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NDT.net Issue - 2012-10 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2012-10
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

GE's phoenix datos|x 2.2 Software Allows Complete Automation of the Computed Tomography 3D Metrology and Failure Analysis Process Chain

Waygate Technologies (former GE Inspection Technologies)313, Hürth, Germany

Provides up to 9 Times Faster Volume Reconstruction

Wunstorf, Germany. – 20 August 2012. — The phoenix datos|x 2.2 new-generation computed tomography (CT) software from the Inspection Technologies Business of GE Measurement & Control, features fully automated data acquisition and volume processing to allow high-resolution precision metrology and failure analysis tasks to be performed significantly faster, with minimal operator training. Users of GE’s phoenix|x-ray high-resolution CT systems in a wide variety of industries and academic institutions can now benefit from a combination of time and cost effectiveness as well as from improved reproducibility of 3D measurement and failure analysis results because of the minimization of operator influence.

As Oliver Brunke, CT product manager, explains, “With phoenix datos|x 2.2, the whole scan and reconstruction process runs without any operator interaction and 3D failure analysis or metrology tasks performed with third party programs can be executed automatically. The click & measure|CT functionality allows display and analysis of the 3D results on the screen in just three steps, so that operator skill requirements are dramatically reduced, while CT analysis time is up to 5 times faster compared with the previous datos|x 1 software version.”

The intuitive graphical user interface of the new software ensures easy usage and a fast learning curve, including automated system calibration and monitoring functions for tube, detector etc. A process flow orientated function tool bar allows step-by-step workflow set-up and CT results display has been significantly improved as the 3D volume is shown not only in 2D axis views but also in a 3D render mode.

Since the entire process of the CT data acquisition through volume reconstruction to implementation of the measurement runs completely automatically, it is possible to conduct the first sampling of a complex component in less than 60 minutes. This makes dimensional measurement with CT an effective tool for many tasks in production process monitoring such as the manufacture of plastics and metal castings and precision components like injection nozzles. Particularly complex part geometries with inaccessible or hidden features can be measured with CT in many cases faster than with conventional CMM.

Compared with the current datos|x version, the new velo|CT module offers up to 9 times faster CT volume reconstruction. Depending on the volume size, the CT results are now ultra quick available in the order of seconds or minutes. Another effective tool for accelerated high throughput laboratory and production oriented CT tasks is the new batch|CT module: Due to pre programmed multi-object scans with no further interaction, it allows the degree of system usage to be enlarged by up to 20-30 % by performing various automatic CT scans and evaluations outside of the operator working time.

Visit: Waygate Technologies (former GE Inspection Technologies)

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