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NDT.net Issue - 2008-02 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2008-02
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

TeraView Demonstrates Capability for On-line Tablet Inspection

TeraView, Cambridge, United Kingdom

TeraView uses its years of experience working with the pharmaceutical industry and its proprietary terahertz platform to demonstrate real time measurements of tablet coating thickness and other critical quality attributes of solid dosage forms.

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 25 January 2008 – TeraView, the pioneer and leader in terahertz solutions and technology for the pharmaceutical and life science industry, announces that it has conducted successful proof of principle for high speed measurements of coating thickness on tablets applicable to on-line tablet inspection. The non-contact, non-destructive technique may also be extended to on-line measurement of other key product attributes, such as coating or core density tablets delamination and many other parameters characterising the performance of drugs which TeraView has identified with its products and collaborators.

In previous studies with its pharmaceutical customers, TeraView has demonstrated that its terahertz products and solutions can help to accelerate drug development and design of new formulations, improve product quality and maintain in-specification product to minimise the risk of regulatory non-compliance. Published studies with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) have also illustrated how terahertz might be used to replace wet dissolution testing which serve as an indicator of drug release.

TeraView’s most recent innovation represents an important step forward addressing one of the most difficult problems to be overcome in on-line pharmaceutical inspection; namely measuring product attributes like coating thickness accurately and rapidly while the tablets are in random motion in a coating pan. This capability opens up the opportunity for deployment of terahertz sensors in rapid, non-destructive tablet inspection to ensure that pharmaceutical products remain within the specifications necessary to ensure therapeutic efficacy and drug performance. Ultimately, such sensors could also be used in feedback systems to control production parameters (e.g. coating spray rates, tablet compression force for single and multiple layer tablets) in real time. This technique could also support the pharmaceutical industry’s future plans to implement continuous process systems in drug manufacture.

When combined with TeraView’s existing multiple sensor platforms and strong, proprietary applications know-how, this innovation greatly enhances the Company’s intellectual property base in the pharmaceutical area to provide complete solutions to meet customer needs.

TeraView is now actively exploring on-line deployment through prototype development with its existing customer base, and welcomes discussions with other interested parties.

Paddy O’Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of TeraView commented: “This initial demonstration is a natural extension of our terahertz sensors developed for other industries as well as our analytical know-how cultivated in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and the regulators over the past few years. This is another world first for TeraView”.

Dr Don Arnone, Chief Executive Officer of TeraView added: “This study is exciting news for our pharmaceutical customers. It enables us to provide Terahertz solutions to address their business issues from early stage product development all the way through to assuring product performance during manufacture. It is also good news for the Company because it has the potential to expand our footprint in the pharmaceutical manufacturing market in the future. TeraView’s proprietary platform uses the terahertz spectrum between light and radio waves and offers the advantage of being non-invasive and non-destructive. Past studies have demonstrated how terahertz uniquely provides 3 dimensional and chemical information on the contents of tablets and capsules normally invisible to conventional techniques.

About TeraView (www.teraview.com)
TeraView is the world’s first company devoted to the application of terahertz light for spectroscopy and imaging in pharmaceutical drug development and manufacture. TeraView’s technology can improve the quality of pharmaceutical products and decrease the risk of regulatory non-compliance, leading to potentially safer tablets and savings arising from faster times to market and volume production of higher quality, stable products. Other markets for the technology exist in early stage cancer detection, defence and industrial inspection which are explored via commercial partners. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, TeraView was spun-out of the Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory in April 2001. Sales and support are available throughout Europe, North America and the Far East either directly or through a network of distributors.

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