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Issue: 2016-05-01
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Materials (MDPI)
Internal Stress Monitoring of In-Service Structural Steel Members with Ultrasonic Method
Z. Li14, J. He14, J. Teng15, Y. Wang24
1School of Civil and Environment Engineering, Shenzhen Graduate School; Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)38, Harbin, China
2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Surrey11, Surrey, United Kingdom
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), acoustoelasticity, Internal stresses, longitudinal critically refracted waves

Materials (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
High Temperature Shear Horizontal Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer for GuidedWave Inspection
M. Kogia, T. Gan33, W. Balachandran7, M. Livadas3, V. Kappatos10, I. Szabo, A. Mohimi3, A. Round
Brunel Innovation Centre ((BIC); Brunel University London40, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers, EMAT, Guided Wave Testing, high temperature inspection

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
A Practical and Portable Solids-State Electronic Terahertz Imaging System
K. Smart1, J. Du1, L. Li1, D. Wang1, K. Leslie1, F. Ji2, D. Zeng2, X. Li2
1Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)2, Lindfield, Australia
2Chengdu Shuguang Optical Fiber Network Co., Ltd, Chengdu, China
terahertz, imaging, solid-state electronic components

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Dynamic Measurement for the Diameter of A Train Wheel Based on Structured-Light Vision
Z. Gong, J. Sun, G. Zhang
Key Laboratory of Precision Opto-Mechatronics Technology, Ministry of Education; Beihang University (BUAA)39, Beijing, China
train wheel diameter, dynamic measurement, structured-light vision, machine vision

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Reducing Sweeping Frequencies in Microwave NDT Employing Machine Learning Feature Selection
A. Moomen1, A. Ali22, O. Ramahi22
1Department of Computer Science; Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, USA
2Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); University of Waterloo18, Waterloo, Canada
microwave sensors, nondestructive testing, feature selection, machine learning

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Concrete Condition Assessment Using Impact-Echo Method and Extreme Learning Machines
J. Zhang1, Y. Weizhong2, D. Cui1
1Anhui and Huaihe River Institute of Hydraulic Research, Bengbo,
2GE Global Research4, Niskayuna, NY, USA
defect detection, extreme learning machine, feature extraction, machine learning, nondestructive testing, wavelet transform

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Evaluation of SHM System Produced by Additive Manufacturing via Acoustic Emission and Other NDT Methods
M. Strantza5, D. Aggelis27, D. De Baere6, P. Guillaume11, D. Van Hemelrijck18
aDepartment of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions b2Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics cDepartment of Mechanical Engineering cDepartment Mechanics of Materials & Constructions (MeMC; Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 54, Brussel, Belgium
acoustic emission, additive manufacturing, structural health monitoring, liquid penetrant inspection, radiography, eddy current

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
A Micro-Computed Tomography Technique to Study the Quality of Fibre Optics Embedded in Composite Materials
G. Chiesura1, G. Luyckx15, E. Voet12, N. Lammens13, W. Van Paepegem110, J. Degrieck18, M. Dierick14, L. Van hoorebeke16, P. Vanderniepen1, S. Sulejmani24, C. Sonnenfeld23, T. Geernaert26, F. Berghmans26
1aDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering bDept. Physics and Astronomy; University of Ghent (UGent)54, Ghent, Belgium
2Brussels Photonics Team (B-PHOT); Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 54, Brussel, Belgium
carbon fibre, defects, radiography, autoclave, prepreg

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Giant Magnetoresistance Sensors: A Review on Structures and Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing Applications
D. Rifai2, A. Abdalla2, K. Ali2, R. Razali2
Faculty of Engineering Technology; Universiti Malaysia Pahang2, Pahang, Malaysia
giant magnetoresistance, eddy current testing, non-destructive testing

Sensors (MDPI)
Sensors (MDPI)
Detection and Inspection of Steel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Active Infrared Thermography with Microwave Excitation and Eddy Current Sensors
B. Szymanik17, P. Frankowski1, T. Chady110, C. Chelliah2
1Szczecin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT)18, Szczecin, Poland
2Department of Nanosciences and Technology, School of Science and Humanities; Karunya University2, Coimbatore, India
infrared thermography, microwave heating, eddy current testing, multi frequency eddy, current technique, concrete testing, rebar detection

Sensors (MDPI)
Ultrasonics (Elsevier)
Multidimensional spectral analysis of the ultrasonic radiofrequency signal for characterization of media
S. Granchi1, E. Vannacci1, E. Biagi1, L. Masotti2
1Department of Information Engineering (DINFO); University of Florence12, Florence, Italy
2Scientific Committee; El.En. S.p.A., Calenzano, Italy
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), medical application, blood cells, spectral analysis, ultrasonic imaging, ultrasonic, k-mean clustering, test object, hyperspectral, filter function

Ultrasonics (Elsevier)
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