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NDT.net Issue - 2010-05 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2010-05
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Young company X-RAY WorX from Garbsen/Germany aims at the global market for high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes

X-RAY WorX GmbH18, Garbsen, Germany

X-RAY WorX GmbH from Garbsen, which is located close to Hanover/Germany, is the only supplier that concentrates on development and production of high resolution open microfocus Xray tubes and rod anodes without competing against producers of complete X-ray system in the field of non-destructive testing. X-RAY WorX microfocus X-ray tubes are employed in high resolution X-ray inspection, computed tomography and complex radiographic applications with rod anodes.

The company X-RAY WorX was launched in February 2010. The two founders and general managers, Holger Behnsen and Thorsten Fröba, are former employees of the well-known German company Feinfocus. Both possess long-year experience in development, production, sales and maintenance of microfocus X-ray systems. Thorsten Fröba has been working for many years in the development of microfocus X-ray tubes with Alfred Reinhold, who is the pioneer of microfocus X-ray technology and founder of the company Feinfocus. Holger Behnsen is a senior professional in sales and marketing and knows the market of microfocus X-ray testing for almost 10 years. They are supported by an experienced team of seven staff members who gathered expert knowledge in development, services and sales of microfocus X-ray systems.

The business of X-RAY WorX is the development and production of high resolution open microfocus X-ray tubes, rod anode tubes and special tubes for computed tomography. Users of this technology are found in several industries, especially those with highest demand for quality and security of products and processes. Among them are companies that assemble electronic devices, the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and the research and development departments of various enterprises and institutes.

Additionally X-RAY WorX offers used microfocus X-ray systems and a wide range of services like trainings, maintenance, repair and the supply of spares for companies and institutes that operate high resolution X-ray systems.

About X-RAY WorX
X-RAY WorX is a young company founded in February 2010 in Garbsen, Germany, close to Hanover, by Holger Behnsen and Thorsten Fröba. X-RAY WorX concentrates on development and production of microfocus X-ray tubes for high resolution X-ray analysis. This technology is used in industries with highest demands for quality and security like electronics, aerospace and automotive industry. Furthermore X-RAY WorX supports users of microfocus X-ray systems with a broad range of services ranging from preventive maintenance and repair to the supply of spare parts and trainings. Traditionally the region of Hanover is the centre of microfocus technology in Germany. Here the first microfocus X-ray tube for industrial applications was developed by the company Feinfocus and its founder Alfred Reinhold in the 1980ies. X-RAY WorX will continue this tradition in Garbsen. According to General Manager Holger Behnsen the location in Garbsen has several advantages in terms of accessibility and the availability of qualified specialists and suppliers. The founders were involved in development, production, sales and service of microfocus systems for many years. Thorsten Fröba has been working in the development of microfocus X-ray systems from the early 1990s together with Alfred Reinhold, the pioneer of industrial microfocus X-ray systems. Holger Behnsen knows the market of microfocus X-ray systems for almost 10 years and was involved in hundreds of customer projects. Both are supported by an excellent team of engineers that has been engaged in development, service and sales of microfocus X-ray systems for a total of almost 50 years.

Press Contact:
Dr. Jens-Peter Steffen
Sales Manager
Siemensstraße 26
D-30827 Garbsen
Tel: +49-5131-48712-60
Fax: +49-5131-48712-66
E-Mail: press@x-ray-worx.com

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