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NDT.net Issue - 2018-12 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2018-12
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Automated Eddy Current Testing - 3D Scanning Solution for Aero-engine Components

TecScan Systems28, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Aero-engine disc components such as; bearing rings, fan and compressor discs are typically inspected at different stage of manufacturing from their pre-formed to final machined shape. Engine bearing are among components that are inspected at different manufacturing stage, from dimensional controls to the detection of the tiniest surface flaws on rolling surfaces (bearing raceways). Complementary NDT technologies such as ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and eddy current testing are used for flaw detection. One the challenges for the inspection of these parts arise from the part’s geometry and complexity. To meet such requirements, high performance Automated NDT Testing Systems and Equipment are required.

See more at : www.tecscan.ca/products/eddy-current-testing/

TecScan has developed an Automated Eddy Current Inspection Solution with 3D scanning capabilities to overcome the above-mentioned challenges. The system is equipped with a turntable and a relatively small, high frequency eddy-current coil to scan selected or the whole disc surface. This Eddy Current inspection solution offers advanced software tools for part programming, importing 3D CAD drawings of the part, generating the scanning trajectories and completing the motion-controlled inspection scans. During testing, the turntable rotates the bearing or fan disc, while the probe is being moved in the 3D space while maintaining constant lift-off and perpendicularity with the tested surface until the automated inspection is finished. Turntable rotation speed is continuously adjusted to maintain a constant linear scanning speed on the surface depending on the radial position of the probe on the surface. During this operation, the system records the eddy current signals for scan analysis and reporting.

An advanced eddy current instrument ECIS-CC-20 is also integrated to the Automated Eddy Current Solution. The ECIS-CC-20 is fully digital multi-frequency eddy current instrument with computer control capabilities. It was designed for wide range of applications including aerospace, industrial, manufacturing and laboratory testing.

See more at : www.tecscan.ca/instruments/eddy-current/

About TecScan Systems
TecScan Systems Inc., a leader in innovative non-destructive testing technologies, specializes in the development of Immersion Scanners and Automated NDT inspection solutions. TecScan manufactures Manual and Automated Non-destructive Ultrasonic and Eddy Current scanners. We offer advanced Non-destructive testing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications: civil and military aerospace, petrochemical, pipelines and automotive.

e-mail: info@tecscan.ca

Visit: TecScan Systems

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