran
Visual test, UAV, Power pylon inspection, Design, Implementation

A Simulation Study of Attenuation Factors in a Gas Pipeline Guided Wave Testing
M. Naserabadi, B. Hayatgheib, S. Sodagar4
Faculty of Technical Inspection Engineering; Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)3, Ahwaz, Iran
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Pipeline, guided wave, Finite Element Method, Pigging Data

Structural Damage Detection using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm and Modal Responses
S. Gerist2, M. Maheri2
University of Shiraz8, Shiraz, Iran
Damage detection, Modal analysis, Imperialist Competitive Algorithm, Meta-heuristic algorithm, Eigen equation

X-ray weld inspection
H. Schulenburg3
VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH11, Stockelsdorf, Germany
Digital Radiography, Non-destructive testing, pipe inspection, ndt, weld inspection, DR, X-ray inspection, 176

Damage Identification Method by Basis Pursuit Method and PSO Algorithm
S. Gerist2, M. Maheri2
University of Shiraz8, Shiraz, Iran
Structural damage detection, Basis Pursuit, Particle Swarm Optimization, Micro Search, Modal analysis

A study on behavior of steel structures subjected to fire using non- destructive testing
A. Khadivi1, A. Sharifi1, S. Ranjbar2
1Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University (ASMU), Baku, Iran
2mechanical engineering department; Tabriz university, Tabriz, Iran
Fire, Nondestructive testing techniques, Ultrasonic wave speed, Steel structural behavior, Metallurgical microscope

Automated Defect Detection of Weldments and Castings using Canny, Sobel and Gaussian filter Edge Detectors: A Comparison Study
F. Mirzaei1, M. Faridafshin1, A. Movafeghi212, R. Faghihi12
1Nuclear Engineering Department, School of Mechanical Engineering; University of Shiraz8, Shiraz, Iran
2Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute; Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI)3, Tehran, Iran
Non-Destructive Testing, Edge enhancement, Defect detection, Gaussian filter, Image processing

Hall Effect Sensor Performance Assessment
R. Mardaninejad, M. Safizadeh7
Department of Mechanical Engineering; Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)18, Tehran, Iran
Hall-effect, COMSOL, NDT

Detection of Fabrication induced Defects in Casting Components by means of Radiography Image Processing.
A. Jabari, A. S.nobari
Department of Aerospace Engineering; Amirkabir University of Technology 3, Tehran, Iran
Radiographic Testing (RT), Image Processing, Local feature detection (LFD), feature Correspondence matching, Edge Detection

Localization of Impact on Composite Plates Using Ultrasonic Waves
D. Dorostkar1, A. Yousefi-Koma14, J. Jamali2
1School of Mechanical Engineering; University of Tehran23, Tehran, Iran
2Mechanical Department,; Islamic Azad University8, Tehran, Iran
piezoelectric transducers, impact localizaion, composite plates, Error Function

Application of machine vision in agricultural products
. H.faridi, . M.aboonajmi
Department of Agrotechnology; University of Tehran23, Tehran, Iran
Agriculture, Automatic, Machine vision, Non-destructive, Quality

Extraction of Complex Wave Numbers of Lamb Waves
A. Sedaghati12, F. Honarvar126, A. Sinclair219
1NDE Lab., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNT)27, Tehran, Iran
2Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; University of Toronto43, Toronto, Canada
Leaky Lamb wave, Complex wave number, Dispersion curve, wavenumber

Three-Dimensional Finite Element and Experimental Simulation of magnetic flux leakage-type NDT for Detection of Pitting Corrosions
T. Azizzadeh12, M. Safizadeh27
1Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)18, Tehran, Iran
2National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Magnetic flux leakage, Pitting corrosion, Three-dimensional simulation, Pipeline inspection, COMSOL software

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