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Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Barkhausen Noise Probes and Modelling: A Review
S. Santa-aho12, A. Laitinen1, A. Sorsa2, M. Vippola12
1Tampere University of Technology4, Tampere, Finland
2University of Oulu2, Oulu, Finland
Magnetic Testing (MT), Non-destructive testing, Probes, Magnetic Barkhausen noise, FEM modelling

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Comparison of â Versus a and Hit/Miss POD-Estimation Methods: A European Viewpoint
I. Virkkunen125, T. Koskinen22, S. Papula13, T. Sarikka13, H. Hänninen12
1Aalto University10, Aalto, Finland
2VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland51, Espoo, Finland
Non-destructive testing, NDT, NDE, Probability of detection, POD, Reliability

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Uncertainty Estimation for Ultrasonic Inspection of Composite Aerial Structures
A. Wronkowicz-Katunin1, G. Mihaylov2, K. Dragan317, A. Timofiejczuk13
1Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design; Silesian University of Technology32, Gliwice, Poland
2Advanced Analytics; Royal Mail Group, London, United Kingdom
3Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing; Air Force Institute of Technology37, Warsaw, Poland
Ultrasonic testing, Damage quantification, Composite structures, Aircraft structures, Image segmentation, Image processing

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer)
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems (ASME)
Experimental Investigation of Second-Harmonic Lamb Wave Generation in Additively Manufactured Aluminum
B. Vien17, W. Chiu112, L. Rose26
1aDepartment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering bDepartment of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Monash University14, Clayton, Australia
2Aerospace Division; Defence Science And Technology Organisation (DSTO)14, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Elastic wave, Mechanical engineering, Nonlinear ultrasonic, Service life prediction, Ultrasonics

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Progno...
Open Journal of Composite Materials (SCIRP)
Ultrasonic Testing Combined with Pattern Recognition for the Detection of Kissing Bonds
J. Schuster12, D. Muller13, M. CHEN22, Q. Govignon22
1Institute for Polymer Technology West-Palatinate; University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern2, Pirmasens, Germany
2Institut Clément Ader; Ecole Mines Albi 6, ALBI, France
Ultrasonic Testing, Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Pattern Recognition, Bond Quality, Kissing Bond

Open Journal of Composite Materials (SCIRP)
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
Determination of Bonding Failures in Transparent Materials with Non-Destructive Methods—Evaluation of Climatically Stressed Glued and Laminated Glass Compounds
C. Sirtl, M. Kraus, C. Hadlich, A. Osburg
aDepartment of Steel and Hybrid Structures bDepartment of Building Chemistry and Polymer Materials; Bauhaus-Universität Weimar66, Weimar, Germany
Non-Destructive Testing, Bonding Methods, Computed Tomography

World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
A Pipe Inspection Using a Circumferential SH-Mode Plate Wave Generated in a Pipe by an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT)
R. Murayama16, H. Nishino214
1Faculty of Engineering; Fukuoka Institute of Technology6, Fukuoka, Japan
2Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science; University of Tokushima 24, Tokushima, Japan
SH-Mode Plate Wave, EMAT, Pipe, Nondestructive Inspection, Resonance Method

World Journal of Engineering and Technology (SCIRP)
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