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NDT.net Issue - 2019-05 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2019-05
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

CMS supplies an entire NDT turnkey system to Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision Tubes

Controle Mesure Systemes (CMS)16, La Charmee, France

Leading company Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision Tubes recently chose the French NDT manufacturer Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS) for the creation of an entirely new production line.

Layout of a combined testing bench for tubes with an outside diameter of up to 90mm. The bench includes an ultrasonic rotating head and Eddy Current rotating head as well as an Eddy Current magnetizing yoke and coil.
Layout of a combined testing bench for tubes with an outside diameter of up to 90mm. The bench includes an ultrasonic rotating head and Eddy Current rotating head as well as an Eddy Current magnetizing yoke and coil.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision Tubes continues to invest in order to maintain a competitive edge withinin the automotive, chemical/petrochemical and energy industries. The main aim of this recent phase of investment is to stimulate the market and make the plant even more productive and cost-effective. The new production line will produce an array of seamless tubes ranging from 25mm to 90mm in diameter. The current ultrasonic systems are not able to meet the ever-increasing standards in quality assurance that are required in today's market. This latest contract includes the supply of an entire NDT turnkey system, including a full NDT bench and integrated handling system (more than 50m of conveyor belts, and 3 different hoppers for the inspected tubes). This new line and testing bench will combine spectrometer inspection, a cutting-edge ultrasonic rotating head and not less than 3 Eddy Current inspection systems. This new line can reach an inspection speed of 60 m/min.

The full NDT bench is composed of:

  • A height adjustable test bench with seven central driving units for guiding the tubes
  • Three automated off line sliding tables for ultrasonic and Eddy current devices
  • Eddy Current anti
  • mix test
  • Laser measurement of the outside diameter
  • Eddy Current low frequency inspection by magnetizing yoke and coil managed by CMS Zet@Premium. This equipment will detect external sub-surface short transversal defects.
  • Eddy Current high frequency inspection by rotating head RotoETscan 130, managed by CMS Zet@Master. This equipment will detect external surface longitudinal defects.
  • Ultrasonic rotating head RotoUTscan 90, 24 channels connected to ultrasonic software. This equipment will detect external and internal defects in the longitudinal and transversal direction.
  • Probus supervision software
  • Demagnetizing unit DC+AC

This installation features our very latest technology which is the result of several years of production experience and extensive feedback from our clients. This cutting-edge technology has been combined with our advanced supervision software Probus to create a highly sophisticated system.

The Probus software program, developed by CMS, allows clients to gather information from various NDT systems but also to centralize and manage all the sensors on the bench (pressure, temperature, flow, clogging, marking systems, height etc). It is also possible to easliy control all the actuators of the bench through a very user-friendly interface. This software also contains a reliable remote assistance feature thanks to our unique VPN protocol. Probus has been designed to communicate with the factory network (L3 type) in order to allow the exchange of data in real time and, of course, to ensure perfect traceability of each tube or batch. Clients also have the possiblity of checking or auditing reports per tube or per batch several months later. The combined test bench is a good example of our ability to meet clients quality control needs through reliable, integrated, non-destructive testing solutions. Today CMS offers the most effective solutions of the market and we are committed to supplying our clients with highly advanced combined test benches featuring UT & ET devices as well as supervision software.

CONTROLE MESURE SYSTEMES Web site: cmseddyscan.com – e-mail: contactcms@cmseddyscan.com

Visit: Controle Mesure Systemes (CMS)

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