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Issue '2010-05-01'
Vol.15 No.05 - The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing - ISSN 1435-4934

In this month's issue we publish the proceedings of the Defektoskopie 2009, 39th International Conference and Exhibition , 04-06 Nov 2009,

Prague. About 50% of the papers have been published in English the other part in Czech. The Czech Society for NDT organize this conference every year. The next one will take place in Pilsen in November 10-12, 2010. Last month we published the NDT in Progress, which is organized every two years, also by the Czech Society for NDT. So it seems that the Czech Republic is one of the main centers of NDT in Europe. Note that the next ECNDT, 2014, takes place in this country as well.

NDT Event organizers and NDT societies may be interested to try our new free Conference Program & Proceedings Software (CPPS) for their next NDT Event. This is an online project management tool for authors and editors of conferences. The new tool is in use already by the EWGAE 2010 Vienna and the PANNDT 2011 in Mexico. In addition to our free proceedings service this new software makes it much easier to host NDT Events. For further information please read our news in this issue.

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19 News in this issue
Free for all NDT Events: Conference Program & Proceedings Software from NDT.net
1st Call for Papers: Online Workshop Simulation in NDT 2010
AGR re-inforces business in the UAE
Technology Design Ltd
Olympus Introduces New Long Scopes for IPLEX LX And IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscopes
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Midas NDT News - March / April 2010
Midas NDT Systems Ltd.
TecScan Systems introduces a new C-Scan imaging software for bond testing: TecView<sup>TM</sup> BT
TecScan Systems
Young company X-RAY WorX from Garbsen/Germany aims at the global market for high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes
Das junge Unternehmen X-RAY WorX aus Garbsen will den Weltmarkt für hoch auflösende Mikrofokus-Röntgenröhren erobern
CANDU Owners Group and Canadian Institute for NDE announce Plenary Speakers and Preliminary Program for the 3rd. International CANDU In Service Inspection and NDT in Canada 2010 Conference
Canadian Institute for NDE (CINDE)
Nondestructive Test Equipment - New Market Report Published
Imperium, Inc. Signs Strategic Distribution Agreement With Test Equipment Distributors, LLC
Imperium Inc
Terahertz Systems: Technology and Emerging Markets
Thintri, Inc.
PNNL?s Posakony honored with AAES 2009 John Fritz Medal
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Proceq Launches Pundit Lab Ultrasonic Concrete Test Equipment
Proceq S.A.
Mistras Creates one of the Largest Gantry Scanning Systems to Date
MISTRAS Products & Systems
Spring 2010 - PAC AE News
MISTRAS Products & Systems
In-situ stress measurement in concrete - a component for the geolocation of the destruction with earthquakes
IBJ Technology
Congratulation to DOPPLER moved to new added office
Doppler Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd
Applus RTD commits itself further to North America with another acquisition
Applus RTD
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Issue: 2010-05-01
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Title / Author(s) / Keywords Publication
Major Advancements in Very Low Frequency Ultrasound
M. Bhardwaj9
Ultran Group11, State College, PA, USA
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), air-coupled, dry-coupling, non-contact ultrasound, piezo-composite, low-frequency, aerospace, civil engineering, marine, nuclear, composite, concrete, materials characterization

NDT.net Journal
Amplifier for power burst excitation of piezoelectric transducer
Zesilova? pro výkonové buzení piezom?ni?e vysokofrekven?ním impulzem
J. Bajer4, K. Hajek14
Dpt. of Electrical Engineering, FVT; University of Defence in Brno (Univerzita obrany)16, Brno, Czech Republic
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), nonlinear spectroscopy, power amplifier

Defektoskopie 2009
Mikrostrukturní zm?ny vyvolané cyklickou deformací
Microstructural Changes Produced by Cyclic Strain
J. Fiala19, P. Mazal255, M. Kolega35
1Faculty of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering ; VSB-Technical University of Ostrava11, OSTRAVA, Czech Republic
2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
3University of West Bohemia 8, Plzen, Czech Republic
Acoustic Emission (AE), early damage detection, Radiographic Testing (RT), x-ray diffraction, fatigue damage, Fatigue Crack

Defektoskopie 2009
Mikrostrukturní zm?ny vyvolané cyklickou deformací
Practical Verification of??? EMAT Acoustic Emission Sensor
P. Fidler2, P. Benesš11
Faculty of elektrotechnik and komunikation technology; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
Acoustic Emission (AE), acoustic emission sensor

Defektoskopie 2009
Defect Detection in Concrete Structures with NDT Methods: Impact-Echo Versus Radar
A. Garbacz12, J. Stainbruch22, Z. Hlavác33, L. Hobst33, O. Anton32
1Warsaw University of Technology31, Warsaw, Poland
2INSET s.r.o.2, Prague, Czech Republic
3Faculty of Civil Engineering; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Other Methods, impact-echo method, civil engineering, concrete, bars, honeycomb, flaw detection

Defektoskopie 2009
Assessment of Failure of Selected Special Concretes by Acoustic Emission Technique
T. Gorzelanczyk16, J. Hoła26
Institute of Building Engineering; Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST))73, Wrocław, Poland
Acoustic Emission (AE), acoustic emission sensor, self-compacting concrete, fibre concrete, initiating stress, critical stress
Defektoskopie 2009
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Piles Using S?Mash and Pit Methods ? A Comparative Study
T. Gorzelanczyk16, J. Rybak6, K. Schabowicz30
aInstitute of Civil Engineering bInstitute of Geotechnics and Hydrotechnics; Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST))73, Wrocław, Poland
Defektoskopie 2009
Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Concrete Prefabricated Pile Length Using Impulse Response S?Mash
T. Gorzelanczyk16, L. Sadowski12, K. Schabowicz30
Institute of Building Engineering; Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST))73, Wrocław, Poland
Defektoskopie 2009
Ov??ování procesu a prost?edk? p?i zkoušení kapilární metodou
Verification of The Process and Penetrant Materials During the Liquid Penetrant Test
V. Jandura
Advanced Technology Group, ATG s.r.o11, Prague, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
Automation Procedures of Control of Railway Rail
V. Jemec111, J. Grum278, G. Flerin32
1Secondary school of Domžale9, Domzale, Slovenia
2Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Ljubljana99, Ljubljana, Slovenia
3Infrastructure maintenance section, Civil Section; Slovenian Railway4, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), defect detection, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), automated ultrasonic testing (AUT), railway track, condition monitoring, defect characterization, quality assurance

Defektoskopie 2009
Effect of the Widmannstätten Structure in the Railway Axles on Attenuation of Ultrasound
B. Kopec5
Dept. of Quality Assurance; Iron Works and Wiremills,ZDB a.s5, Bohumín, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
Descriptions Methods for 3D Visualization of Eddy Current Signatures
M. Kubínyi1,24
1Testima, spol. s r.o.3, Prague, Czech Republic
2Czech Technical University (CVUT)73, Prague, Czech Republic
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), 3D imaging, fourier transform, s-transform

Defektoskopie 2009
Impedan?ní spektroskopie jako nástroj pro sledování keramické tašky a jiných stavebních materiál?
Impedance Spectroscopy ? New Tool for Testing Ceramic Roofing Tiles at al. Building Materials
I. Kusák19, M. Lunak16
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Physics; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
Detection of Defects in Infrared Thermal Images by Using the Gradient Vector Flow ActiveContour
Y. Laib, S. Bouhouche2, H. Bendjama4, A. Balaska
Scientific Research Center on Welding and NDT (CSC)69, Chéraga, Algeria
Acoustic Emission (AE), localisation of damage, Inspection, Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, Modeling and Simulation, image acquisition, image processing, visualization, detection, Defect

Defektoskopie 2009
Phased Array UT Inspection Through Complex and Wavy Surfaces
G. Maes119, S. Turgeon13, D. Reilly16, P. KucIk2
1Zetec88, Snoqualmie, WA, USA
2Slovcert s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, 3D imaging, 3D modeling, nuclear, complex geometry

Defektoskopie 2009
Imerzní ultrazvuková kontrola rota?n? symetrických sou?ástí v leteckém pr?myslu
Ultrasonic Immersion Testing of Parts With Rotational Symmetry in Aerospace Industry
M. Malá2, J. Šašková2
Precision Castparts CZ s.r.o.2, Plzen, Czech Republic
aerospace, flaw detection, quality assurance, quality control, stainless steel, Titanium, A-Scan, Process control, Ultrasonic

Defektoskopie 2009
Experimental Investigations of Acoustic Emission from the Viewpoint of Its Use to Detecting the Reinforced Concrete Armature
M. Manychova15
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Building Structures; Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
Kritéria hodnocení sva?ovaných ocelových konstrukcí provád?ných podle eurokód?
Standards Assessment Welded Steel Structures Conforming with Eurocode
B. Míšek3, V. Kudelka
Brno University of Technology (BUT)227, Brno, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
Za?azení ultrazvukových p?ístroj? pro ru?ní zkoušení do procesu systém? jakosti
Filing of Ultrasonic Equipments for Hand Tasting into the Quality Systems Process
J. Neugebauer3, T. Bumba
CD CARGO a.s., Prague, Czech Republic
calibration, Certification

Defektoskopie 2009
Aplikace magneto-optických senzor? pro testování duplexních ocelí
Duplex Steels Investigated by Magneto-Optical Sensors
P. Novotny12, J. Vorišek2
1Institute of Chemical Technology4, Prague, Czech Republic
2Sandvik Chomutov Precision Tubes s.r.o., Chomutov, Czech Republic

Defektoskopie 2009
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