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2019-07 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
Air-Coupled and Resonant Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Technique
T. Álvarez-Arenas, J. Camacho5
Instituto de Tecnologías Físicas y de la Información (ITEFI); Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)17, Madrid, Spain
air-coupled ultrasound, ultrasonic NDT, air-coupled transducers, air-coupled pulse-echo, pipe NDT, pipe wall gauge

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2019-04 APWSHM 2018 SHM for Aerospace Structures
Fuzzy Unsupervised-learning Techniques for Diagnosis in a Composite UAV Wing by Using Fiber Optic Sensors
J. Alvarez-Montoya3, J. Sierra-Pérez5
Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Aeroespacial; Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Sede Medellín, Colombia
Diagnosis, Fuzzy Clustering, Machine learning, Fiber Optic Sensors, Aerospace

Session: SHM for Aerospace Structures
2019-04 APWSHM 2018 SHM for Aerospace Structures
Gaussian Process Modeling for Damage Detection in Composite Aerospace Structures by Using Discrete Strain Measurements
J. Alvarez-Montoya13, M. Torres-Arredondo26, J. Sierra-Pérez15
1Research Group Aerospace Engineering; Pontifical Bolivarian University4, , Colombia
2MAN Technologie AG 7, Augsburg, Germany
Gaussian Processes, Machine Learning, Damage Detection, Diagnosis, Aerospace

Session: SHM for Aerospace Structures
2018-11 EWSHM 2018 Aerospace
Damage detection in composite aerostructures from strain and accelerometry data fusion by means of pattern recognition techniques
J. Sierra-Pérez5, J. Alvarez-Montoya3
Research Group Aerospace Engineering; Pontifical Bolivarian University4, , Colombia
NDT-wide, Other Methods, pattern recognition, aerospace, strain, data processing, Structural Health Monitoring, Fiber Bragg Grating, composite materials

EWSHM 2018
Session: Aerospace
2018-11 EWSHM 2018 Optical fibres
Development and testing of a geogrid sensorized with distributed optical fiber sensor
P. Corvaglia13, A. Alvarez-castro2, D. Zangani1, G. Loriga1
1Department of Materials and Structures Engineering; Rina Consulting S.p.A., Roma, Italy
2Acciona Construction, Alcobendas (MADRID), Spain
Civil engineering, Multi-functional material, Sensors

EWSHM 2018
Session: Optical fibres
2018-11 EWSHM 2018 SHM in Civil Engineering
Distributed Corrosion Detection using Dedicated Optical Fiber Sensor (OFS)-based Steel Rebar within Reinforced Concrete Structures by Optical Frequency-Domain Reflectometry (OFDR)
S. Magne, S. Alvarez, S. Rougeault2
LIST, Laboratoire Capteurs Architectures Electroniques; Commissariat Energie Atomique (CEA)293, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France
Civil engineering, Corrosion, Sensors

EWSHM 2018
Session: SHM in Civil Engineering
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Composite Material - UT
Application of the PA Technology to the Automatic Inspection of Elements with Complex Geometry by Robotized Trajectory Tracking.
M. Acebes13, J. Guerro5, P. Flórez2, D. Flórez8, M. Sánchez3, A. Álvarez7, I. Gauna9, R. Delgado de Molina9, H. De matías2, N. Thorpe16
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Automated and Robotic NDT, Composite materials, Phased arrays, Ultrasonics

ECNDT 2018
Session: Composite Material - UT
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Poster
Dry Contact Ultrasonic Inspection Technique In Automatic Systems. Matvel Nodularity Control
R. Delgado de Molina9, I. Gauna9, H. De matías2, J. Guerro5, A. Álvarez7, N. Thorpe16, M. Acebes13, D. Flórez8, M. Sánchez3
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Automated and Robotic NDT, Castings and Forgings, Ultrasonics

ECNDT 2018
Session: Poster
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Transportation, railway & automotive UT
Inspection System For Automatically Detecting Defects In Train Axles
I. Guana, A. Álvarez7, N. Thorpe16, R. Delgado de Molina9, J. Guerro5, M. Sánchez3, P. Flórez2, D. Flórez8, M. Acebes13
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Automated and Robotic NDT, Phased arrays, Rail and Axle Testing, Ultrasonics

ECNDT 2018
Session: Transportation, railway & automotive UT
2017-11 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
Compressed Sensing Techniques Applied to Ultrasonic Imaging of Cargo Containers
Y. López1, J. Lorenzo2
1Ã; University of Oviedo12, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
2Departments of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering; Northeastern University12, Boston, MA, USA
non-destructive testing, ultrasound imaging, cargo inspection, angle beam transducers, Lamb waves, compressed sensing

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2016-08 EWSHM 2016 Fatigue monitoring for residual life-cycle assessment and maintenance
Real Time Fatigue Detection in Structures by Means of Strain Field Pattern Recognition
J. Sierra1, A. Güemes223, A. Cuervo1, F. Amaya1, J. Álvarez1
1Engineering School; Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, , Colombia
2Aerospace Materials and Production; Technical University of Madrid (UPM) 54, Madrid, Spain
optical fiber sensor, Fatigue, FBGs, Fiber Otic Sensors, SHM

EWSHM 2016
Session: Fatigue monitoring for residual life-cycle assessment and ma...
2016-07 WCNDT 2016 Railway
Study of a train axle inspection system for automatically detecting defects in hollow axles
I. Gauna9, A. Álvarez7, D. Flórez8, N. Thorpe16, R. Delgado de Molina9, M. Acebes13
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), railway hollow axles inspection

WCNDT 2016
Session: Railway
2016-03 MENDT 2015 Advanced Ultrasonic
Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection System for the Inspection of Hollow Train Axles
M. Acebes13, I. Gauna9, A. Álvarez7, D. Flórez8, N. Thorpe16
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Automated Ultrasonic Testing, Hollow axles

MENDT 2015
Session: Advanced Ultrasonic
2015-10 PANNDT 2015
Sistema para la inspección automática por ultrasonidos en tanques de almacenamiento
R. Delgado de Molina9, A. Álvarez7, I. Gauna9, N. Thorpe16, M. Acebes13
Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Ultrasonidos, Tanques de almacenamiento, Pérdidas de espesor, Inspección Automática.

2015-01 AeroNDT 2014
Development of an industrial tool for automated Aircraft Wheel Half Inspection.
J. Hansen17, A. Álvarez27, M. Cosier1, N. Thorpe216
1ETher NDE10, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
2Tecnitest Ingenieros20, Madrid, Spain
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), eddy current testing (ECT), automatic inspection system, wheels, ET Wheel Half Inspection

AeroNDT 2014
2012-07 WCNDT 2012 Poster, Materials
Principal Component analysis and discriminant analysis as a supervised pattern recognition tool for classification of AISI 420 steel samples subjected to a different heat treatment using Magnetic Barkhausen Noise signals
A. Alvarez-Rosario12, L. Padovese16, R. Medina-Aguas2, C. Serna-Giraldo2
1Laboratory of Dinamics and Instrumentation - LADIN, Escola Politecnica; University of Sao Paulo (USP)24, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2Universidad de Antioquia4, Medellín, Colombia
Magnetic Non Destructive Testing, Magnetic Barkhausen Noise, Multivariate Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Supervised pattern recognition

WCNDT 2012
Session: Poster, Materials
2011-12 PANNDT 2011 Poster
Principal Component and discriminant analysis as a supervised pattern recognition tool for analyzing heat treatment processes in steel by the Magnetic Barkhausen Noise
A. Alvarez-Rosario12, R. Medina Aguas22, C. Serna Giraldo22, L. Padovese16
1aMechanical Engineering bEngenharia Mecanica; University of Sao Paulo (USP)24, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2aAntioquia bIngeniería Metalúrgica y de Materiales; Universidad de Antioquia4, Medellín, Colombia
Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Magnetic Barkhausen Noise, Magnetic Testing

Session: Poster
2011-02 QIRT 2010 Image & Data Processing
Region of Interest Extraction based on Multi-resolution Analysis for Infrared Nondestructive Testing
B. Ortiz-Jaramillo1, H. Benitez-Restrepo2, J. Garcia-Álvarez1, G. Castellanos-Dominguez1
1National University of Colombia, Manizales, Colombia
2University Javeriana of Cali, Cali, Colombia
Infrared Testing (IRT), Thermographic image, wavelet, Automated Defect Recognition ADR, Region of interest

QIRT 2010
Session: Image & Data Processing
2008-09 Art 2008 Multi Instrumental Analysis
Assessment of Timber Structures in Service, by Using Combined Methods of Non-Destructive Testing Together with Traditional Ones
L. Palaia2, J. Monfort, R. Sánchez2, L. Gil, Á. Álvarez, V. López2, S. Tormo, C. Pérez, P. Navarro
aConservation of Cultural Heritage Dept. bGraphic Expression in Architecture Dept. c Architectonic Construction Dept. cArchitectonic Construction Dept. cDto. Fsica Aplicada cStructures Dept.; Polytechnic University of Valencia12, Valencia, Spain
Art 2008
Session: Multi Instrumental Analysis
2008-09 Art 2008 XRF, SEM, CT, Radiography, PIXE, SY-radiation: General
Benefits of Applying Micro X-Ray Diffraction to the Characterization of Artwork
C. Cardell1, A. Yebra2, P. Alvarez-Lloret1, A. Rodríguez-Navarro1
1Dept. Mineralogy and Petrology, Faculty of Science; University of Granada34, Granada, Spain
2Dept. Geology, Faculty of Experimental Science; University of Jaen5, Jaén, Spain
Art 2008
Session: XRF, SEM, CT, Radiography, PIXE, SY-radiation: General
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