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NDT.net Issue - 2010-05 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2010-05
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Midas NDT News - March / April 2010

Midas NDT Systems Ltd.13, Ross-on-Wye, United Kingdom

Rotay Immersion Inspection System Installation

Midas-NDT engineers have installed a rotary immersion inspection system upgrade, the system will be utilised for automated composite tube inspection at a United Kingdom rocket motor company.

The system, originally manufactured by an unknown supplier over twenty years ago, has undergone a complete mechanical refit and had all aspects of electronics, ultrasonics, hardware and software replaced with the latest state-of-the-art equipment from Midas-NDT.

The system is equipped with a horizontal 'roller block' style rotation system that can be quickly replaced with a rotary turntable for inspection of components in the vertical plane.

System Installation - England

Engineers from Midas-NDT have installed a Combined Immersion and Jet Probe Inspection System at a service inspection company in England.

The system (similar to the one illustrated) was delivered to Exova in Droitwich, England where installation, commissioning and all aspects of operator and maintenance training were carried out as part of a turn-key operation.

The system is capable of pulse-echo immersion inspection using an automated immersion manipulator in the immersion tank which gives the customer full capabilities to scan curved components.

Through-transmission inspection is carried out using water jets mounted above the immersion tank.

Upgrade Order for Rotary Inspection System

Midas-NDT have received an order for the upgrade of a Rotary Component Inspection System from a UK composite manufacturer.

The system, originally manufactured by Mateval, will have major updates to hardware, software, motion control systems and mechanics.

Automated Eddy Current Inspection System

Midas-NDT engineers have installed an automated eddy current inspection system at a United Kingdom service inspection company. The system is capable of the simultaneous inspection of both the exterior surface and the interior bore of a 2000mm metallic shaft.

Components and separate calibration pieces can be located on the bed of the system where a set of rollers rotate to create a helical inspection of the components.

The automated system is capable of generating an inspection pattern that allows inspection of the calibration piece and inspection of the actual component without operator intervention.

Inspection of the external surface is carried out using an eddy current probe mounted in a probe holder on an automated gantry.

The system locates the gantry to the necessary start position, lowers the probe holder onto the surface of the component and then commences a helical scan.

Inspection of the internal bore is carried out using an eddy current probe mounted in a probe holder on an automated arm.

The system locates the arm to the necessary start position, lowers the probe holder onto the surface of the component and then commences a helical scan.

A GE Inspection Technologies XL Vu boroscope is connected to the arm to allow an operator to visually monitor the position of the eddy current probe at all times.

The system utilises two GE Inspection Technologies Vector 2D eddy current instruments to simultaneously acquire data from both the external surface and internal bore of a component whilst carrying out a computer controlled helical scan of the component.

Data from the eddy current instruments is plotted as a set of c-scans allowing the operator to easily identify 0.030" x 0.015" defects and carry out all necessary evaluation using all the tools available in the Midas-NDT Zeus v3 data evaluation software package.

Order to Relocate Customer Inspection Facility

Midas-NDT have received an order for the relocation of three large systems at a customers' facilities in Malaysia. The customer currently possesses a seven axis vertical jet probe inspection system, a two axis combined immersion and jet probe inspection system and a six axis rotary component inspection system and all three systems will be dis-assembled, transported to a new facility, re-assembled and re-commissioned.

For more information please visit: MIDAS NDT NEWS

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