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NDT in Progress 2019

10th International Workshop NDT in Progress, Oct 7-9, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

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Improvement of Microwave Sensing of Woods Using Metamaterials Structures
D. Faktorová18, R. Steigmann255, A. Savin265, M. Stanciu35
1Faculty of Electrical Engineering; University of Žilina15, Žilina, Slovak Republic
2Nondestructive Testing Department; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
3Department of Mechanical Engineering; Transilvania University13, Brasov, Romania
microwave testing, wood species, metamaterials, dielectric properties

Magnetic NDE System for Detection of Crack in Steel Deck With High Lift-Off Using Secondary Differential Detection Coil
Y. Goda12, H. Shobu12, T. Kobara12, K. Sakai117, T. Kiwa118, A. Tsukamoto2, K. Tanabe2, K. Tsukada120
1Okayama University18, Okayama, Japan
2Superconducting Sensing Technology Research Association, Yokohama, Japan
NDE, crack, secondary differential coil, high lift-off

Increased Accuracy of Spectral Analysis in NDT
K. Hajek14
Department of Electrical Engineering; University of Defence in Brno (Univerzita obrany)16, Brno, Czech Republic
Spectral analysis, ultrasonic spectroscopy, resonance spectroscopy, DFT, windows

Acoustic Emission Sources From Fast Dislocation Motion
P. Hora, A. Machová2, J. Cerv2, A. Uhnakova
Institute of Thermomechanics; Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)113, Prague, Czech Republic
acoustic emission, edge crack, dislocation emission, free surface, bcc iron

Optimization of Applied Magnetic Field Methods for Various Shape Defects in Eddy Current Testing Using Magneto Resistive Sensor
T. Kobara2, Y. Goda2, H. Shobu2, K. Sakai17, T. Kiwa18, K. Tsukada20
Okayama University18, Okayama, Japan
Nondestructive testing, Eddy current testing, Magnetic material, Non-magnetic material, Magneto resistive sensor

Influence of Pre-Magnetization and Demagnetization of a Steel Wire for Its Diagnostic Signal
P. Mazurek1, J. Kwaśniewski12, M. Roskosz112, M. Witoś217
1AGH- University of Science and Technology67, Krakow, Poland
2Air Force Institute of Technology37, Warsaw, Poland
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Magnetic Testing (MT), Demagnetization, technical diagnostics, steel wire, pre-magnetization, magnetomechanical effects

Influence of Rare Earths on Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys Used in Medical Prostheses
A. Savin65, R. Steigmann55, G. Dobrescu7
Nondestructive Testing Department; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
biodegradable materials, magnesium alloys, rare earths, ultrasonic methods

Arcan Device Employed in CFRP Testing
A. Danila1, R. Steigmann155, A. Savin165, I. BLANARI1, P. Barsanescu210
1Nondestructive Testing Department; National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics75, Iasi, Romania
2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Gh Asachi Technical University 19, Iasi, Romania
Arcan device, CFRP, mechanical tests, FEM, complex stresses

Experimental Setup for MPI Sensitivity Measurements: First Results
P. Staněk3, Z. Škvor3
Faculty of Electrical Engineering; Czech Technical University (CVUT)73, Prague, Czech Republic
Magnetic particle inspection, sensitivity, multi-directional magnetization, magnetic field polarization

An Initial Investigation on The Potential Applicability of Ultrasonic Testing To Assess Effects of Corrosion on Linear and Nonlinear Elastic Behaviour of Pre-Stressing Steel Strands
K. Pospisil16, M. Kořenská144, J. Stryk16, A. Frybort1, M. Manychova215
1Transport Research Centre8, Brno, Czech Republic
2Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Building Structures; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
Electrochemical corrosion, cracking, ultrasonic testing, linear and nonlinear behaviour, pre-stressing steel strands

Optimization in the detection performance of extremely low-frequency eddy current testing for application to various shapes of corrosion defects in the actual social infrastructure
S. Wakabayashi3, M. Hayashi4, T. Saitoh2, K. Sakai17, T. Kiwa18, K. Tsukada20
aGraduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems bGraduate school of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health System; Okayama University18, Okayama, Japan
Nondestructive testing, ELECT, corrosion near the ground, Magnetic spectrum curve

Magnetic State Observer in NDT and SHM Studies
M. Witoś117, M. Szymanski1, M. Oravec22, K. Bogucki3
1Air Force Institute of Technology37, Warsaw, Poland
2Technical University of Košice2, Kosice, Slovakia
3Military Aviation Works No 4 JSC, Warsaw, Poland
fatigue of material, non-destructive testing (NDT), structural health monitoring (SHM), magnetometer, measurement, signal analysis

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