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NDT.net Issue - 2020-03 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2020-03
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Automated Eddy Current System for Inspection of Aero Engines Dovetail Slots in Compressor Discs

TecScan Systems28, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Compressor discs represent critical components of aero engines. They need to be inspected after manufacturing and during MRO services to detect the tiniest manufacturing flaws and any fatigue cracks produced by the static or dynamic loads and temperature variations.

Generally, manual eddy current techniques are used for the inspection of aero engine discs. However, the complex geometry of the Dovetail Slot and the size of the flaws that need to be detected makes manual inspections demanding and extremely time consuming. This is why an Automated Eddy Current System, with advanced software capabilities, represents a reliable solution designed to perform repeatable inspections and High-resolution scans of the Dovetail Slots.

TecScan’s TSEC-2000 offers automated Eddy-Current testing capabilities with advanced C-scan tools. The system is fully integrated and consists of 5-axis system with a high-precision turn-table, XYZ axes and a rotator axis that can be tilted to accommodate different dovetail slots.


The dovetail Inspection System is powered with https://www.tecscan.ca/software/tecview-ec/ TecView™ EC software technology which is designed to perform complex inspections. The software also comes with reporting capabilities and time-saving tools for a production environment. The user can perform complex 3D scans of each dovetail slot. Once the dovetail slot is completed the probe is retracted and the turntable will index to the next inspection position, this way the entire disc can be inspected with minimum operator intervention. The C-scan inspection results are displayed in real-time and processed using our proprietary reporting tools in order to maximize the systems throughput. The following figures represents C-Scan results of an entire disc where all dovetail slots are represented in the C-Scan. The following figure shows a single dovetail C-Scan results where a crack was detected with dimensions of 0.0006” X 0.003” X 0.009” (width X depth X length).

C-Scan Results of entire Disc

C-Scan Results of Single Dovetail Slot

About TecScan Systems
TecScan Systems Inc. (Boucherville, Canada), a leader in innovative non-destructive testing technologies, specializes in the development of Immersion Scanners and Automated NDT inspection solutions. TecScan manufactures Manual and Automated Non-destructive Ultrasonic and Eddy Current scanners. We offer advanced Non-destructive testing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications: civil and military aerospace, petrochemical, pipelines and automotive.

e-mail: info@tecscan.ca
website: www.tecscan.ca

Visit: TecScan Systems

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