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NDT.net Issue - 2010-02 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2010-02
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

NDT.net makes content access transparent

NDT.net115, Bad Breisig, Germany

How many people are reading your website or a specific content of this? This is an interesting question for marketers or authors of articles. The answer is not given by simple counting access of each visitor. Most of the visits are coming from search engine crawlers or other crawlers just fetching email addresses of the content. So first you must know who is a real visitor before counting. Serious crawlers provide their names and that enables the program to detect if it is, e.g., a Google crawler. For anonymous crawlers an algorithm can judge if to count or not. NDT.net uses a time span method to decide if this is a multiple access by a crawler. If a visit of the same IP address happens several times within a second it will not be counted as real reader view.

The access log started on 1st January 2010. The log counts page views of articles, news and exhibitor pages. The results shows date/time of view, total view, title of document, referrer, and IP address. The referrer gives information about where the visit came from by means of the previous page. A referrer from a search engine like Google gives information what search terms guided to this view. Some may have no referrer result because people can disable this function of their browser. The IP address shows the network of the reader. With more details of the IP address it is possible to see the access country or even company.

Authors can enter their identifier (id number) to see a list of all their viewed articles. Also it is possible to enter the identifier of individual articles or news. In a similar manner exhibitors can evaluate their advertising.

Have a feeling the numbers aren't high? Imagine you are getting a newspaper every morning or an NDT Journal once per month which may have 1000 subscribers. Obviously many readers are just browsing the pages without reading every article of a month's issue. So far we can see that within the first month after an article or news was published one can gain up to 400 views. Of course we will see after some months that an article in the archive, even years old, is still accumulating reasonable views.

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